Not your mom’s pregnancy style

Pregnant Style


Let’s face it, pregnancy can make fashion a nightmare.  My first go-round I wore flower tunics with Peter Pan collars and weird, heavy Dr Marten sandals.  My second time at the pregnancy rodeo I alternated between my super stylin’ mu-mu and a hospital gown.  Sometimes I wore flip flop sandals when I got super fancy.  These days maternity fashion is a whole thing; sexy high end jeans have maternity lines, and designers have maternity pieces in addition to their regular collections.  You can be pregnant and still rock a hot outfit without getting comments about how maternal you look in those high waist”mom jeans”.  Thank heaven it’s not your mom’s pregnancy style anymore.

Pregnancy can be a special super weird time for your skin and hair too, so pull the pregnancy card for a little extra pampering.  Treat yourself to a pedicure and a massage, and use yummy creams on your belly as your baby grows.  Take really good care of your hair and nails, and put your feet up once in a while, they could use a little TLC.

— This post was sponsored by P&G who makes practically every beauty product in my home.  Here are a few suggested P&G maternity beauty products to help you feel a whole lot sassier while you’re pregnant, even if you can’t wear shoes. P.S. if you need your daily ugly cry, check out this Olympic P&G ‘thank you mom’ video.  I lost an entire afternoon to a loophole of P&G mom videos on YouTube, hiccup sobbing into my desk. —

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  1. hannah :

    haha :) yes my mum and mum-in-law keep saying how they had to wear smocks before and immediately after pregnancy because there just wasn’t anything else! Thank god those days are over.
    I’m still struggling a bit to dress myself on a daily basis but thanks to a good pair of maternity skinny jeans and some tricks, it’s still possible to do it on a budget (I wrote this little piece yesterday about cheap maternity clothes: Oh and, I’m still sporting heels. They are a must in these days of enormous weight gain!!

  2. Autumn M.P. :

    Allison…I love love love this outfit! I wish you lived closer so I could hire you to be my wardrobe stylist. I would never have thought to put this together. Thanks for the style and fun. xoxo

  3. Qui :

    love the green sandals!! brand?
    Sometimes I wander through the maternity section at Target, and I find things I really like, only to realize I’m in the maternity section! I’m not supposed to be shopping there ;) but I got a maternity tank top anyway, and it’s sooo comfy!

  4. Lisa :

    Cute outfit, awesome shoes! They look like Dansko sandals. Are they?