what to do in new york city.

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I’m back and I’m exhausted. I had such a great time in New York though, and I have such fun things to share. I didn’t do much touristy stuff {no Statue of Liberty trip, no Broadway show} but I saw everything I wanted to see, ate everything I wanted to eat {and then some}, and generally spent way too much money at NYC thrift stores. I thought I’d compose a list of my personal favorite Top 10 list of things to do in New York City. In no particular order:

1. Sephora
2. Pinkberry
3. Canal Street
4. Pearl River Mart
5. Ghandi Cafe
6. H & M
7. Rice to Riches
8. East Village Thrift Shop
9. Kate’s Paperie
10.Housing Works Thrift Shops

Was that too predictable?

Have you ever played in a Sephora store? It’s a mega playground for make-up loving {addicted} women like myself. Me being in Sephora is what I imagine an alcoholic feels like in a liquor store. Overwhelmed, overjoyed, where to start?!

{wrinkles, what wrinkles?}

A conglomerate of my New York City photos.

{every single time I’m in NYC I see a celebrity. last time it was Scott Speedman and Justin Long chatting their way through Washington Square park. i usually don’t ask for a photo, but this little kid was too adorable. recognize him? the other two beauties are my cousins, yes i’m related to really pretty people.}

{had to stop and take a picture. no thanks for the food though, my mother-in-law could put this place out of business}

{my cousin E, who let me crash on her dining room floor for a few days. she’s great like that.}

{And the best part about flying 4 1/2 hours across the country to go to one of the biggest cities in the world? not the u.n. it was baby L. Isn’t she adorable? I would have taken her home with me if E had let her out of her sight.}

And now? I will nap and do 7 loads of laundry, winterize the yard, and get to work on another home improvement project. It’s good to be home.


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Hello there! I'm Allison Czarnecki, founder + editor of Petit Elefant, a blog all about style on a budget for every part of your life: style / home / travel / family. I do a lot of how-to beauty + style tutorials, travel posts, easy recipes, home remodel projects, and cool DIY crafts you totally want to try. I'm super happily married (to a hot Polish immigrant) and am the mother of two kids, a daughter and son, all of whom are featured here on the regular. We live in the country but we're a little bit rock + roll. Welcome!


  1. Donna :

    I'm sure you're doing all that housework as I write this. Glad you had fun!

  2. Jill :

    "in no particular order" – yeah right…i knew sephora would be right at the top…tee-hee!

    glad you had fun! pretty hard not to in that city, right?

  3. Petit Elefant :


    The Blue Suede boots are forthcoming, I need to write a whole post about them they're so pretty! :)


    And that's why I'm avoiding walking. In the rain.


    She looks maaaahvelous. Not even fair frankly. I'm still in sweatpants without a bra at this point in post-baby-recovery.


    You know there are something like 30 Sephora's in NYC? I could have played all day….

  4. jenB :

    Meeting and chatting with you was a highlight for me. Thanks for sharing your loveliness.

  5. Petit Elefant :


    oh ditto! you are absolutely wonderful. thanks for hanging out with me until i got a cab and a place to go. and offering to stow my luggage. true canadian kindness. :)

  6. Kimm :

    I was hoping to see your blue suede boots. :) Shoegasm sounds like my kind of place.

  7. likeschocolate :

    The makeup suits you, but I have no idea who the celebrity kids is! Oh, I tried a smokey eye for the first time the other day. It was fun to do something different, but not so sure if I looked fabulous with a smokey eye. R people with blue eys allowed to wear smokey eye showdow?

  8. Naomi :

    I can't believe I didn't make it to Sephora. Although I suspect my wallet is happy about it…

  9. Lori :

    Fun for you. I haven't seen Erin since her shower where I met you. She's so fantastic and does not look like she just had a baby. What a cutie.

  10. Petit Elefant :


    it's Justin from Ugly Betty.

    and of course smokey eyes work on people with blue eyes! if you don't wear a ton of makeup normally just go way lighter. you can even go with blue or purple.


    i can't believe you didn't make it to sephora either. or that we didn't hang out! that's 0-2 cities now. i didn't even spent a cent, bless me, just played and played and played.

    and those necklaces were in the 25 vip gift bags so don't sweat it, you didn't snooze and lose.

  11. Boston Mamas :

    I would like 3 rolls of the Japanese paper, 1 cake, and several boxes from Shoegasm please. -Christine

  12. Petit Elefant :

    Boston Mamas,

    Isn't that paper gorgeous? I bought several pieces, at $4.50 each. Couldn't help myself. And Shoegasm was actually having a pretty great sale so there was no reason NOT to help myself.

  13. erin nyc :

    everytime you come it is the greatest adventure. Remember when we saw Paula Abdul?

  14. Petit Elefant :

    erin nyc,

    yes, that's right! that was the trip before scott speedman and justin long. i'm a celebrity magnet.

  15. Petit Elefant :


    You HAVE to go, have to. That's where I got my blue suede boots for $15!!! It's next to the restaurant Little Poland.

    Make an appointment with Megan, you have to if you live in NYC!

  16. Donna :

    What?! I live here and didn't know about the east village thrift store. I def need to hit that up! Glad you had a good time. Your eye lashes are AMAZING!!!!