Plum Lipstick

Winter is the perfect time to try plum lipstick. There are plenty of ways to be daring in this life, and if you’re not planning that grand and defiant uprising (yet), I would suggest utilizing the not-so-extreme but just-as-gratifying place for rebellion: make-up. Though there are an estimated ba-zillion ways to make a statement with the inky, powdery magic of liners and brushes to the face, let’s talk about one. Lipstick. Plum lipstick.

Plum LipstickSince there is nothing “more articulate than a kiss,” your lipstick ought to be a precocious start – the accessory to the smile, the speech, or the kiss. Deep, silky purple communicates the perfect level of coolness and daring for the task. I admit my own love of dark lipsticks was once stifled by an unfortunate blitz of events: in an encounter with a potential crush I was told that dark lipstick was too intimidating for him; I found “dramatic lips” on an online list of 7 Beauty and Style Trends That Guys Hate!; and then the most disastrous reason – I didn’t have the courage necessary to dip into my spectacular, plum war-paint. I was forgetting the best style advice of all – wear what you want. And I wanted plum lips.

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Put your purple-red-violet-rose lips on. Plum lips are for autumn souls in every season. Plum lips scare away boys that are afraid of the dark. Plum lips mean that you kick-box and bake pastries in your spare time. If you want to look cute and courageous, take the fruity plunge. Go ahead and put your amethyst, eggplant, and mulberry on – and remember these little tips:

  • Use a simple, precise eyeliner (I do wings, but it’s ok if wings aren’t your thing)
  • Let the lips be the leading role, put your hair in a plain pony, or keep it quietly down
  • Don’t go totally goth (I save the black lips for Halloween)
  • Full, dark brows can balance out the lips
  • Check the teeth, and draw inside the lines (in this case)
  • For drama: lots of mascara, like the Queen Kate Moss, but
  • Don’t overdo it…

BUT dare to sport the deeper shades in your Lipstick Library.

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