book collection for a nursery.

Part of the baby preparation that Mike and I are doing right now involves amassing a great children’s books collection. As an illustrator, Mike has collected a variety of samples of books with great illustrations. As for myself, I’ve collected a couple books that require a slightly mature sense of humor. Here are a couple of my books that I came across yesterday that I’d love to share with you.

Squids Will Be Squids is a fantastic book that, as advertised, shares fresh morals and beastly fables. Think Aesop with a twist.

Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book is a classic. If you haven’t seen this side of Shel Silverstein, run out and buy this book immediately. And then hide it from your children. Set up to be a children’s book, every page is intended to inspire children with naughtiness and mischief. I don’t know how long I’ll wait before I let my kids read this… Considering that G is for gigolo (with a picture of a piccolo), I may have to decide how old I want them to be before I have to explain the real meaning of gigolo to them…

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Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

I made these delicious cookies recently and could not get over how wonderful fresh ginger is in a cookie! I couldn’t keep my hands out of the jar so to speak. I’ll definitely be making these again soon.

If you are invited to a cookie exchange over the holidays, this might be a good recipe to make. You won’t have to compete with the other chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin versions. You’ll be in a category of your own both in the taste and appearance departments.

You can find the recipe here.

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Organizing Tip for the Day

On my blog I occasionally post an organizing tip…usually something I need to work on as well (somehow posting it increases my motivation). Anyway, this would be my 17th organizing tip thus far. You can view the other sixteen here.

#17 Create a drawer, just for toys, in your kitchen.

Move the pots, the plastic containers, the large serving pieces–do whatever it takes to clear up one drawer (closest to the floor) for just toys. I gleaned this idea from my mother-in-law a few years ago and must say having a toy drawer in my kitchen is wonderful. I find that my kids like to stay close and having fun diversions for them keeps them out of trouble too! Well, it helps at least :)

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Reusable Shopping Bags

I recently jumped on board with the whole reusable shopping bag campaign. After seeing many different designs (and many different price points!), I finally decided on these bags from Whole Foods. They are only 80 cents! And, they promise to replace them if they develop holes or what not. Reusable bags also pay for themselves after a few trips to the store as I’ve noticed I receive a discount at every grocery store I take them too (besides Costco). It feels good to be generating less waste by toting around these sturdy bags here and there.

Admittedly, I sometimes forget to bring them inside the store (even though I’ve already made the effort to put them in the car!). I feel pretty dumb when I walk back to the car and see these bags sitting on the front seat. How did I forget those I wonder? I guess we all have those days :) But, I make the most of the situation and reuse my plastic bags for diaper disposal. Going a week between trash removal can make for a smelly garage without proper measures, as many of you know!

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halloween kitchen supplies from williams sonoma.

Might be the season, might be the pregnancy, but I can’t stop thinking about food! Williams Sonoma has some fun items for your fall festivities in the kitchen–sure to delight little ones and grown ups alike! We’re way past sugar cookies here, for Halloween and beyond.

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{via Lego}

How is it that I’ve never had Lego’s in my home? Honestly, I must be the last person in the civilized world to have not realized the beauty of these itty bitty plastic toys before now. C recently turned 4, and when I asked my older {and much wiser} girlfriends what toy did I have to get him for his birthday? what toys did their kids love when they were little? It was universal, LEGOS! I don’t remember if I played with Lego’s when I was little, but I’m making up for lost time in case I didn’t. My two kids have done nothing but play with C’s Lego’s since his birthday, and I’m always the last one to leave the party.

Hey, where are you guys going? Come back! We just built the most killer helicopter/fire engine/crane! Don’t leave now, mommy’s just getting started. Kids? Kids?”

The kids are hooked, as am I. The possibilities are endless, the playtime is constructive and creative, everybody wins. Go team Lego.

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Viktor here:

I have always heard that being able to give someone the shirt off your back is a character trait to aspire to. Well, how about the pants off your… Well, since these pants would never fit me, we are announcing some winners.

Rynell said…

Wow! I’m salivating over those jeans because not only are they smoking hot, but because in a month or so I will no longer have a need for stretchy maternity jeans and I’d love such an awesome pair of jeans.

mogrill said…

Ive lost 60 pounds so far, and would love a new pair of jeans to CELEBRATE!

Congratulations to both of you. Please get a hold of us quickly so we can get these out to you.


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…oh how I love thee.

I’m an avid fan of the current cupcake crazed taking over our country right now, are you there yet? :) I enjoy both baking cupcakes here in my kitchen and consuming them at local joint So Cupcake. These beautiful scalloped tulip baking cups are my favorite to use when baking cupcakes and since I ran out of them recently, it’s time to stock up again (this website offers the best deal). I just think these are the prettiest baking cups I’ve ever seen.

While we are on the subject of cupcakes, here are a few of my favorite recipes:

Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Barefoot Contessa Coconut Cupcakes

Mini Paris Cupcakes (except I don’t make them “mini”)

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Affordable French Children’s Clothing

I know “affordable” and “French” are typically oxymorons, but I promise you it isn’t in this case. One of my favorite places to shop for my kids in France, Du Pareil au Memes, is the equivalent to Old Navy here in the US (shirts for 6.90 Euros, dresses for 16.90 Euros, crazy cheap). And lucky for us these adorable clothes are available in the US via an English website! As an added bonus, the site carries both seasons (cold & warm), so both Floridians and Minnesotans can find appropriate clothing for their kiddos during the same month. You just can’t beat classic, French styling…

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