my favorite iPhone photo app

Would you like to know my favorite iPhone photo application?  You’re dying to know, I can feel your bated breath through the computer screen.

bubble gum

Shake it photo.

Have you ever played with it?  You have to shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture. And I love it.  I love the way the photos have a bit of a vintage-y feel, with white borders just like I like.  They also have a bit of a post-processed look that’s a lot of fun.


My iPhone Shake it Photo is my most used App on my phone, and those photos are my favorite taken in the whole month of December.


What about you?  Taken any great photos lately with an iPhone app or not?

black eyes
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  1. schmutzie :

    I love ShakeItPhoto! I used to use it almost exclusively for a while.

    An app that I find goes beautifully with just about every other iPhone camera app is Perfectly Clear. It sharpens/brightens/fixes photos, and it’s auto settings are almost always bang on.

  2. Kristen :

    I am all about instagram these days, just because I like the interaction. It’s like twitter for photos. But it also has nice vintage finishes that you can apply to photos.

  3. Tahnie :

    I adore instagram as well! Love taking photos of our miracle girl with it.

  4. Julie {AngryJulie Monday} :

    I love Shake It, and then I found Instagram. I’m quite addicted to Instagram now. I love to see the photos that people post on there, from all over the World.