book pick: yay you!

One of the greatest things about parenting {for me anyway} is reading the plethora of fantastic children’s books out there. I was so happy to find Sandra Boynton when P was little. There’s something so heartening about reading books by a writer that doesn’t take herself too seriously, especially when you’re in the midst of sleepless nights and adult-free conversation days. I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard about her before {I was in college, I suppose that’s it} but once I discovered her books, I instantly loved all of them, {and there are quite a few}. Her writing style is simple and witty, and her illustrations are perfect.

Dinosaur’s Binkit.


This book was, {and still is} perfect for bedtime reading. It even has lift-the-flap illustrations {always a hit with the 3 and under crowd}, & touch-and-feel pages.

Yay, You!

I especially love Yay, You! because my sweet sister gave it to me for my college graduation. It only took me 9 years to graduate, and by that time I had P, a mortgage, and was 5 months pregnant with C. I barely marched {no,waddled} across the stage with an I.V. to accept my diploma {C’s pregnancy was pretty rough}. So, I can’t really read it now without crying. But I love it nonetheless.

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  1. the HeartTongues :

    I love her books too!!! I think we have most of them! I haven’t heard of “Dinosaur Binkit” though, so I’ll have to get my hands on that one soon! My boys went through phases where at least one of her books was their very favorite! I’m a sucker when it comes to children’s books… :)

  2. kribss :

    i found one of her books at a garage sale 15 years ago- yep my son is now 15 and ever since then we have been hooked. i have all of them! and now my 3 year old daughter is enjoying them too. did you know back in the day she had a crib set????

  3. go boo boo :

    my favorite too! pajama time is my favorite…oh and all of the stories from the bedtime story book.

  4. Jordan :

    She also does a few books with CDs. My aunt sent me two of them about a year ago. The net profits from the sale of the books goes to Kohl’s Cares for Kids. Sandra Boynton writes the songs and various celebrities perform them. The two I have are Philadelphia Chickens and Dog Train. They are songs kids enjoy and that parents can stand listening to several times. Dog Train is my favorite of the two I have.