Pinterest is not the enemy

There’s a lot of bad buzz around how to use Pinterest right now, but I’m still the happiest user on the block.  I love me some Pinterest.

If you steal my stuff, I will cut you.

the bloggessThe Bloggess is my other lover

The posts I put together take an average of 5 hours a piece to create, photograph, edit, and blog.  If you steal any of that we’re going to have some words.  That’s just plain illegal.  If you steal any of it with the intention of self profit, *hold my rings* it’s going to get ugly.

But if you find my stuff, share it with others, and credit me properly I will send you flowers!  Not really, but I’ll probably send you a thank you note.  I’m grateful new people are finding my blog every day through Pinterest, I love the people! {name that movie}

Pinterest is all about sharing the cool stuff on the web and creating beautiful inspiration boards, and finding new people and new blogs and new ideas and sharing them with each other.  It’s the best of the best of the internet.  How on earth would I have found Kendi Everyday if it wasn’t for Pinterest?  I mean, really.  If you’re going to use Pinterest, don’t be a jerk and steal stuff.  In addition to being totally illegal it’s really bad karma, and that crap will get you in the end.

Anyway, here are some of the super cool things I found on Pinterest today.  Things I normally wouldn’t have had the time to read, or try, or make.  Maybe you have time though, and maybe you’ll find some amazing new blogs you didn’t know about before.

That’s called winning.

pinterest finds

Eggnog Syrup

pinterest finds

Lost and Found sign


pinterest finds

Home made Gatorade

Home made ravioli


rainboy party how to

Rainbow Party via You Are My Fave via A little Lovely


smoothie recipes

Smoothie Recipes with vegetables

brett and jemaine

I’ll leave you with a photograph of Brett and Jemaine {from Flight of the Conchords}

You’re welcome.

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  1. Rachel :

    I think there needs to be guidelines when you log into Pinterest….I don’t think it is blogger to blogger stealing stuff but the non blogger stealing – perhaps they don’t know better?

    What I like best about this post — everything that you saw, that you don’t have time to do! Me too —

    • Allison :

      Rachel, there’s some pretty naughty Pinterest behavior going on, some of it pretty sinister by both bloggers and non-bloggers alike. But Pinterest is going out of their way to stay on top of it all and safeguard original content.

      I don’t have time for this stuff, but isn’t all of it SO pretty?!

      • Rachel :

        I do get way too involved with the sights of Pinterest — I can see how there is/are going to be problems….unfortunately, it is broader though – don’t you think? the whole web – people think is for taking? Every week – one of my guest posts for one particular site gets copied.

        manners – please!! :)

  2. WebSavvyMom :

    –>I Love Pinterest too! I hate when people don’t pin stuff correctly though.

    I added a link on my blog to my boards.


    • Allison :

      I’m in the middle of doing that too, to feature all my fun content from Pinterest. The improper attribution of original sources is the main problem, and it drives me nuts too! But boy do I love it when it works…

  3. Elizabeth F :

    Ok now I’m nervous that I’m indvertently stealing stuff (and how weird would that be?). I repin from others on Pinterest mainly – I’ve pinned some stuff from other websites but I’m mostly on Pinterest with my iPad and I haven’t figured out yet how to get websites to pin successfully with that, unless there’s a pin to Pinterest button. I read an etiquette guide for Pinterest that said to go to the original website and pin from there if you like it, so is that what you’re talking about?

    • Allison :


      I wouldn’t be worried about it, you’re probably doing just fine. The stealing stuff comes when you’re intentionally inappropriately not crediting someone, calling the stuff your own, and/or copying for your own material benefit.

      I can pretty much guarantee you’re not doing this. :)

      If you click on something and it doesn’t link back to the original source, but to Google or somewhere else, just don’t repin. It’s all about making sure to credit the original source.

      • Homa :

        Phew, I was worried as well, thank you for the clarification! My Mom, who is not tech savvy, is using Pinterest so I already think it has done lots of good. :)

    • Annie Moren :

      Thanks for asking this because I was thinking the same thing. Not to be a Pdummy, but I wasn’t clear about how I might be Pstealing. I love Pinterest as I have no time or creative energy for these great ideas. I am lucky if I have time to try a few! Repinning is my life, so pwhew!

  4. suzieqw :

    I am so addicted to Pinterest and I really hope I’m not stealing anything. Any protocol tips? I do pin directly from websites as well as repin from other pinners. But I’m only doing so to collect things I think are awesome and I don’t use any of it on a personal site or blog. Do I need to say specifically where it came from in the descriptions?

    I too love all of the blogs I’ve found this way.

  5. Alecia :

    Thank you for the picture of Brett and Jemaine. I’m a fan of all things Flight of the Conchords. Did you see Brett get an Oscar Sunday night? you still have to have an invite for Pinterest? I’m the only one in the world still not on it.


  6. Courtney Snowden :

    I’m quite sure you are one of the funniest girls I know. Um…know in the bloggy instatgrammy sorta way…I’m also quite sure Bon Qui Qui would be giving you mad props right about niz-ow!!! I don’t have a pinterest board yet. I’m scurred. Im not sure I can muster up the self control to not let it completely and utterly consume my everythought and waking moment (and my dreams at night). The pressure…

  7. Jenny :

    Now I’m paranoid I’m a thief. I saw a comment by oh happy day asking someone to cite her appropriately (in a very nice way) and I went through a ton of my pins to make sure they actually linked up to the right person.

  8. Jericurl :

    I just found your blog and I am loving it! (And stealing all your stuff)


    I just found Pinterest about a week ago and I am addicted! Can’t.Stop.Pinning. Seriously. I feel like I need a 12 step program.
    It’s a better way to sort and catalog your bookmarks/favorites while adding a visual reminder. Since I use it that way, it’s much better to backtrack a pin to the original source and “pin” my interest.

  9. Jenny :

    Also, my sister said she met a girl in Kansas who was the spitting image of Bon Qui Qui waiting on her at restaurant. It was like a celebrity sighting but 112343 times more entertaining.

  10. Kristen :

    You are so awesome. That is all.

  11. Mimi Avocado :

    Copyright can be a confusing thing. Like you, I see no reason why bloggers or non-bloggers should refrain from sharing links to others’ work…that’s what social media is about, right? I would just like to know: do you need to ask permission to share a link to someone’s photo or blog post? As long as the photo is a link to the original post, is that okay? Did you need permission to include the photos in your blog post today?

    I saw an article the other day that gave a code for bloggers to use who do not want their content shared on Pinterest.


  12. Trysha :

    I love Pinterest. I guess I’m more concerned about the person using my images to promote their own business (it recently happened and I’m still hit under the collar about it) or blatantly using my ideas to create their portfolio (I mean really, that squishy kiss from Dad was candid and when you tried to recreate it it looked contrived and emotionless. Sorry, still hot under the collar about that one too)

    I have done so many things I’ve found on Pinterest. I’ve crafted and tried new things with my hair, we’ve looked at different design and room flow for our potential new home, I’ve cooked things that would have otherwise gotten lost in the murky folder if starred items in my google reader.

    The spirit of Pinterest is to share and pass things among each other.

    (and please stop pinning yourselves. It’s against Pinterests etiquette guidelines and it’s kinda awkward and weird! I mean that “yourselves” for the people who do it, not you as you) lol

  13. Haley :

    I’m just so darn happy that you think my Lost & Found Board is cute! Just found your blog and will now be following. Thanks again for the compliment (and for pinning to the correct source!)

  14. Lottery :

    I love Pinterest. Its a new site, give them time to iron out the rules and ways of doing things and you’ll see people start using it properly.

  15. Melodie :

    I love love love Pinterest! It makes the internet seem so much more homey and accessible! When I pin things, I make sure the link back to the original webpage works! I don’t use it to promote myself, I use it as a way to “pin” my interests on one board so I can easily find the idea or interest quickly. Which seams to me is the whole idea in the first place.

  16. ELISE :

    Wow. I found your blog through Pinterest! I was looking for some DIY stuff and your stuff came up. How funny that the other blog I found through Pinterest is also by some one who lives in Utah, (Onegoodthing by Jillee) Oh and not to mention that Salt Lake is my hometown. I am instantly hooked and will be following from now on!

    I am also realizing that I am among a bunch of people who are notorious for not sourcing my pins…however, I dont pin anything that I dont try to follow back to the original and it is only for me and my obsessions. Most of the time if it goes to some tumbler thingy I wont pin it. I now will make an effort to cite where I find all those things I “plan” on doing or just love. It was very cool to read that there are rules for the site….now I will try to follow and credit where credit is due.

    Thanks I look forward to following your fun site/blog!

  17. Heather / It's So Suburban :

    I TOTALLY agree with you. I’ve been thinking about writing a post “In Defense of Pinterest” for several months now. If people are that concerned about their images, they shouldn’t be putting them on the Internet. Haters gonna hate.

  18. Eileen Saunders :

    I just discovered Pinterest last week and am starting to investigate it. I learned some really cool things. Most of all, I somehow came across your article and was THRILLED to see the photo of Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. My 30 yr. old son got me hooked on them a few years back (I have the DVDs, t-shirts and tote bag) and now that I know that you, too, have outstanding taste, I will be following your blog. Thank you!

  19. Fashion-isha :

    I like your attitude girl!