pioneer woman book signing.

I only have a few things to say about last night. One of them is that I’m sorry I dragged my poor children to SLC on a school night to wait out in the cold in vain.

Another is that Ree remembered me and called me by name as she walked out the door. Life lesson: it’s likely someone of her caliber will know who you are if you make a big enough fool of yourself on first impression.

I won’t lie, there was bad behavior that made me feel a little sad, especially that Precocious was there to witness some of it firsthand.

The upside? Ree is fabulous, lovely, and of good report. She didn’t issue a restraining order so I think we’re still besties. And her beautiful, wonderful, gracious mother-in-law hung out in the back alley with me, Marie, Melissa, Carina, and my family for quite a while. She took my cold hands between her own and warmed them like only a mother would. Also? Missy is as beautiful and lovely in real life as she is onscreen.

Did I mention we hung out with Dooce for a little while? She’s so darn thin and pretty in real life, and she just had a baby for Pete’s Sake. Her assistant Katy was rocking the most foxy urban outfit I’ve seen in quite some time and I’ll pick it apart for resources later. She was also delightful to chat with, can’t wait to do it again.

All in all? It’s always a winning night when you get to hang out with girlfriends, especially if it’s in a cold and dark alleyway with Ree Drummond’s family.

p.s. The book is beautiful. Buy one for everyone you know for the holidays.

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  1. Petit Elefant :


    Oh you should have seen it in person, GORGEOUS.

  2. vanessa :

    Hey I was there too!!!

    And I have not found the gray tights yet I am still lookin!

  3. Azúcar :

    Completely worth it for the fun we all had being outsiders (literally.)

    Casey and Barbara, Marie, Vanessa, Emily, just ALL OF YOU!

    Katey was rocking it!

  4. Emily :

    That was a night I'll never forget…girlfriends, long lines, cold fingers, fabulous cookbook, Ree Drummond, long lines, alleyway party, super sneaky gift baskets, Missy and yes, fabulous urban outfits. Of course you were rockin' it too, babe! Muah!

  5. Alicia W. :

    Sorry you had problems! The ticket system wasn't super clear.

  6. Petit Elefant :


    Yes you WERE! Who else brought there camera to get pictures of Dooce? {not me}.


    Outsiders UNITE!


    It was crazy bananas, and you were rocking those boots you had on. Foxy mama.


    Oh well. I got to smell her, which ought to count for something. The book is FABULOUS though.


    Thank you for thinking of me, and having positive thoughts. Seriously, means a lot. It was insane, I think it might just be the last book signing I go to. From now on I'm mailing my copy to the author's house.


    It's okay. It was just a strange strange night. It made for a good story though, right?

  7. Kristie :

    so i read your blog almost everyday. found it completely by accident months ago. my favorite part about todays blog entry was that first picture. i love your blog because you're just so real. that pic is a great one!

  8. Jenny :

    You guys all look so pretty and put together. I'm glad Ree knows crazy when she sees it. HAHAH! Carina's eyebrows look amazing.

  9. Barb @ getupandplay :

    You were just so much fun to hang out with! It was the best night out for this new mom!

  10. Petit Elefant :


    I'm nothing if not real, I just can't help it. Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot, especially today. :)


    We were put together alright. Crazy? That's just part of the special sauce that is ME.


    Anytime you want to get together I'm game. Especially since the Moosh is in town, let's do it soon!
    you were lovely and fun to hang out with and I'm glad you had a good time. Me too.

  11. Petit Elefant :

    Jill Ann,

    You can stalk me any day of the week girl. Seriously, I'm super friendly.

  12. sania :

    Whoa! Looks like fun! And a huge fan of dooce (and Katy!) as well. What a rocking outfit.

  13. Nancy :

    I decided to go last minute and had a sad experience too, at least I got to see her as she walked past, I think I saw you too, I thought about making her a gift, guess I should have, that was the ticket in.

  14. Miranda :

    Oh nooos! I'm sorry things went down that way. But I'm glad that there were so many successes of the night! After the turnout in Denver, I guessed that there would be a crazy ton of people…I was thinking about you all evening!

  15. Jill Ann :

    Dang it, how did I miss Dooce?!

    And I totally second the bad behavior.

    And I totally will sound like a stalker now, but I was hoping to meet you there too!


  16. Camille :

    Wow! What a good looking group of people! What a honor it must have been to meet Ree. How funny that even bloggers are considered celebrities! Just to be in a room with everyone in that picture would be quite an experience for me! Amazing bloggers you are! (weird – that sounded like Yoda…)

  17. Kami :

    so bummed I missed out on this girl time.

    ps. This is why I love Allison…You are the only girl I know who would post a pic with your tongue hanging out where you can click to enlarge.. You crack me up!

  18. Petit Elefant :


    There was a lot of estrogen in that room, that's for darn sure. I wish I could share the comments Viktor had, but they're not all that appropriate! Fun night though. ;)


    I have no pride left in the world, I can assure you of that. You can see my fillings!

  19. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    I think that first photo of you is my favorite of all time, and there have been some doozies!

    I had a fab time hangin' with my girls! Thanks for taking and posting these pics for/of me!

  20. Anna M :

    I should have known it was going to be crazy. I live like 3 blocks away from the King's English, so I sauntered over there at 7:15. Yeah, big mistake. And I tried to introduce myself to Dooce, it was a major nimrod moment for me.

    LOVE IT!

  21. Julie {Angry Julie Monday} :

    LOL, I love the restraining order comment. It was quite funny! I can't wait to get the cookbook, not that I cook very much. I'm hoping to try and see her when she comes to LA..

  22. Petit Elefant :


    I didn't realize until I read your comment that you're in every picture! You permeate my life, in the best way possible.

    Anna M,

    It was bananas! I love that neighborhood though, I'm jealous you live right around there.

    Angry Julie,

    The cookbook has as many photos and stories as it does recipes. It's gorgeous, in a completely different way than any other cookbook you've seen. Buy it!

  23. V and Co. :

    so jealous! ;)

  24. V and Co. :

    of the friends part not the outside part…i hate the cold. kind of sucks i live above 7000ft huh? but i'm also super jealous that you have the book. i neeeeeeeeeed it. ;)

  25. The Glamorous Life Association :

    Okay you look awesome, and I love Ree. But can I ask…what the heck is Dooce's problem? What she can't crack a dang SMILE for PHOTO???

    Oh. wait. She must think she looks BETTER that way. Hey Dooce if you are reading this (and you should be btw)…you look cold, hard and pissy. SMILE will ya???

  26. Petit Elefant :

    V & Co,

    I totally live in the wrong state, I'm cold from about October-April. It was a great night though. I didn't even know my hands were cold until Ree's mother-in-law started warming them up for me.

    Buy the book, it's amazing!

    The Glamorous Life,

    No comment. :)


    I tried to act cool as a cucumber but was dying inside. A lot.