Olympics activities for kids

It’s been all Olympics, all the time at our house ever since the Opening Ceremonies. My little boys are completely enamored with the swimming, the gymnastics (“The women are better than the men, Mommy.”), the tennis, the volleyball, and the medals. Oh how they love those gold medals. If they aren’t watching, they are re-enacting, and vowing to become Olympians. Go for it, kiddos. Go for it.

I’ve found some fantastic Olympic themed activities for family gatherings or to occupy them–perhaps quietly–when they are done with the whooping, cheering and couch-diving. A few of favorites:

Totally cute free printable board game, card game, mazes and more from UK-based Tiny Me


Planning a party for your future olympian? Great inspiration and party kit from Birds Party. Love those Olympic rings!

For family fun: a Frisbee makes a great discus, pool noodles make great javelins, and sidewalk chalk makes a great cycling or running track. Also, a dollar store “gold” medal makes a great behavior incentive for little ones, be it for getting chores done first or good behavior. I speak from personal experience on this one.

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