O.P.I. Fall collection 2011

When a box full of the newest line of O.P.I. nail polish showed up a couple of weeks ago, I almost plotzed.  Really.

A box full of O.P.I. nail polish on my doorstep.

Yo.  Life isn’t terrible.

Touring America

I mean it.

There are few things in life that can’t be solved by a good manicure or pedicure.

Fall 2011 nail polish

Anyway, the O.P.I. Fall line is called ‘Touring America‘, and as someone who road trips quite a bit, I really appreciate the polish names.

Not to be confused with Polish names.  Get it?  Get it?

I’m here all week!

nail polish collectionThe collection is half light and bright, and half dark & mysterious.

Fall 2011 O.P.I. Collection

Touring America

  • Green: uh-oh roll down the window
  • Green grey: Suzi takes the wheel
  • Grey: French quarter for your thoughts
  • Brown: a-taupe the space needle
  • Red brown: I brake for manicures
  • Dark brown: get in the expresso lane
  • Navy purple blue: road house blues
  • Deep purple: honk if you love O.P.I.
  • Red: color to diner for
  • Hot pink: I eat mainly lobster
  • Orange pink: are we there yet?
  • Sparkly pink: my address is “Hollywood”

My favorite two colors, {if I were pressed to choose} are French Quarter for Your Thoughts, & Road House Blues.  So pretty!

What do you like best, the names or the colors?  Both?  I totally love everything about this collection, it makes me feel like Fall!

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  1. Jennifer :

    I’m liking Road House Blues or Honk if You Like OPI :)

  2. Michelle :

    I am so jealous! I’ve been seeing these colors on pinterest and can’t wait to get my hands on some! I love French quarter for your thoughts and a-taupe the space needle

  3. CanCan :

    I like Are We There Yet orange red. Teeheheee!

  4. Rain :

    So. Very. Jealous. I’m all about the French quarter for your thoughts, gray. Is it matte? I would love that.

  5. Alison :

    I always love OPI’s fall line! I currently have I brake for manicures on my toes. love it!

  6. Andy :

    Not sure how I feel about looking at polished toes that are no longer burried in the sand. But these fun fall colors might help.

  7. Allison :

    My envy consumes me.

  8. LauraD :

    Did you try the green one? It looks pretty but I wonder how it would look on my nails, maybe it would be too edgy? I wear jeans and t-shirts everyday but I do my makeup daily. I want a fun color but nothing too high school, KWIM?

  9. Jenny :

    The navy purple is my favorite from the photos. I love the purple one also.

  10. Kristen :

    I want your life. Seriously? OPI nail polish on your doorstep? I’d be in heaven!

  11. Victoria :

    Wow, how fun! Mom’s don’t get treats like that very often. I’m sure it was so much fun going through everything. One quick question, what the heck is plotzed?