posh spice haircut.

I’m too restless to keep my hair the same for very long, which is how I ended up at a local hair school yesterday, with several photos of Posh Spice {aka Victoria Beckham} in hand.

This one is my favorite. I’ve had my hair cut like Posh before, and loved every minute of it, but Viktor has talked me out of cutting it for the last few years. He wishes I had curly, ringlet-y, cheerleader hair. Sorry sweetheart, you didn’t marry a cheerleader.

Here’s what I ended up with, $9 later, tip included. I love hair schools.

Thoughts? Are you with Viktor and think I should have left it alone? Love it? Here’s the real kicker: do I keep going blonde or should I go back to my dark, dark roots? Do you even care? Do you just want me to get on with it and host another giveaway? Weigh in, will you?

{here’s where I found the photo of Victoria Beckham’s cute hair}

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  1. Anna :

    I think it looks hot! And as for the color, you can pull off either one beautifully with your coloring. (Unlike me, I'm trying to budget and cut out the highlighting, but my 'natural' dark blond is not doing me any favors – especially when holding my platinum little boy.)

  2. Sandi :

    YOU are cute enough to do ANYTHING with your hair. I am loving this cut and the color. That's my vote.

    Tell Hilary "Hi" for me. I pop in on you now and then and always think of her when I do.


  3. toywithme :

    It's a sexy hot style!
    1st photo I have ever seen of you.
    Wishing it was the same pose as Posh.

    Go BOLDer!
    Do the same close cut in the back.
    Throw on some designer shades.
    You would it rock ;)

  4. Nemesis :

    My vote is for the dark hair–I love it on you!

  5. Donna :

    Love it! You're hair is always cute and this is just another adorable cut that will look great on you! I like the blond, it looks good.

  6. Jenny :

    I love the cut! I vote dark hair, because yours is gorgeous and the pasty white ash blondes cannot pull off the dark hair like you can. LUCKY.

  7. Heather at Happy Chippy Junk :

    SOOOOO SPICEY!!! I love it!! I get a spice girl hair cut so often and it is about time for another one! I need some blonde too!!

  8. Emily :

    Best nine dollars you've spent! :)

  9. Camille :

    You're HOT! Stay blonde. And a giveaway would be nice :) Maybe tickets to the hair school? :)

  10. Azúcar :


  11. Marisa@make*happy :

    I like it! I wish my hair would do that cut, but it's curly and unruly and doesn't like to behave.

    I like the blonde, too. Granted, I can't see your skin tone and I haven't seen you dark, but the photo looks fab!

  12. Kacy :

    Love it.

  13. Keli :

    Love the posh look! I don't know you, but what I read of you- it definitely suits you! Very chic and sassy. I used to have the cut and it makes me want to go back to it! Better call the salon now. If my hubby gets mad I'm blaming you. What is it with those silly boys wanting cheerleader hair-do's?

  14. Miranda :

    This is your HAIR we're talking about, of course I care! It looks fantastic. Man do I ever love a good chop. And I'm totally in love with the blond…but that is the only way I've known you. I say you put some pink in it too. Trust me, it will be rad.

  15. Trina :

    I LOVE it!!! I love the cut AND the color. Its actually alot like mine ;) lol

  16. Alisha :

    I love it, it's great cut! Very cute and it fits you well. I was blond before my first baby and the pregnancy hormones with her made me a dark blond/brown, at the time I couldn't live with that color and marched right into a salon and went blond again, and loved it. In the past three months though I have started going back to my roots (almost, and on my own terms) and I'm finding the change to be a good one. My thought is go with the color that makes you happy and feeling amazing. The beauty of hair is it grows and you can always change it up. I love your post and your chic new do.

  17. likeschocolate :

    I think it looks fantastic, but you know men they love longer hair. I actually like your hair lighter. I think it makes your face pop.

  18. jen :

    awesome. really love it! i got a good cut at a hair school too, but i'm in need of a trim, badly.

    p.s. i just ended four years of long hair. it gets old after a while, especially with a grabby baby.

  19. Susan :


  20. MommyMert :

    LOVE IT!!! Just thought, I should cut mine. Blond is lovely, but than again… never seen you in your root-a-licious color.

  21. The Mumaw's :

    I love the haircut, I am thinking of doing the same thing!!! I need a new summer do! something hip and not a mom or teacher cut!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!! . Take a front view and post it !!
    Amy Mumaw

  22. Iman :

    Very cute!!!

  23. karey m. :

    perfection. keep it blond…you've a good blond going with the darky roots. i love that look.

    YOU'RE GORGEOUS! i always say that in my head, but you should hear it out loud for once. xoxo.

  24. Mamma :

    Well clearly I LOVE it. ;-)

    As for the color…always been partial to brunettes. Marie will agree with me.

  25. The Dragonfly :

    Ooh, man I want that hair! So now, instead of taking a picture of posh spice to the salon, I'll take this picture of you.

    That's how much it rocks.

    ps. color is perfect as is.

  26. The Warner Corner :

    I love it! Where did you get it cut? I swear the best haircut I had was from a beauty school. Maybe I should stop paying $30 every 6 weeks! And I love the blond. If I could get away with it I would go blond. I've tried it and look terrible!

  27. Marianne & Clayton :

    I second Miranda's comment. Love the blond, I say save the brown for the fall, that's when I usually want to change to darker hair. Go really bright light blond for the summer.

  28. julie :

    I DO love the cut! Adorable!!! Partial to you as a brunette :)

  29. Betsy :

    it looks great! stay blonde for summer, dark for fall :)

  30. Kathleen :

    I love it! This is my go-to hairstyle (the graduated bob) since I was in high school, and I love it on you. Very sassy. I am trying to grow my hair longer, yet again, but I will probably end up getting it chopped again by summer when I get sick of it sweating against my neck.

  31. PMG Smith Family :

    I love it! I should have gone to the hair school yesterday instead of the salon where I spent $100 for a haircut & hi-lights and didn't get what I wanted. Lame. Your hair, on the other hand, not lame. Hot, in fact. I'm suffering from hair envy. As for the color, I think you look great blonde, but I've never seen you dark and it might be fun to go even darker with a sort of a reddish tone. Maybe?

  32. Deb :

    So cute!! LOVE it!

  33. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    Ahhhhh! How, when, whaaaat?! I love it. I can't wait to see it irl!

  34. aniC :

    I wish my hair could look like that cut short! I love it.

    As for the color, as someone with brown hair, I tend to wish others with dark hair would embrace it too. Be different and go for it.

  35. Alecia :

    Fantastic and fabulous! Looks great. My husband likes long hair, I told him I would grow my hair long if he dried it every morning. He immediately saw my point. So short hair it is!

  36. Lisa :

    LOVE IT! I want it myself (in brunette as I am brunette and therefore partial).

    Sadly, my 4 yr old has the cut. She gets tons of complements and has the attitude to pull it off.

    I just can't copy her without looking foolish.

  37. Mickey :

    Your hair looks amazing. I am a true believer of the only opinion on a woman's hair that truly matters is her own.
    Wear your hair the way it makes you feel beautiful; what ever color and style you want.
    Self confidence is very important in style.

  38. Hil :

    I love it! So fun.

  39. Jessi :

    I love the haircute and wish I had the guts to cut mine like that.

  40. Paige :

    Looks great! The color does too. I'm sure you'd be a gorgeous brunette as well though… Me, I just tried to copy Heidi Klum's hair because I secretly want to be her, but I didn't go blond and it just isn't as fabulous. Oh well.

  41. sania :

    It's very classy and suits your awesome face shape. In fact, I think you rock it better than Posh. ;)

  42. Karen :

    I love that cut! I had a version of that two years ago, and every time I tried to replicated it, it didn't turn out the same :( I ended up growing mine back out into a regular bob…I'd love to try it again though!

  43. kalanicut :

    Love it!

  44. Cicada :

    I love it! And you know I vote dark.

  45. marian :

    I DO love it! Perfect for summer.

  46. bella utahan :

    I LOVE IT!!! My favorite haircut of all time was along the same "line" as this! Blond looks good- but if you got sick of the upkeep I am sure back to the natural color would still look great!

  47. Erin :

    The hair cut looks HOTT! I wish a could do a cute short trendy cut but I have got that long curly hair "cheerleader" hair you described and it doesn't do well really short unless I spend lots of straightening it each day.

    While the blonde is beautiful on you I am interested to see what you look like with dark hair.

  48. ALC :

    It is a flattering hairstyle for your face shape. It highlights your amazing cheekbones. Did I get those? My kids did. I would stay blonde through the summer and go dark again in the fall. Did you go to Marinello?

  49. Lucy :

    Love, love, LOVE the new do! And I'm jealous–I have naturally curly hair and could never pull that look off. You look awesome!

  50. this week for dinner - jane maynard :

    I really like this cut on you – it looks great! and I like this particular color job on you…it's a nice blonde. although, I DO love you as a brunette…I must admit. :)

  51. jenB :


  52. kgbgraphics :

    I love this hair cut, and if it wasn't "her" haircut I would venture to get it myself… however {eh,hum} she has MY man, so therefore I have not let myself get it! hahahh {I crack myself up}

  53. NestBliss :

    Perfect…from the side! Need a face shot for full evaluation.

  54. Tauni :

    I love it! I have longer, curly hair and I spend hours with a flat iron trying to recreate "perfect hair" like yours and it just never comes out quite right…