painting a pantry door.

I’ve been begging Viktor for a red wall in our house since the day we moved in, to no avail. He thinks it’s *garish*. Then I moved on to wanting a chalkboard wall, you know, for the kids. {wink} He decided it was too messy. So I came up with a winning compromise.

I painted the inside of the pantry door with chalkboard paint {for recipes, menus, and notes from the kiddos} and the outside, bright red. Everybody wins. Well, except Viktor. But as it turns out, he doesn’t mind too much after all.

What do you think of the antique crystal door pull I found at the local antique store? I’m in love with it.

Even if someone whose name rhymes with *snicker* drilled through the glass when attaching it to the door and had to superglue it back together. It wasn’t my proudest marriage moment.

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  1. Emily :

    I adore red and think every home should have a red wall (or door) in it somewhere. I think it's fab and the door handle is awesome!

  2. Jen :

    Love the red door. We don't have a red wall in our house either. Also because of my dear husband. :) If I had a door in my kitchen I would paint it red…no pantry for me though.

  3. Naomi :

    I like it! But then I probably like garish things, in general… just kidding.

  4. Donna :

    When I painted our walls red my hubby wouldn't talk to me for hours! He felt it made the room look like a bordello. Then his friends called it a "Bold and Daring Move" that I "pulled off great." Now he is fine with it.

  5. Debbie Barr :

    I LOVE red walls/doors. They're so bold and lovely. I think having the inside of the door painted with chalkboard paint is awesome!

  6. sania :

    Cute! I've always loved a red door too.

  7. undonegirl :

    I love your pantry door and am now sufficiently inspired to see mine in a whole new way. The chalkboard is definitely happening. Now to think of a color for the outside of the door!

  8. Andie :

    LOVE that red door. And that handle. I wish I had thought of that in our first house, when actually had a pantry. So cute.

  9. Ayrton :

    Great to see use of bold color in such a way. I love it!

  10. vanessa :

    AHH i love it, tyler is so against read too! silly boys
    i also want a chalk board wall *sigh*

  11. Aimee @ Smiling Mama :

    Lovely! We have a chalkboard door in our kitchen and I just LOVE it. I keep emergency info written at the very top (911, non-emer police, neighbors' phone, our cell phones, poison control, etc) and use the bottom 2/3 for TO DO lists, menus, notes to family members, etc. SO FUN!

  12. Petit Elefant :


    My front door is red too, so I guess I'm winning a little on the color front.


    It might be weird if I painted my whole inside of the house red, but boy would I love it.


    What if you painted a canvas bright red and framed it? I might do that anyway, just for the fun of it.


    You are quite garish, I've been meaning to tell you that for quite some time. ;)


    Bordello, please! I love that he got over it as soon as his friends were all over it. Plus, it makes your kitchen look so warm and inviting.


    I think this was a winning combination all the way around. Especially the part where I got my way on both counts.


    I'm telling you, after this project I want to paint every single door in my house. I think I might run out of color ideas before I'm done but I'll have a fun house!


    I think the handle is what makes it so perfect right? Well, and the fact that the red is super shiny.


    See? It's PRACTICAL. That's what I've been telling him for years, chalkboard is practical.


    I think bold colors are the best, none of this wishy washy stuff.


    Try a door, win him over slowly. Then when he sees how awesome it looks you can go for a wall.

  13. Petit Elefant :


    isn't it the perfect find? the pull was at the bottom of a nasty box of odds and ends at the antique store and was only TWO DOLLARS!

  14. Erin :

    you are brilliant! i love the red door and the glass pull adds so much.

  15. Megs :

    A chalkboard/pantry door = Genius.

    I look forward to owning my own place one day (No roommates? Hello, heaven!) and incorporating that into my space.

    Nice work! I love your blog!