Promise I Made To My Strong Daughter


My daughter has made it through the roughest year of her young life, and it’s not over yet.  She’s been through so much, for so long.  Really, WE have been through so much together this year, as both a mother and her beloved daughter.  We’re somewhere in the middle of our journey, but there’s no light at the end of the tunnel quite yet, and it’s hard stuff.  This daughter of mine is handling this heartbreak with a strength and dignity I didn’t possess at 15, and even now as a full-fledged adult.  I’m learning, and stretching, and crying a lot as we go through this awfulness together, and in the end I think I might even be grateful for what I’ve learned.

But, don’t quote me on that.

My strong, willful, graceful, funny, smart and beautiful daughter and I participated in a video in celebration of mothers and daughters making promises to one another.  Tori Amos, celebrated musician and fellow mother of a teenaged daughter, has just released an album Unrepentant Geraldines, featuring a song called ‘Promise’.  In the song, Tori and her gorgeous daughter make promises to one another, the kind only a mother and daughter can make.

Our version of the video is below, with our promises to each other.

I cry every time I watch it.

Here’s Tori’s version, with her daughter.

My main promise, the one I’m making over and over again to this indomitable daughter of mine, is that I will always love her.  No matter what, (and there are a lot of ‘what’s’) I will always, always be there for her.  There are a lot of promises I can’t make about life, but I can promise to never leave.

What would you promise your children?

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Tori Amos’ “Promise” is from her current album, Unrepentant Geraldines. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, Amazon Deluxe and Google Play.

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  1. Lorraine C. Ladish :

    Allison, lots and lots of strength for you and your daughter. My family has gone through incredibly tough times too … but they have been replaced with better ones. Sending you love, hope and lots and lots of light.

  2. Pauline J. DeRosa :

    Allison, I am sorry that Sophie is undergoing such turmoil in her young life. But yes you will always be there for her, no matter what. That is what we mothers were put on this earth for. You will cherish her and love her and you will draw on each others strength. Knowing your determination and energy, I anticipate better times ahead. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers….

  3. jennyonthespot :

    My dear friend. Sophie IS so strong. And incredibly lovely – inside and out. All these things, just like her mama. I have long adored you, and my heart aches to watch the struggles with Sopie’s health. But as much as I can see from the internet lines… I do see you both as strong and capable and tender and joined in the most beautiful way. xoxox

  4. Denene Millner (@MyBrownBaby) :

    Sending all the good juju Sophie’s way, with hopes and prayers that she feels better really soon and can get back to the business of being awesome. Thank you for sharing your story and this beautiful video!

  5. Chrysula :

    Love your promises to each other. We are keeping you all in our prayers. Courage comes in beautiful teen daughters and moms with red lips packages too.

  6. Andrea Howe :

    Beautiful, and heart wrenching all at the same time. I can’t imagine what you and Sophie are going through, but I am humbled watching you all handle it with courage and grace. Praying for peace and healing to come very soon.