SeaWorld San Diego.

Victor already posted about P’s unbelievable experience of feeding Shamu at SeaWorld. It was crazy cool, and I wish they would open it up to choosing parents. I mean I have dreams too, right? Obviously so does C. They involve throwing himself into the open tank of water with Killer Whales but still, a boy can dream.

SeaWorld is about more than Shamu. I loved the interaction we all had with the animals {I got to pet a dolphin!} above all else. Not everyone gets to pet Shamu, but you can get pretty darn close to the Killer Whales before the big show. The poor girl who was *guarding* the fence to the holding tanks thought there was something wrong with me. I couldn’t get enough of the whales and the fact that they were thisclose to the fence I was clinging to. Amazing.

Eventually though, Victor pried my fingers loose and we wandered around the park for the rest of the day. Shark Encounter was a hit with the kids; we walked through a big tube with sharks swimming overhead and about, scaring even mister C *I’m addicted to adrenaline* Czarnecki.

The dolphin show was unbelievable and had even Victor howling with laughter, the touch tank was perfect for C, P got to feed Shamu {I know, I know!}, Petting the Sting Rays {minus stingers} was a highlight for C. Actually, petting the Sting Rays was a highlight for the whole family. Those things were bananas. They flapped and splashed and tried to jump out of the shallow water every chance they got, amusing my children the whole way.

SeaWorld is the Disneyland of aquariums. Perfect for the family, perfect for a summer activity, loads of fun things to do and see, and last but not least, the best way to wear children out for a long drive back to Orange County.

Next up: Catalina.

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  1. this week for dinner - jane maynard :

    I miss living 10 minutes from Sea World…everyone in San Diego gets an annual pass every year, the best place to wear your kids out, like you said! Glad you all had fun!

  2. Petit Elefant :


    It's the best! I would LOVE to live close enough to have a pass. We'd go every week for sure, just to pet the sting rays.

  3. tcrm :

    hi there. you run such a nice blog. it seems as though you care about dolphins a lot and i thought you might be interested in the documentary “the cove.” it’s very eye-opening (but not something for the kids to watch!!).