Organizing Tabs For Your Life

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One of the reasons I was thrilled to work with Avery for SocialLuxe Lounge, aside from the fact that they’re the best kind of company out there, is the fact that I’m obsessed with organization.  I can’t get enough of their sticky note tabs.


When I was getting ready to head to New York, I mapped out my plan of attack and note tabbed and organized it all.  See, I’m not so hot with directions.  I thought I was for a long time, but as it turns out?  I only know how to navigate when I have the Wasatch Mountains to guide me north/south.  In Manhattan?  Fugghedaboutit.

organizing tabs

I laid out the best plans for all my favorite things to do in New York City.  I Google mapped directions from the hotel, printed them all out, and note tabbed them to within an inch of their lives.

I had all the basics: thrift stores, Ghandi’s Cafe, Pinkberry, H&M.  Do you see an emerging theme?  Food & shoppingHmmmmmm.

avery organization tabs

These note tabs saved my life.  I have a little stack of them in my desk drawer right now and I have major plans for them.  Organizing Christmas shopping lists, school projects for the kids, extracurricular activities, carpool schedules.

Man, oh man, the places we’ll go.



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  1. Lori :

    I need these for work. I work from home and just keep a notebook at the side of my computer where I write things down as I go. I spend a good hour going back through notes through out the week (that I can’t bill for – boo!), so I think I’ll get rid of my (non-functioning) doggie-ear method and get me some tabs. Wahoo for organization.

    • Allison :

      You really do. They’re a little see-through too, so you can put them on top of your notes and still see what you’re doing underneath.


  2. Emily :

    I’m a big fan of the post-it tabs, especially the page marker ones. I love these! Great idea!

    • Allison :

      Yes! I use those when I read books or magazines and I want to highlight something in particular. Love.

  3. Danielle (ellleinadspir) :

    These excite me more than they should. I think I love organization a bit too much!!

    • Allison :

      Danielle, I’m with you. They totally made me happy.

  4. kim @ mommyknows :

    I think you probably need to be organised to use them. I’m NOT :(

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey :

    Yeah, my virtual version of Evvvveeerrrnnnooottteeeee.