safe jewelry for kids.

Goodness my baby is orally fixated. Happiest when chewing, sucking, gnawing. On anything his little hands can reach. He’s especially fond of teething rings but I hate to carry them in my tote because, well, who knows what lurks in the depths of the diaper bag? So what’s a mommy to do at the post office/restaurant/doctor/church/grocery store with a fussy, teething babe/
Roundhouse Design Collaborative, the creators of the oh, plah! bracelet (guess what, they are moms) wondered the same things and came up with a wearable solution. Turns out my baby loves this multitasking jewelry/toy for it’s, um, chew-ability.
I kind-of like the cool shape and the brown masculine option. Other pluses: it’s non-toxic, completely void of all those nasty chemicals in other plastics, and it’s bacteria resistant, it’s totally flexible-bendy, twisty, yank-able and practically indestructible. This made-in-the-USA accessory has even won some big time awards, like Dr. Toy’s Best Green Product Award. Let’s hear it for clever moms.
Oh Plah! Bracelet, $19.99
(Oh plah! is French for “Here you go!”)
It gets better: the bracelet is recyclable, and the company will even do the recycling for you!
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  1. psalm46ten :

    oh if only I had found this a few months ago before my baby stopped teething so much!!! love it!

  2. Petit Elefant :

    That looks pretty sweet, I gotta say. Could have saved myself a lot of jewelry this way.

  3. Kimm :

    Oh, I want one!

  4. Emily :

    Maybe I just don't get it, but instead of wanting the baby to chew on stuff out of the diaper bag, which you CAN keep clean and disinfect (I guess depends on the bag), you want your babies to chew on your bangle that will touch who-knows-what while you're out and about?

    (I DID like that it's called oh Plah, because I had forgotten that people in Italy say that like instead of "whoopsie daisies!" or something, especially with babies. I don't know how they spell it there, though.)

  5. Kage :

    Is it bad that quickly scrolling down, I thought that bracelet was a fancy bumbo?