ruffle tops.

Ruffles are the new black.  Or red.  Turquoise?  Yes, turquoise is the new hot.  Therefore, through my massively talented deductive reasoning skills, ruffles = hot.

ruffle tank topFlounce Ruffle Top from Forever 21 $27.80

Have you noticed that ruffles are everywhere?  I love them.  Ruffles are so feminine and flirty and flat out summery.  Ruffles at every price point.

anthropologie topMinas Tank from Anthropologie $88

j.crew summer topPetal Vine Shell from J.CREW $49.99

Will you wear ruffles?  Do they make you feel too young?  There isn’t such a thing as too young in my book, so ruffles it is!

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  1. jill :

    ruffles? oh, heavens yes!!

    • Petit Elefant :

      You, in ruffles? Magic.

    • Petit Elefant :

      I am too!

      That link is awesome, so cool, thanks for sharing!

  2. kelleyn :

    I love the ruffles!

    • Petit Elefant :

      Aren’t they great? I love the ruffles too.

  3. kim @ mommyknows :

    I love ruffles, but I am on the rather large side. I’m afraid to wear them.

    • Petit Elefant :

      You know what you can wear instead? A ruffle fabric necklace. Have you seen those on Etsy? Darling.

    • Tina :

      I’m on the rather large side also and was a little afraid. I recently bought a dress with ruffles and have had nothing but rave reviews of it. Be bold. Go for it!

      • Petit Elefant :

        Yay Tina!

        I say embrace it. I’m curvy, and it works okay on me. :)

  4. Kirsten Wright :

    Those are SO SO SO cute. Love the yellow one especially! It was fun meeting you at EVO!

    • Petit Elefant :

      Aren’t they great?
      It was great meeting you too!

  5. Andrea :

    LOFT also has a ton of cute ruffly tops on sale which right now means an extra 50% off! Ruffles on the cheap = happiness.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Oh stop. I don’t think I needed to know that, I love LOFT and I {obviously} love ruffles.

      Help me!

    • Petit Elefant :

      Bless Target! Love Target, and that dress is really cute….

  6. Jill K :

    I need ruffles to make me feel like a woman now that my hair looks like David Bowie’s.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Whatever, you’re foxy enough to pull off the short hair, no need to worry about looking like a man.

  7. xiaolinmama :

    Oh I love that top from Anthropologie! cute!

    • Petit Elefant :

      Isn’t it ridiculous? I can think of about five outfits right this second based on that top.

  8. Amy :

    I have a couple of ruffle pieces and I absolutely love them. I’m 38 and think the ruffles just make me feel feminine and maybe a little bit more youthful.

    • Allison :


      See? I completely agree. And there’s nothing wrong at all with wanting to feel more feminine and youthful.