Signs of Vintage giveaway this week

UPDATE: Winner is Laura M., number 22.  Congrats and be sure to send us an email ASAP!

I have a super rad giveaway for you guys this week.  You’ll love it, I know it.  Because you all have exquisite taste and love all of the cool things.

Vintage sign giveaway

Maybe because I’m redecorating my master bedroom right now (no, decorating for the *first* time since we moved in going on 9 years ago) but I’m obsessed with signs.  Letters, numbers, vintage boxes with wording, I love it all.  So of course I love cool wooden signs like the ones from the Signs of Vintage giveaway this week.

beach house sign

One of you lucky ducks, (you like how I sounded like my mom right there?) will walk away with a 12″ x 24″ wooden Family Rules sign from Signs of Vintage, an amazing Etsy shop full of adorable.  I’d personally love the Family Rules beach house sign, but maybe I should have a beach house first?  I don’t think a suburban home in Utah is gets it done.  Lame.

Signs of Vintage giveaway details below:
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me which sign is your favorite.  Be sure to leave an email address so we can contact you if you win!
  • Go “like” the Signs of Vintage page on Facebook.  You might even leave a nice comment, because Karma is real yo.
  • For an extra entry “like Petit Elefant on Facebook.
  • ONE winner will randomly be selected and announced at the top of THIS POST.
  • Giveaway ends Sunday July 29th at midnight, MDT.
  • Only open for shipping to Canada and the United States.
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  1. Michelle :

    How fun are these?! I would love to win one. It would be a fun gift to my almost husband and I as we start a home together :)

  2. Michelle :

    I like PE on facebook!

  3. Michelle :

    I like Signs of Vintage on facebook!

  4. Aarika :

    So adorable. I love the “in this house” sign with the black biackground.

  5. Beth Cole :

    I love the “in this house sign”. What a great reminder!

  6. Beth Cole :

    I like petit elephant on facebook!

  7. Lauren B :

    I love the we are real family sign. Although the playroom rules sign is really cute.

  8. Kenda Kelly :

    I like the lake float nap sign!

  9. Kenda Kelly :

    I liked petit elephant on Facebook!

  10. Kenda Kelly :

    I liked signs of vintage on facebook!

  11. Sybil :

    I honestly LOVE the kitchen sign (Spice, in red, etc.) because we’re redoing the kitchen & I’m painting one wall bright freaking RED. Yeah. Love that darn color (called Hot Ember I think) so much it’s in the master bedroom, too.

    I went & liked YOU plus the Etsy store peeps on FB. Good stuff! I think I’ll throw your blog’s URL in my Google Reader, too. Gotta keep up w/tips like making homemade Bjore strips!

  12. Sybil :

    Oh, and HUGS from North Dakota! :D

  13. Karen M.M :

    “Liked” Signs of Vintage !!!

  14. Karen M.M :

    “Liked” Petit Elefant on FB !!!

  15. Karen M.M :

    LOVE the Eat PLay Love sign !

  16. Sarah M. :

    Beautiful signs!!! Love the vintage look!

  17. Kaitlin Boles :

    I love these signs including Custom Wedding Sign, Family Rules, or Memory Sign. Choose Your Wording and Color, House Rules In Our House We.. Family Rules Wood Sign Horizontal, Custom Wedding Sign, Family Rules, or Memory Sign. Choose Your Wording and Color, and Kitchen Table Manners Family Rules Distressed Wood Sign in Chocolate and Cream are just a few of my favorites! Thank you for this giveaway! Good luck to everyone who has entered this giveaway!

  18. Kaitlin Boles :

    Liked Signs of Vintage on FB! boleskaitlin(dot)yahoo(dot)com

  19. Kaitlin Boles :

    Liked Petit Elefant on FB!

  20. Patty L :

    I’ve been liking Petit Elefant on I like Signs of Vintage…and I love their signs!

  21. Laura M. :

    LOVE these! Hard to choose just one: probably the Seahorse, or the At Our Table. :D

    • Petit Elefant :

      LAURA! You are the new winner of this giveaway. Please send up an email no later than Wednesday August 29th so we can get your lovely sign off to you!

  22. Laura M. :

    Like Signs on FB

  23. Laura M. :

    Like PE on FB

  24. Amy :

    LOVE the table manners sign – been working with my 6 and 4 year old on their manners and that sign makes it clear and simple. I “liked” both Petit and Signs of Vintage on FB for 2 entries (fingers crossed). Thanks!

  25. Shanna :

    I adore the We do happiness say I love you Family sign. So sweet!!!

  26. Shanna :

    Liked Petit Elefant fb page

  27. Shanna :

    Liked Signs of Vintage fb page and left her a message :)

  28. Valerie :

    I love the ‘In Our House’ horizontal!

  29. Melissa K. :

    Allison, I’m with you – there’s enough SAND in Utah, there’s got to be a “beach” in there somewhere! :) The signs are gorgeous – the ETSY site is well worth a browse! I think for my little family the Family Rules sign would be terrific. They’d synch well with our Top Two Rules for our son (now five): Rule 1: Keep Breathing. Rule 2: No Dropping Out of School to Join A Rock Band. (He’s five, but we’re thinking ahead.) Love your blog!!!

  30. Denise Dennin :

    I love each and every sign in the SOV Etsy shop…hard decision! I’d be happy with any one of them ;)
    I liked PE and SOV on FB…

  31. REK981 :

    I ‘liked’ both Petit Elefant (how have I not done that already?!) and Sings of Vintage on Facebook. I LOVE the aqua Be Patient. No Whining Family Rules sign. LOVE it!!

  32. amy :

    LOVE the 2nd one!!

  33. SarahBloor :

    The first sign is such a great reminder especially today in my house full of a sick toddler and baby

  34. Maureen :

    I like the Choose Peace sign.

  35. mary matheson :

    Hi, I’m redoing our master bedroom too! What a mess. But…anyway, I like the Family Rules sign. So cute. Mary M.

  36. Kristen Wilcox :

    I LOVE the first one, it explains my husband and mine’s quiet country life in a close-knit, small town. I would be HONORED to hang it in my house!!! (I liked both pages on FB!)

  37. Laura :

    I have liked both Petite Elefant and Family Rules Signs on FB.

    My favorite is the one at the top of this post: In Our House We Choose Happiness :)

  38. Mimi :

    Beach House is the best. Hands down! Your redecorating bent is rubbing off on me – – can’t wait to figure out how to use these awesome signs – – heading to Signs of Vintage NOW! (Already liked them and Petit Elefant on FB – of course!)

  39. Mimi :

    Wait – now I’m conflicted – – the Go On An Adventure sign is even better. I need one for every room in my house!

  40. Kristen Beck :

    I really love the In This House sign posted at the top of this fits our family so perfectly! I’ve liked both pages as well.

  41. Janna lee :

    I love the Family rules Lake House and and the Family rules Boy style!

  42. Janna lee :

    I love Signs of Vintage on Facebook!

  43. Janna lee :

    I like Petit Elefant on Facebook as Janna Lee!

  44. jodie :

    I LOVE the table manners sign. Perfect for one of the empty walls in our dining room :)…

  45. jodie :

    I already “liked” signs of vintage… :)…

  46. Megan T. :

    Oh man, I love these signs! It’s hard to choose, but I love the Family Rules in Aqua Turquoise.

  47. Jamie :

    I love the Family Rules Wood Sign In Our House We Choose Happiness Say I Love You… Large Size sign, but I need it in landscape not portrait, or portrait not landscape- one of those! Winners won’t be choosers though, so I’ll take what I get and not get upset. How’s that for a house rule?? I have actually been looking for one of these signs- thanks for introducing me to a new source! Pinning now just in case I don’t win! Thanks!

  48. Karen :

    Love the family rules sign! Even if I don’t win, I’m bookmarking it for a wish list. :-)

  49. Marcela :

    These are awesome! Love the “family rules” art! I really need to do something with our master bedroom….

  50. Loretta :

    I like the sign that says ‘beach’. It’s so simple and cute!

  51. Ivy :

    For me it’s a toss-up between the “Family Rules Wall Art Wood Sign – Say I Love You, Be Happy, Give Thanks.” and the Mark Twain rules, which I think would go straight into my little boys’ room and stay there for the next decade or two. I love it.

  52. Leigh :

    We just moved into a new house a month ago, and there’s a spot at the bottom of the stairs that is ideal for the horizontal Family Rules sign. It’s just too cool!

    Now I’m going to spend the next hour wading through all of the other Signs of Vintage goodies instead of cleaning bathrooms. Seems like a good trade-off, don’t you think?

  53. Kimm W. :

    I love the family rules in aqua, or the Say I Love You. I have liked Signs of Vintage on fb, liked you on fb. I love this!

  54. julie bauhs :

    I LOVE THE TABLE MANNERS FAMILY RULES (the brownish one!!!!) It wou

  55. Tonia Hall :

    I LOVE YOUR WORK!! My favorite is the family rules…
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. Marlene :

    Love these! If I had to choose one, it would probably be the “In Our House We are Not Perfect” on black!

  57. Marlene :

    I like Signs of Vintage on Facebook!

  58. Marlene :

    I like PE on Facebook!

  59. Erica :

    Ooo, I like the Family Rules sign! Already have the perfect place for it in our entry hall :)

  60. Kristina :

    I love the “In this house” signs. So cute! :)

  61. Sarah :

    I love the family rules sign. I almost purchased a similar one last week at TJ Maxx or Ross.

  62. Kristina :

    Liked Signs of Vintage on FB :)

  63. Kristina :

    Liked Petit Elefant on FB :)

  64. RookieMom Whitney :

    Even though we don’t live near a lake, I pick “Welcome to the Lake.” My daughter’s middle name is LAKE, so I think it would be fun for her to have.

  65. Jerusha Beckstead :

    I just love the vintage sign look right now. If I had to choose one it would be the “In this House” in black. Hopefully, this almost ready to pop belly will bring some extra luck in this contest.

  66. Jerusha Beckstead :

    Liked Petite Elephant on Facebook and liked Signs of Vintage as well.

  67. Rachel - A Southern Fairytale :

    OH OH OH.

    Can’t you see me jumping up and down??!!! I have been eyeballing signs like this and putting them on wishlists for my house and just wanting them.

    I love this so much. Even though we live by the beach, I really, really love the rules of the house traditional sign. It’s just so perfect.

  68. Rachel - A Southern Fairytale :

    *Like* Signs of Vintage on FB AND left a comment – because they’re awesome, yo ;-)

  69. Kristen :

    I LOVE the Family Rules in Aqua Turquoise!

  70. Jenn :

    Love the “in this house we choose happiness say I love you… ” sign. So cute!!

  71. Jennifer :

    I am totlly diging the beach house rules sign x)
    And just to let ya know, your posts for vegetable curry & homemade pore strips rock my world! Glad I found your blog!

  72. Diane Flynn :

    LoVE tHesE SiGns!! Especially the family rules w/the pop of yellow, red & green. It would look great in my living room-which I am currently trying to redecorate on the cheap and DIY! :-)

  73. Ellen :

    “Play Nice” and “In this House..” are my favorites.

  74. Jenny Beale :

    I’m also already friends with them on Facebook, that’s how I found out about the giveaway :D xxxxxx

  75. Julie davis :

    These signs are awesome! I love antifreeze them. Especially “family rules.”

  76. Julie davis :

    Oh my goodness. Stupid autocorrect . I love all of the signs not “antifreeze.” whoops

  77. Debbie :

    I love the classic Family Rules sign with all the pops of colors. so cute…

  78. Taylor :

    My favorite is the “in our house” with the white background! Gorgeous!

  79. Sonya :

    Love the Eat, Play, Love sign. The family rules at the top of the blog would match my kitchen perfectly!

  80. Sonya :

    Liked PE of fb!

  81. Sonya :

    Already a fan of Signs of Vintage on fb!

  82. Jen F :

    I love the white sign listed first that says “in our house…” :)

  83. Lisa C :

    I like the Table Manners sign! A great reminder. They are all adorable!

  84. Lisa C :

    I like Signs of Vintage on facebook

  85. Lisa C :

    I like Petit Elephant on facebook too!

  86. Stepahanie S :

    I love your family rules signs, and also the HERBS and FAMILY sign….so many favs! Thank you!

  87. Stephanie S :

    I like Signs of Vintage on FB!

  88. Stephanie S :

    I like Petit Elefant on Fb!

  89. Malerie Kelly :

    I love both signs! I just bought the ‘house rules’ 2 weeks ago from SOV! I am excited to get it. I would love the ‘Lake House’ sign!

  90. Lisa Anderson :

    Love ALL of these signs! If I had to choose just one it would be the Lake Rules one.
    I like both SOV and Petit Elefant on FB for extra chances.

  91. Emily :

    I LOVE the family rules!

  92. Ann M. :

    Love these signs. I have a similar family rules in my kitchen, but these have different rules which is great! I just found you from Pintrest and I’m hooked!

    I liked both SOV and Petit Elefant on FB for my extra chances.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge! From a very busy Texas momma.

  93. Jenn :

    So when do we find out the winner!?!? Oh the anticipation…. :)

  94. Sammi jo :

    I like the, “In our house sign” it reminds me of a friends house her mom always had this cute little sign just like it. =]