skinny jeans on a curvy girl.

I’m officially convinced anyone can wear skinny jeans. I mean if I can wear them, anyone can. I’m a size 12 curvy girl and skinny jeans look pretty foxy on me, flattering even.

I’ve tried on a lot of skinny jeans in my time and the only ones, the ONLY ones that look good on me are Lands’ End UltraFit Audrey Slims. They are worth every penny {$59.50} because they make me feel like a rock star.

You be the judge. What do you think, skinny jeans on a curvy girl?

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  1. Jenny :

    Well of course you look hot!

    But what about skinny jeans with someone with a spare tire around her middle, oh fashion guru?

  2. Jenny :

    That was a lot of 'with' usage.

  3. jenB :

    I also bought the Audrey jeans and I am a curvy girl. I think they look good and apparently a couple of moms at the Kindergarten agree. I bought a black pair as well!

    I think they look great on you, also loving the purple.

  4. Petit Elefant :


    I didn't even notice the double *wish* in your sentence structure.

    It's all hide-able under the long tunic look this season.


    They're really comfy too right? That spandex feel without looking too skin tight. Love them!

    Purple is the *it* color this season and I'm glad because I love it!

  5. Steph :

    I think you look HAWT!

  6. Petit Elefant :


    Thank you! I feel hawt {most of the time}.


    Big girls need love too. {name that song}

  7. Ayrton :

    I would have to agree, I like a women wearing stylish skinny jeans.

  8. dandee :

    you look fantastic! i had a very unfortunate experience with skinny jeans just this last week.

    you've given me hope. i'll have to give it another shot.

  9. Petit Elefant :


    I'll gladly hold your hand. It's honestly easier than I thought it would be and I hate trying on jeans. I think it's all in the maker and I trust Lands' End.


    I know, I know. Not all of us have legs like a Gazelle though. :) Thanks for the nudging, I love them!


    I think it's how you pair them with an outfit too. If I were wearing a tight top it wouldn't work.

  10. Petit Elefant :


    Promise me you'll try again. They have to be good quality, none of this fly-by-night brand stuff. I'm swearing to you now the Lands' End ones are amazing.

  11. Kalli Ko :

    I think they look AWESOME! I found some DKNY skinnys at Ross a few weeks ago and they fit me great, I'm assuming you can buy them retail at like Macy's or other dep't store that carries DKNY. We solid ladies must stick together.

    Also, I hardly think you qualify as solid.

    I'm solid.

    Like a rock.

  12. Petit Elefant :


    These fit, like. a. glove. Hooray for jeans that fit well! And, if they were too short you could always get them hemmed because the top part will be amazing.

    Kalli Ko,

    Oh, I'm solid alright. It's all an illusion. But I am very, very curvy so maybe I'm solid in all the right places? My husband thinks so. ;)

  13. Petit Elefant :


    Ha, you are too kind! You're right though, size 12 is below the national average but in stores we're treated like Lepers. See Meg Cabot: Size 12 is Not Fat.

  14. KJ :

    you are rocking the skinny jeans. and lands end? for real? they've actually been piquing my interest lately but I haven't made a purchase yet. I am always afraid their styles will look too matronly on me. But wow, girl, those jeans look fab on you!

  15. Kalli Ko :

    Methinks you and I share the same body type, height and size. This makes me come to the conclusion that we should shop together and raid eachother's closets. Because that's what friends of similar body types do, right? I don't know, I've never had one so I'm just guessing.

  16. Petit Elefant :


    I'm going to make it my life's mission to educate people about the cool stuff Lands' End has as of late. Seriously, you've never seen such cute skinny jeans.


    Thank you!

    Kalli Ko,

    Well then you aren't SOLID are you? {wink} I'm very amenable to the idea of closet sharing with girls my size, it's the only thing I miss about having college roommates.

  17. Naomi :

    Heck yeah, they look great! I'm waiting for the jeans that make super short curvy girls look good…

  18. Petit Elefant :


    I bet they'd look fabulous on you! They come in a whole bunch of different inseams too, so they'd fit you right off the bat!

  19. Kami :

    Work it! Seriously Allison, you look rockin' in your skinnies. I have yet to make it happen, but you give me hope…so thank you.

  20. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    Your a** looks super hot in those, I can vouch, I think I even gave it a squeeze! Let's talk about those boots too!!

  21. Petit Elefant :


    I'm telling you, YOU would look smokin' in these. I was a skeptic too, but I'm living proof.


    HA! Mwah. I didn't even pay you to say that either!

  22. Krista :

    You look great and that's coming from a big girl! Work it!

  23. Miranda :

    wow. you do look good! but really? even me? in skinny jeans? am scared. need someone to hold my hand.

  24. this week for dinner - jane maynard :

    I feel like I have a little something to do with this…haven't I been talking about skinny jeans forever and rolling my eyes when you said you couldn't wear them. go allison! they look cute, especially with those boots.

  25. Jenn Kirk :

    I think you look great! You styled that outfit awesomely, I might add.

  26. Valerie :

    I think they look great on you. I might just have to go try those on. It is so hard for me to find jeans that fit right with all my strange proportions on my short body. A good pair of jeans that actually fit and flatter is worth it!

  27. {natalie} :

    you look hot! i am loving skinny jeans and i have short legs.

  28. Ciaran :

    1. Sizzle! They are fab on you.
    2. But of course…You're hawte in everything!
    3. Size 12 is below the national average size. You are hardly a big girl! You are below average!

    Someone get this woman some ice cream? And a modelling contract?

  29. Melissa :

    They look great!

  30. likeschocolate :

    It is funny! I was just going to post on these jeans because I am in love with them. Usually, I don't buy Land End, but when my favorite store changed their sizing and nothing seemed to fit me in the right place, I went on the hunt. These jeans are fantastic! I love how they hug the body without making one feel suffocated. Love the sweater tunic! Wishing I lived in SLC so I could take yous shopping with me. You are always dressed so stylish!

  31. Tiffany :

    You look GREAT! Maybe I'll try. Hmmmm….

  32. Petit Elefant :

    Jean Kirk,

    Thank you. It's not that hard with a long tunic sweater though, I'm totally loving those.


    I feel like I've seen you in skinny jeans {?} and they look hawt. You're not that short!


    I honestly think they might be the best fitting jeans ever. Perfect fit right?


    I'm telling you Lands' End is peppered with hotness. Remember that foxy sweater I wore in my Design Mom post?


    You can do it, you can do eeeet!


    They won't disappoint, they'll fit you like they were hand made just for your body. You go!


    I heard the same thing from a friend of mine and was so bummed when they went under! Love inexpensive clothes too…. Give these a try, they're worth the $60.

  33. The Breeders Digest :

    I posted on my blog about my love affair with The Gap's 1969 always straight jeans. You're right….the right pair of skinny jeans can look good on a curvy girl. I'm still rockin' (heh) my post-partum physique and those jeans make me feel like a million bucks! You look fab!

  34. Erin :

    lands end, huh? i would never have guessed. you are one hot momma!

  35. Petit Elefant :


    How funny, that's what I'm wearing today! I think any jeans, no matter what the fit or brand, as long as they make you feel awesome, are priceless.

  36. Jill :

    you are rockin' those skinny jeans! smokin'

  37. Petit Elefant :


    mwah! I love you for it.

  38. Sarah :

    You look fabulous in them! I'm planning on buying myself a pair as my next weight loss reward. :)

  39. Donna :

    I too, am a skinny girl with a whole lotta booty. I loved the Bitten line by SJP from Steve and Barrys, sadly the store closed to do the economy. I'll have to try the Land's End ones though.

  40. Petit Elefant :


    YOU can totally pull them off, any day of the week.

  41. Deb :

    You have given me hope… I'm going to try them out!

    You look hawt!

  42. X :

    To Jenny: You and I have the same problem (spare tire) and I've seen girls with that problem in skinny jeans and they look like weebles, so I'd say avoid, avoid, avoid. At least I am!

  43. Real Life Sarah :

    You look awesome! I am really curvy, and I could probably pull off the skinny jeans. But the long sweater with a belt looks horrible on me. What else could I pair the skinny jean with?

  44. sania :

    Looks awesome!!! I love the jeans paired with the belt and boots. Total rockstar.

  45. Petit Elefant :


    That's what spanx are for. Wear spanx, skinny jeans & some boots. Foxy city.

    Real Life Sarah,

    You can go with a pleated top, as long as it hits at least the mid thigh. Or, you can belt a cardigan to highlight the waist.


    I know, right? Way easier than I thought it would be.

  46. Anonymous :

    The jeans look great, but it's the sweater that I love!!!

  47. Petit Elefant :


    H&M;, $24.99

  48. erin :

    I love jeans…all kinds of jeans I am obsessed with jeans. There is something about jeans, especially when you find the just right fit. I will have to check out the skinnies on Lands End.

    By the way…I have to tell you that I love your blog. I am a mom and love fashion as do you. Keep rocking the design tips.

  49. Corey :

    I have been wearing Lands End for several years and thought I *was* hot. Now I'm finding out I was either delusional, or totally ahead of the fashion curve…

    (I choose the latter)

    I just like that their stuff holds up. And, for the record, their bathing suits totally smoosh your flab in and make you look much thinner than you are, too. I always buy their winter jackets for my kids (watch for sales) because the zippers don't break, too.

    (But I hadn't been brave enough to try the skinny jeans. Maybe I will.)

  50. Kristen Duke Photography :

    I love that you shared you are a size 12. I can squeeze into my pre baby 12's and love the look of skinny jeans with boots, but I didn't think I could pull it off. Maybe now I will. I just can't stand catalog shopping!

  51. Petit Elefant :


    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them! Honestly, these are a staple in my closet they are perfect in almost every situation.


    You were ahead of the curve and you didn't even know it! Their stuff really is extremely well made, and AND is getting super fashionable to boot.


    We curvy girls can pull off more than we think we can, we just have to have the attitude to do it. Seriously, size 12? NOT FAT.

  52. mary :

    hehe…..I love my skinny jeans too! Got a pair from target and ***WALMART*** I do admit to ripping the 'miley cyrus' brand label out not because i care about labels but I get disgusted to think I am wearing jeans designed for a teen pop star. I am also 5'7" size 12 and I HEART my curves as does my husband. Also, tenny tinny size0-4 stores really get my goat also.

  53. greenTXmom :

    I am also a size 12 and love my skinny jeans (ELLE brand from Kohl's) yet after wearing them for an hour I'm hiking them up every 5 seconds. I guess this has to do with my awkward proportions. Who knows. But I do love the way they look if they would just stay on my butt! :)

  54. Anti-Supermom :

    Thank you! I needed that confidence to wear skinny jeans and Land's End, who knew?

    Or are we just getting old enough that we are finally their target market ;)

    Congrats on the television show BTW, very cool.

  55. Petit Elefant :


    There's no shame in shopping at the W. Also? I've walked past her label before and thought *cuuuuute*. I have yet to buy anything, but I completely understand.


    My bet is that Lands' End's would. They have a little bit of spandex or something like that in them that makes them stick to me like glue.

    p.s. love the curves, love love love.


    Of course we are totally the demographic these days. Plus? They're getting a whole lot cooler.

    Thanks, the TV gig was a lot of fun!

  56. Trina :

    You look amazing in them! I get this alot, only skinny people can wear those…Well I'm sending them here next time I hear that!

  57. Christina :

    I ONLY wear dark skinny jeans. I'm 5'3 and a size 10. With boots or sandles its all I wear.

  58. Petit Elefant :


    Good girl! I wish it were warm enough here to wear sandals with them instead of boots, but they're a good choice too. Hooray for curvies wearing skinnies!

  59. doahleigh :

    Foxy! I think it helps that you're tallish. I'm a size 10, but only 5'5" if I stand up straight. So the curves are more condensed and skinny jeans look pretty ridiculous.

  60. Mama Bear :

    Ordered these a few days ago, and wore them for the first time today with a long cardigan, and knee high flat boots. THANK YOU for the recommendation. They are so comfortable, never thought I could wear skinny jeans after 3 kids. Thank you!!

  61. Anonymous :

    Ok, so I am a size 12 or so too and I have "athletic" calves. Any advice on some cute boots to wear with my skinny jeans?

  62. Dawn :

    Try slouchy boots..I like my cardy uggs :). They will easily go over bigger calves.

    My favorite skinnies are my Hudsons. They stay up really well and don't sag. Also, since I have no butt, I love the flap pockets. I think skinnies look good on anyone!

    If you have a spare tire like someone mentioned, you won't even see it if you have on a loose top :)

  63. April :

    "Big girls need love too. {name that song}"

    I love the way you move…dundun dun dun,
    I love the way
    I love the way… :)

    Just had to answer that