Safari Tips For Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, South Africa, safari, zebra

I just so happen to live about thirty minutes from one of Africa’s top safari destinations, Kruger National Park. Being the size of Israel, this park offers an amazing African adventure that no tourist will want to miss. It has perpetually ruined my kids appetite for the zoo and with good reason. There’s something so beautiful about seeing Africa’s animals in their natural habitat. If you find your travels taking you to the beautiful country of South Africa, then I have no doubt safari at Kruger National Park will be at the top on your “things to do list.” Along with a spirit of adventure, you might also find these nine tips helpful for your safari in the park.

1.  Bring your passport. You will probably have it on your person anyway, but you can’t get into the park without it, so double check that it’s on your person!

2.  Bring plenty of food and beverage. You can only leave your car at marked areas, and driving through the park can be hot and long. Be sure you’re stocked with food and beverage for your journey.

Kruger National Park, South Africa, safari, elephant

3.  Beware of elephants. Do a search on YouTube, and you’ll understand this tip. African elephants can be temperamental. They’re not cute petit elefants, if you know what I’m sayin’. Don’t cut off a herd crossing the road and resist the urge to pull your car super close to them. You can’t afford to not adhere to this advice.

4.  Don’t feed the monkeys! They might look cute, but they’re smart with no consideration to you. Keep your windows up as you pass them as their quick hands will grab food from your car faster than you can blink.

Kruger National Park, South Africa, safari, monkey, vervet

5.  Bring binoculars and your camera. Binoculars are great for getting a better eye on the many beautiful birds as well as those animals that are a little far off. A camera captures your day so you can remember it. Also, bring your zoom lens if you have one.

6.  Check the sightings board. At each camp, you’ll find a sightings board where people have posted what they’ve seen. Be sure to check it as you never know what might be right around the corner!

7.  Have portable potties handy. If you have small kids, be sure to bring some portable potties. When my son was little, we would always bring empty milk jugs, just in case. Not only can a pit stop on the side of the road get you a hefty fine, it’s just not safe. Lions can blend in really well in tall grass. Just sayin’.

8.  Buy a map at the gate. Whether you are doing a self-guided drive or riding on a hired safari truck, a map is a must. Not only is it a detailed road map, but it also lists all the animals you might see on your adventure, a helpful tool for the less than obvious wildlife.

Kruger National Park, South Africa, safari, Cape Buffalo

9.  Look out for the Big Five. Be on the lookout for elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo, lion, and leopard. It’s a great day in the park when you’ve spotted Africa’s five most prized animals.

Have fun on your safari adventure at Kruger National Park. I hope you see my favorite African animal, the zebra!

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Jen Price

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