My Kindle eReader Has Changed My Reading Life

My Kindle eReader and I have become inseparable over the last couple of years.  Besties.  We go everywhere together.  I was using my Kindle before then, and used a Nook eReader before that, but somehow in the last couple of years I’ve incorporated my Kindle into my life completely, and now I just can’t live without it.  It goes with me everywhere, all day long, and because I’m listening to audio books instead of taking time to sit down to read on the couch, I read non-stop.

I take my Kindle on my daily walks, carpool drop off and pick up, while I fold laundry and when I edit photos, while I cook dinner and do dishes, and while I fall asleep at night.  Seriously, the case on my Kindle is starting to look like a beloved paperback, all dinged on the cover and shredded at the edges.

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If you’re a book lover and don’t currently have an e-reader, get on that business ASAP.  Put it on your wish list for whatever: birthday, anniversary, work-iversary, or your I-made-it-to-the-end-of-the-week celebration.

Because of my Kindle, I’m reading 2-3 books a week as opposed to maybe 2-3 in a good month, and it’s the happiest thing in the world.  I still read hardback and paperback books, probably more than I did before actually, but I can really plow through whole libraries now because I’m listening to audio books all day, and I’m completely obsessed with the whole situation.

amazon kindle

I use OverDrive to check out books through Utah’s online public library system. Every state in the U.S. has its own online library catalog available for free through your local library – if you don’t know how to use yours, contact your friendly local librarian for help.

I check out 5 audio books at a time, which I get to keep checked out on my Kindle for 3 weeks.  Usually I listen to all of them for at least for a few chapters, and end up only being interested in and keeping about 2 or 3 of them.  It’s pretty much the perfect system.  If you’re too busy to go to your local library to check books out, you can do it from work, home, or the train, as long as you have an internet connection.  The best part for me, a regular library book delinquent, (I once paid $50 in fines!) is that the books automatically return to the library after 3 weeks so you can’t accrue any fines.  Ever!

So.  Do you have an eReader in your life?  How do you check books out?  Do you buy them from iTunes or Amazon or use another system I’ve never heard of?  I’d love to know what you’re using, or if you are obsessed with an eReader like I am with my Kindle.

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  1. tee O :

    I am RIGHT there with you! I use my smartphone rather than a dedicated reader, but audiobooks have made me into a READING machine. I consumed about 30,000 pages last year (can you believe it) and that’s after a spell of almost no books for several years. The fact that I can “read” while engaging in everyday household tasks, makes me also gleeful! I have library cards for several overlapping areas here (County, City and my local communities) In that way, I have been able to get just about every book I search for in Overdrive and the wait for popular books isn’t so very long. Once book 3 in a series was ready before book 1, but that’s a rare occurrence.
    By the way, I do also use my Kindle (with my Audible account and Amazon Prime accounts). It’s pretty fun for perusing digital magazines also.
    Some of the books I “read” I enjoy so much that I actually go back and buy the hard copy because I want to be able to add the book to my library – all this ebook reading has not taken my love for a home library away one single bit. I still enjoy having book lined shelves holding those old friends of mine.
    Three Cheers for e-readers and audiobooks!

  2. Christine :

    Me too!! My library has Overdrive, 3M Cloud Library app, hoopla (tv shows/movies/audiobooks) and Zinio (magazines). I am never without reading material and I can switch from my tablet to phone and back again as I travel around town to pick up kids, grocery shop, etc. and the apps sync my last page read on either device. I rarely check out paper books now, they just aren’t as convenient!

  3. SS :

    I totally use the term work-iversarytoo – ha. And I also listen via Overdrive (on my phone) as much as possible – I’ve finished 125 books this year so far. I’m so jealous that you can check out 5 at a time – I’m only allowed 3 per account, so I’ve totally commandeered my husband’s account.