Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe Home Made

A DIY sugar scrub recipe, just for you!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe

I’ve been waiting, holding onto this delicious peppermint sugar scrub recipe so I could share it with you during the holidays.  This is seriously such a delicious sugar scrub, perfect for your shower or tub or for a really thoughtful home made gift for someone you love.  It’s a perfect gift for the girlfriends in your life.  This sugar scrub recipe is so easy to make and only takes a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!  It’s a perfect way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin at the same time, with all natural, inexpensive ingredients.  Make and share, or just keep it for yourself, I have a sneaky feeling you deserve a tiny little treat.


peppermint sugar scrub




peppermint body scrub


peppermint sugar scrub


Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe
Prep time
Total time
A delicious homemade sugar scrub to use in your shower or bath. A great invigorating exfoliant + moisturizer for your skin.
Recipe type: DIY Beauty Recipe
Serves: 1 cup
  • 7-10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 1 cup granulated white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon jojoba oil or vitamin E oil
  • 1 cup olive oil or coconut oil
  1. Measure 1 cup of granulated sugar and pour into a bowl.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of jojoba or vitamin E oil to the sugar.
  3. Add 7-10 drops of peppermint essential oil or peppermint flavor used for baking.
  4. Mix ingredients together until completely combined.
  5. Once everything is combined, use a small amount of scrub to exfoliate the skin on your hands and rinse it off. If you're happy with the way the scrub smells and how moisturizing it is, you're done. Scoop into a cute container and use in the shower or next to the sink or gift to a friend!
  6. If you don't like how the scrub smells, add more essential oils for more flavor. If it's too smelly, add more sugar and olive oil to mellow it out.
  7. Once your scrub is exactly how you want it, you're all finished and you can start using the scrub in the tub or shower to exfoliate and make your skin silky smooth + a little bit tingly. YUM.


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