Office Wear / Fall Fashion For The Ladies

Office wear is a tricky thing sometimes for the ladies.  For dudes it’s pretty straight forward:  if you are a dude and you work in an office you’re either wearing a suit or business attire of some sort.  Nice shoes are involved, black socks (hopefully, not white and athletic), button up shirts with a tie and maybe a cardigan or a jacket.  For the ladies?  Well.  Office wear is all over the place, totally dependent on where you work, and how many mean girls there are in your office.
I’m only sort of joking.
Office Style Fall 2014

Suffice it to say, there are a lot of options for office wear, none of them including a see through top and a black polka dotted Madonna bra.  Or flip flops and a greasy top knot.

One *appropriate* option this Fall, and a gorgeous one at that, is a dressed up version of harem pants with heels and a classy blouse on top.  If you use the right accessories you’ll look dressed up to hit the morning meeting even though you’re essentially wearing fancy pajamas.  EVERYONE wins.  Even your cranky boss.

‘How does one wear sassy office wear’, you ask?  Easy peasy.  Throw something like this together and you’re absolutely golden.

What do you think?  Do you have it in you to try (classy) harem pants to the office?  Would it fly where you work?  Whatever you do, make sure your shoes and accessories stay sassy because they’ll make or break the outfit.  Then on the weekend you can ditch the heels and jewelry for ballet flats and swap the blouse for a t-shirt to shop the weekend farmer’s market.  Love it.



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    • Allison :

      Elizabeth, thank you! I totally want a pair of these pants now too!

  1. Erin O. :

    I need those earrings in my life!
    -A Cranky Boss

    • Allison :

      ON IT. xo

  2. ella :

    I love those pants!! Ahhh.
    I hope your school year is going well!

    • Allison :

      Me too, aren’t they darling?