helpful grocery shopping list gadget.


I can’t believe gadgets like the SmartShopper even exist, just to make the lives of people like myself easier. If there is a gadget a woman needs to own {besides the requisite iPhone} it is this, the SmartShopper.

Here’s how it works: you speak into it when you remember something you need to add to your grocery list. If for example you need apples, just push the ‘record’ button and say ‘apples’ into the speaker. The word ‘apples’ pops up on your screen, you confirm it, and it’s added to your grocery list. You do this however often you need to until you’re ready to shop. When the time comes to go to the store you simply press ‘print’ and out comes a little grocery list, neatly arranged into sections: produce, deli, pharmacy, etc. So clever! Not only that, you can mount it to the wall in your kitchen, or slap it on your fridge because it’s magnetic! I love it. You must all get one.

Because I love you and want you to love grocery shopping and organization, Petit Elefant is giving away one SmartShopper as part of the Giveaway Extravaganza! You want one of these babies, take my word for it.

You know the drill, follow the guidelines below and one of you will win this!

Giveaway Guidelines:

  1. To enter the SmartShopper Giveaway leave a comment on this post telling me how it will help you.
  2. If you blog about this, you get an extra entry. Email me to let me know you’ve posted about it with a link to the post.
  3. If you put the Petit Elefant Button up on your blog you can get an additional entry, send me an email with a link to your blog so I can verify.
  4. If you twitter about it, you will receive an additional entry. Again, email me. This means you can get THREE {total} extra entries for this giveaway! What are you waiting for? Shoo!
  5. Leave only one comment please.
  6. Anonymous comments will be deleted.
  7. One winner will be chosen and announced Monday, December 22nd on Petit Elefant.
  8. If I don’t hear from you within 7 days to claim your giveaway another winner will be chosen.
  9. Good luck!
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  1. MMW :

    Oh yes! I want AND NEED one of these. The next-best thing to a personal shopper. Thanks Petite Elefant.

  2. the emily :

    that is so fun! I’d love one.

  3. Melissa, Ryan and Addy :

    Wow, what a cool little gadget! I’d love to have something like that around!

  4. donnas231 :

    This would be such a help to me so that I wouldn’t have to stand in the middle of the grocery store with a blank stare on my face trying to remember what I came in for.

  5. abby :

    What an awesome giveaway. I need one of those! I am forever forgetting some item(s) each week at the store.

  6. Jackie :

    Wow..this is neat! I usually have a grocery list on my refrigerator that I add to as I need things. This would elminate the list on the refrigerator. Many times I’ll be in the middle of doing something and think, “I need some…” I wouldnt have to search for a pen to write it on the list, I could just say it.

  7. andrea v :

    This would make my shopping 100% easier and fun. I would love one of these.
    vickers at comcast dot net

  8. Anonymous :

    Awesome! This would be great and my kids could help me make up the shopping list!


  9. Mandy :

    I would eliminate at least 2 extra trips to the store every week. I could do lots with that time.

  10. mckay :

    Anyone who has met me knows I NEED this. I am constantly thinking, “I’ll have to remember ______ at the store” only to get to the store and completely forget why I am there. This gadget just might change my life. =)

  11. {littlefam} :

    i’d be doing some super smart shopping with this for sure!

  12. pamelarm :

    This would be so handy; I’m always forgetting stuff when I go shopping! Thanks for the chance

  13. coriwestphal :

    I rely on lists or I buy uncontrollably. This would be great to make sure I have a nice organized list. Thanks!

  14. Brooke :

    What a GREAT give away. I started making lists, and there is always the one thing I forget. I always write it down somewhere. . . SOMEWHERE being the KEY WORD!!

  15. gmistudio :

    Hi, i always forget something !! this would be very helpfull for me … thank you for the amazing giveaways !!!!

  16. Jeanne :

    As a mom of two who works full time outside of the home, I really need one of these since I am always running out of something and when I get to the store I completly forget what I need. This would help!

  17. Tuesday Girl :

    This would be great because I ALWAYS forget something (or 5) at the store!

    Tuesdayef (at) aol dot com

  18. Andrea Cooper :

    This is exactly what I need! An electronic memory! This could help me be so much more efficient!

  19. Sarah :

    What?! I’ve never heard of this contraction. I hate grocery shopping. I enjoyed it more before I had to do it with two children. This device would be SO handy! Cool giveaway!

  20. Tasha :

    So I am entering this to win not for me but for my grandmother who has the worst chicken scratch ever and when it comes to writing her grocery list she sometimes can’t even read them when we get to the grocery store and I would love to have this to give to her so I am crossing my fingers that I win

  21. Jingle :

    This would be so useful as both my husband and I could use it and then our lists would all be in one place! Plus, we are both gadget people, so we are more likely to remember this than we are a piece of paper!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  22. Kim and Nathan :

    I always seem to go to the grocery store and forget just ONE thing. Drives me crazy:) I think this would help solve my problem.

  23. Hanna :

    Ah! I saw this once on Rachel Ray and thought it was SO cool! My 2 year old has usually demolished my shopping list by the time we’re done at the store and I’ve come home only to realize I forget a lot of things on my list! How fun it would be to never have to write a list again!

  24. Elsie :

    “I’d love this”
    “I want to be a great shopper”
    “I have no memory anymore”
    “Thank you for this giveaway”
    “Hope you remember me!”

    Hope you recorded my words, I think I know how to use this super gadget for the supermarket already!!

  25. Randi :

    LOVE IT!! I hate making grocery lists. Actually making them isn’t bad, it is the organizing the list that sucks!

    I have blogged about this and posted a button!

  26. Cat :

    I already love making lists but hate it when I loose them! This would be the perfect item for me!!!

  27. kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com :

    My husband and I always have separate lists, and inevitably forget three things we needed. This would be awesome for us!

  28. Shelly :

    I would love it as my hubby hates shopping lists….

  29. Beeb :

    Oh my gosh! I am a coupon queen, so I’m forever going to the grocery store. I’m always looking for ways to make my system more efficient, and this looks awesome! Thank you for the chance!
    supercoupongirl AT

  30. Catherine :

    My brother absolutely needs this! … He’s an absent-minded philosophy professor.

    (sorry I don’t have a blog or I would oblige)

  31. Jenny :

    I could dictate my list and then my husband could print it and go shopping. I would never have to locate a pen ever again!

  32. The Jacobsen Family! :

    I am always having to make an extra trip BACK to the store to get what I forgot… ALWAYS!! Thanks for the chance at some much needed help!

  33. EB :

    It will help me be more organized!


  34. Bekki :

    This is awesome! I am the world’s worst at forgetting my list!

  35. DEBIJOT :

    Yes, this would definitely help. I also write a list, but 50% of the time I leave it at home. I may have oldsheimers syndrome! LOL Thank you for the chance.

  36. MaggieM :

    I’m responsible for making out the grocery list in our house and my husband usually does the actual shopping. But, too often, I forget to write down something on the grocery list or I forgot what I wanted to write down, so the Smart Shopper would really help us both out. I love that it prints out the grocery list and so will my DH :)

  37. furygirl3132 :

    This would definitely be a huge help to me. I always come home from the store forgetting something. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  38. The Letterman's :

    oh wow organization, sign me up!!

  39. Janelle :

    It will help me save my grocery lists from becoming doodle lists for my daughters!!!! I love the idea – thank you for the chance!

  40. ang :o) :

    This would be such a huge help to my mom mush brain these days! Thank you!

  41. Grateful Gramma :

    Never heard of this before but it would beat the heck out of trying to keep up with all the little pieces of paper scattered around the house!

  42. T. :

    oh yea! this is great! thanks so much!

  43. Karin :

    I need this to help me remember my grocery list!

  44. Spitfire :

    Wow, who knew? This cool be a cool thing to own.

  45. Beth :

    OMG! how cool is this!! I NEED this SO bad! i’m a HUGE list maker and i always seem to have like 50 lists going at once. and then can never find the one that i need LOL.
    This would help me SO much!!!!

  46. Reeva :

    this would be a lifesaver! i need one of these

    Thanks for a great giveaway! i hope i’m chosen as the lucky winner.

  47. Jennifer :

    These are super cool! I need one, because I am so unorganized and am always forgetting my shopping list!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  48. Baba :

    Oh I would love to have this! Wow what a great way to do your shopping list! Never forget anything again! I so want to win!

  49. Kristal :

    How will this help me? Oh, let’s see…I have four kids, 3 of which are boys who ar eeating me out of hose and home. It would really help to keep the food bills down!

    Kristalsblog at yahoo dot com

  50. Knitopia :

    This would help me to remember to buy some aluminum foil (I keep forgetting!).

  51. Aura :

    I have millions of lists always flying everywhere and we’re always forgetting something on the list. Besides it’s really convenient that it sorts the items in sections instead of me running back and forth for each item

  52. Marigold :

    I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the super market, mostly because I’m terribly unorganized. I flit from aisle to aisle, picking up products as the need for them occurs to me, so I can sometimes end up circling back through the same sections two or three times. My ipod keeps these excursions from getting too boring, but still, it’s remarkably inefficient. Clearly, I need help.


  53. Amanda :

    This is great. If I don’t write it down as soon as I think of it then I never remember when I get to the store. This would be a great help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Susan :

    Oh this is totally awesome- I could really use this- I can imagine going to the store and not forgetting something. Oh I make lists-Miss List Maker! BUT I usually leave it on the table when I leave for the food store! This is like a little cell
    phone that could live in my purse!

  55. Kelly :

    Okay, I’m a bear of very little brain. Mama’s gotta have this.

  56. meddlingkidd :

    I never fail to forget at least one or two things every time I go to the grocery store so this would be SO helpful! Thanks for the chance to win!

    meddlingkidd [at]

  57. Bhav :

    I remember things to buy at the oddest of places and usually I never have a pen or a paper to jot it down. This would be so fabulous..I can use it even when I have other things to take care of!
    bvbabybv at

  58. Poulsen Family :

    After having three kids my memory has been sucked away, what a fun little way to give me an extra little brain!

  59. Shannon :

    Oh my goodness, what an awesome gadget. I would LOVE one. It would help me greatly. I have babies and two dogs and I am always losing my lists and when I get to the store I forget what I need. This would be perfect! Thank you.

  60. Angel :

    I NEED one of these. I’m a busy homeschooling mom of 3 and trying to get thins on the SAME list as I think of them is impossible then trying to decipher my list in the store with 3 children is HARD!! Thanks for offering teh oportunity to win it!

  61. laadw :

    This will change my life. I have lists everywhere. I work and am the mother of twin boys age 3.5.

  62. HopelesslyDeb :

    You mean I won’t have my grocery list on 18 different scraps of paper? Sign me up!

  63. Lisa :

    Ah, I need this! I’m always wandering the aisles with the feeling that I’ve forgotten something…

  64. gahome2mom :

    My dear hubby does all the grocery shopping and he could really benefit by using this product. Hey, it looks like fun! :)

  65. erinls :

    I so want this! I am always thinking “I should write that down…” but don’t. This would be amazing!


  66. TBC :

    What a nifty little gadget!
    It’d definitely help me be more organized where grocery shopping is concerned.

  67. Barney :

    this gadget would ease my poor penmanship and also list the stores with the sales items , viva la brain cells!!!

  68. Linda :

    With this I would have no excuses for forgetting an item at the store. Thanks

  69. Julie D :

    I am so disorganized when I shop. I need this!

  70. JamericanSpice :

    I’m jumping up and down for you to pick me :)

  71. dreeg :

    I almost always forget something when I shop. This would save me time and gas.

  72. one6ylady :

    My husband kids are constantly adding things to the grocery list without checking the pantry to see if we have a backup in there. I’m sick of buying something they say we’re out of, only to find one on the shelf AFTER I’ve spent the money to buy a new one. This will help me stretch my budget during times when money is tight (like during the holidays.


    looks like a way to start organization and get what you need in one trip- save gas and time

  74. Julieanne :

    Hi! This product would be SO helpful! My husband regularly forgets to write items on our grocery list that he thinks we need (toothpaste, etc.), so this would end that problem. I know he would love to be able to use a tool like this to quickly let me know what he noticed we were running out of. Thanks for providing us with a chance to win this product!

  75. pestkaj :

    I think this thing would really help me organize my shopping trips.

  76. Sarah S :

    I love that it’s magnetic and would be easy to add to my list. Great gadget!

  77. Andrea H :

    This would make my shopping trips so much easier. It is so hard to remember everything when you have two kiddos asking for everything. Thanks1

  78. emerzim :

    I’m hoping that this will help my husband actually remember to put things on the list when we run out.

  79. Sarah :

    This is so cool! Need something to keep me organized, I’m constantly distracted by my kids.

  80. Stuff Smart :

    This would so help me be more organized. I can never find the time to compose a list.

  81. Life with Kaishon :

    This would be such a great thing to have in my kitchen! I am FOREVER searching for a pencil and a scrap of paper for a grocery list. Thank you for this thoughtful giveaway. Merry Christmas.

  82. Pam :

    This is a neat gadget. Would come in very handy.

    Pam :)

  83. * Gin * :

    I am always forgetting things, this could really help out my shopping alot. What a cool product!

  84. WiJoyMom :

    I can't believe how forgetful I have become at times…my hubby & I joke that the last baby didn't give back my brain.

    I'm a mom of 6…that might have something to do with the forgetfulness part. Anyway, this would be just the thing to help us have 1 master list. The children would no longer have to ask 'which' paper is the list. I can see my 3 oldest using it…and never forgetting to put items on the list. They might have so much fun that they would even add some extras.

  85. Lizzie :

    I absolutley need one of these! I have a new infant daughter and it is quite difficult to make lists…let alone keep everything in order. This would make shopping and list making a thousand times easier! And I have to be quick…my baby just got home from the NICU, she was born very early, and every second apart from her-even just for list making-feels like an eternity.

  86. noreen :

    I always firget what to put on my list, it would be great to add it when I think of it

  87. cdziuba :

    Oh, I’d never forget another item again. I’d love to win, it would enahnce my life.

  88. Kim :

    I need one of these!!! I need to be a more savvy shopper.

    Also, am a subscriber.

  89. Rebecca Baldwin :

    It’s like a portable, make sure you take it with you brain! I LOVE it!

  90. Rebecca Baldwin :

    It’s like a portable, make sure you take it with you brain! I LOVE it!

  91. oona. :

    This would be so useful for me because half of the time, I lose my list in the store, or I forget something important my husband needed. If I had something substantial like this to throw in my purse, I would be so much more organized!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  92. jennifer57 :

    Oh my gosh! This sounds sooooooo neat!!! I’d love to have one :)

  93. whit :

    I can’t tell you how many times this week alone I have forgotten things to add to the list, or forgotten the list all together, ARGH!!! Maybe my husband would even use it, fingers crossed.

  94. Misty :

    this would help me so much. im always making little notes to pick this or that up at the grocery store, target or walmart. this would be handy to keep them all in one place.
    thank you.