New Lineup of Contributors: Carrie

2014 is just bursting with good things around here.  Today, please meet our fabulous friend and new contributor, Carrie.

Hello everyone, I’m Carrie. I’m a family photographer, and a mom of three elementary school kids. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Oregon, but I’ve lived on the east coast for the last eight years. I love exploring new places, baking, volunteering at my kids’ school, and reading. You can check out my other work at Cabesh Photography.
After my second baby I found that I was suddenly thrown into the plus sized section at the store. What a shock! I was disappointed to find few pieces that I was willing to wear. I was a plus sized girl in her late 20’s looking at old lady clothes! While I don’t consider myself a fashion expert, I’ve learned to find plus sized clothing that is attractive and affordable. I’ll be sharing my plus size secrets with you here, on Petit Elefant.
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Kimberly day, making a home where the buffalo roam. By night, pretty much the same thing, punctuated by the occasional fantasies of sunny beaches, italian movies and sparkling lemonade.


  1. brenda j :

    I too struggle to find attractive plus size clothes that don’t scream old lady. What is plus sized now? I heard recently that the fashion industry sees it as anything over a size 8. Looking forward to hearing Carrie’s secrets to help my mostly all black over size 8 wardrobe.

    • carrie :

      Hi Brenda,
      It’s true that models over size 8 are considered plus sized (CRAZY!). But, for clothing sizes anything size 16 or above is considered plus sized. So, we non-models have a little more wiggle room.


  2. Trina :

    I’m so excited to hear from you Carrie! I’m a 26 year old, plus size, busy mama. I constantly struggle to find flattering, fashionable, age appropriate clothes. Looking forward to hearing fashion advise from a plus-size perspective!