ladies schwinn beach cruiser.

Look what’s on sale right now at Target:

I think this bike would officially be the greatest Mother’s Day present. Ever. {I mean, besides a cruise to The Bahamas with my husband.} It’s so adorable and it’s such a great deal to boot! I could cruise around the neighborhood with the kids, ride with the kids to the park, or cruise to P’s soccer games. I’m feeling summertime happiness just looking at it. {It’s not available online, so head to your local Target to pick one up.}

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  1. the HeartTongues :

    oooo, that’s just the kind of bike i’d like–though i’d prefer it in red…! maybe i’ll just pass this along to my hubby…

  2. Scarlett :

    I have this bike, and it’s priced so low for a reason. Do not plan on going over bumpy or dippy roads, because the spring under my seat is now severely bent from the bouncing. While I was riding one day, for absolutely no reason I could determine, one of the NUTS on my FRONT WHEEL fell off and I completely lost control because, um, my front wheel was hardly connected. Also, my brakes recently went out when I was going down a hill.

    Basically, this bike is a ton of work and I wouldn’t use it if I could afford to buy another one. If you do get it, tighten all of the nuts regularly and if you bike in a hilly area check the brakes often.

  3. Shayan :

    hey i saw this bike in the store and i loved it! but its 169.99 but you said it was $119…I was wondering when you got it that it was only $120 not $170