my horse teeth.

I come from a family of big teeth. Seriously, my mom used to tell us we had *horse teeth* and that we’d someday be the envy of all our friends. Our faces kind of had to grow into our big teeth and mouths, and we endured all kinds of taunting in the process.

My siblings all have beautiful teeth. Big, strong, white. Mine? Let’s just say I’ve never been the envy of my friends. They all make jokes about how I’ll be in dentures by the time I’m 40. I might just be.

Today I went to the dentist to have a tooth looked at, one that has had no less than 5 surgeries in an attempt to save it, only to have it pulled. It doesn’t sound so bad, but it was traumatic and involved things like bone grafting and stitches. *Sigh* This is the story of my teeth. One you really didn’t want to hear.

And the photos? They’re of Cisco the horse, a roommate of Reuben’s. He’s wild and a little bit mean, and he looked like he was laughing at me yesterday when I took his photo.

Even the horses think my teeth are funny.

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  1. The Dragonfly :

    It isn't fair that some people go their entire life with nary a cavity, while others of us {me and you}work hard to have really cruddy teeth! I get cavities with each child and will more than likely inherit my mother's gum disease in the next few years. Lovely. Sorry about your surgery! Get better soon.

  2. Crystalyn :

    seriously? i thought the photo was some done up photoshopped photo. that's hilarious.

    sorry about the surgery. that is traumatic. hope you're feeling yourself again soon.

  3. likeschocolate :

    He could use some teeth whitening!

  4. Laura Ferry-Jimenez :

    I hate it when animals laugh at me – so rude! ;)

  5. Camille :

    I can sympathize with your teeth pain! Between root canals, braces, and jaw surgery, I've had my share of pain and dirty fingers in my mouth – and it's not on my list of "fun".

    I hope you get feeling better! And, instead of hanging with the horses, spend your time with friends who don't mock you! :)

  6. Naomi :

    Not to be shallow but at least your teeth *look* great! I'm hoping my kids have my teeth (probably the healthiest thing about me!) but it's still too soon to tell…

  7. MiaKatia :

    Sorry about the surgery! I have horse teeth too. I have come to love my big toothy grin.

  8. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    Hahahaha! I can't get past these photos to read your words. How did you get these pictures? I love them!!

  9. Kathleen :

    Ugh, I was just at the dentist today (dread it) for a cleaning and thankfully nothing bad. I envy my husband's teeth. He's never had a cavity, he never flosses and has great teeth.

    Hope you're feeling better, and hopefully you'll never have dentures. :)

  10. kalanicut :

    I was in the dentist's chair for 3+ hours yesterday morning. I feel your pain, Sister.

    Of my parent's three daughters, one got all the good dental genes – never a cavity (she calls to apologize for not having cavities every time she goes to the dentist out of guilt) – and sister #2 and I regularly go for crowns, root canals, and the big stuff.

    I joke with my dad that he owes us a larger percentage of inheritance to make up for the 10s of thousands of dollars #2 and I will pay to dentists in our lifetime after inheriting his dental genes.

    Feel better soon!

  11. Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) :

    I can feel your teeth pain. Every tooth in my mouth has multiple fillings and I brush and floss incessantly. Not fair this world.

    Love the horse photos!