Plus Size Coats

Plus size winter coats
We need to talk about plus size coats. Because it’s snowing at my house right now, and forecast says it isn’t going to stop any time soon. We also have highs in the teens lined up for the next few days.  Brrr! I just want to stay inside, but despite my tendency to sit in my comfy chair next to the fireplace there are times I do have to go outside.

We take our coats seriously in the northeast. They need to be warm and functional, but I like them to be attractive too. I have three winter coats that I wear for specific activities. They’re still going strong, but if I had to replace them these would be my picks. For plus size coats, look for a little structure and don’t be afraid of bright colors!

1. I love the nod to the 50’s that this coat offers. I’d wear this coat to church and other occasions that require a dress….and I’d feel all Jackie Kennedy fabulous in it.

2. This would be my every day coat–warm and sleek. It’s perfect for running errands, meeting friends for lunch or volunteering at the kids’ school. And you know you’re going to get compliments on it.

3. The snow coat. If I’m going to be spending any time in the snow (shoveling, building snowmen, skiing), I want a coat that’s going to keep me warm! This one is filled with goose down and warm down to -35 degrees!

Plus size winter coats

Lands End coat
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