momAgenda giveaway!

I must be reveling in the post-Valentine love because it’s time for another giveaway! Today’s giveaway is from momAgenda; this planner was created for moms by a mom, so you can rest assured it has everything you need. {I posted about the specifics of this fabulous planner here.} You can win this desk calendar if you follow the instructions below {this giveaway is valued at $40}.

{via MomAgenda.}

To enter:
1. Leave a comment detailing why you need a personal assistant, chef, and nanny. Actually, just tell me how many kids you have, and how this will keep all of you organized.

The giveaway love will end Thursday February 21st Midnight MST.

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  1. NSMOM :

    2 kids – twin 3 year olds. Work full time and have them scheduled in an activity a day plus playdates on weekends so to be organized while doing it would be a huge plus…

  2. Becca :

    I only have one child, but I also work from home and go to college part-time. It’s a lot to keep track of, and this would definitely help!

  3. Hil'Lesha :

    I’m a work at home (affiliate marketing which seems to be a 24/7 job) single mommy of a 2 year old. I need something that will keep me more organized. :)

  4. Bree :

    We have one child right now, with plans for a second, and we are moving across the country- doesn’t that count for something? :-)

  5. Jerri :

    I have two boys now 5 and 2. With church activities, birthday parties, soccer practice, t-ball, piano lessons, playdates,swimming lessons, and school next year, gymnastics and story time for the little one. I need help keeping it all straight. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Allison :

    I have one boy, but I also spend my “other work” time as a tutor, event planner, resident advisor, writer and co-chair of a women’s circle. I need organization!

  7. Shelly :

    I only have one child but work full-time and are in new city.

  8. windycindy :

    Hello! These agendas are fabulous. I have yet to win one,but I am still hoping. I have two sons. Their father, my husband puts many hours in to his job! With school, friends, sports, etc., I have to have everything written down and easily on display! Please enter me in this marvelous drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  9. Mary512 :

    I only have one child, but I still need help with organization. this would help me so I could sync up mom, dad, and babies schedules and appointments.

  10. Susanne :

    So did I tell you…I do need all those people, just to keep up with my two girls…Thanks!!

  11. jbubolz-miller :

    to help find myself a new job! i’ve been laid off for a year, working part time,and a part time student and a full time mom!

  12. Danielle :

    Because MOMMY NEEDS A BREAK!!!!
    dansan826 at

  13. Lici :

    only have 1 kid and 1 husband … but such a busy life that i can’t even begin to detail how this would help organize me … no time! :-)

  14. PS :

    Somedays I’m just sick of cooking and cleaning…doesn’t that sound horrible!

  15. Kammy :

    I have 2 kids. I am a full time stay at home mom, and a full time student. I recently just went back to school and I spent 5 hours a night 4 days a week in class after running from appt. to appt. for the kids and playgroups and such. This would SOOOOO help me out!

  16. Don and Lisa Osborn :

    I need a chef, nanny, and housecleaner since I spend too much time on the PC. :o)

    Seriously, I have a very active two year old and am waiting to adopt another child. I think I am really going to need to get it all together and become better organized so I can keep juggling all the balls…


  17. Holly (2 Kids and Tired) :

    I have two boys ages 7 and 9 and multiple church and school responsiblities. I can always be more organized!

  18. sassy2 :

    I have twin boys, and a stepson. Trying to make sure I get everyone where they need to go and then figure out what is for dinner gets crazy.

  19. Jen :

    i have 2 boys – under 3 – am the wife of an army officer and work part time as a children’s minister. i have LOTS that i need to do and can’t seem to get myself organized to do it all.

  20. Mommy Instincts :

    Well, I don’t need a nanny. It might be nice, but I would never want someone else raising my kids (no offense to anyone out there, sorry ). But I DO need a Chef, because I can’t cook. And if I had a personal chef just hanging around and cooking while I played with my son, then that would be amazing! I love to “attempt” to keep things organized, it just never works. Maybe this would be just the thing to kick me into gear!



  21. noreen :

    my kids are two and four, very active princesses!!

  22. Mama Zen :

    One four year old girl with a list of activities that seems to grow by the day! Plus, I work from home, so I am always juggling!

  23. Mommy Bee :

    We have one child now, and with all of her weekly activities, I could use this planner! Thanks.

  24. Julie :

    One almost 4 yr old boy, with LOTS of energy and did I mention its winter and we can’t go outside!?!

  25. Ginny :

    I have 2 daughters, both in school. We have so much to do all the time, I really need this!

  26. megankortepeter :

    I only have one daughter, but she is just a month old and I need something to help keep me organized when I go back to work. I could also use the chef and the nanny too!:)

  27. Chantelle :

    I have 2 boys. actually 4 lol including dh and my dog :)
    ds #1 is 7 and in 2nd grade and ds#2 is 2. i also work from home and i have been looking for the perfect agenda to keep home, school, and work schedules. this would really help!

  28. Heather :

    Well if the Mom with the most kids wins then so far it’s me :-) I have four kids. Our boys are 8,6 and 3 and our daughter is four monthes old. Between swimming lessons, appointments and play dates I could really use a momAgenda to keep me organized!

  29. Annette :

    I have 4 kids. I homeschool. And I’m a pastor’s wife. Obviously, I can use any organizational aids I can get, LOL! Thank you for entering me.

  30. .Dee Lish :

    I have 1 little girl. I run two business’ from home…soon to be four! I.Need.This. :)

  31. MamaGames :

    I have two kids – a boy 5 1/2 and a girl 15 months. I homeschool, so our house is filled with idea books and papers, and my calendar is filled with outings, field trips, soccer practice, etc. I could use a little organization in my life!

  32. Linnea :

    I have 3 girls, 6,5,2, and with school, ballet, church, my husband owning his own company….there is always something going on and we always are forgetting stuff. I have yet to find a good organizer for my daily life….that and a nanny/chauffer…

  33. Holly :

    I have an adorable little monkey, Avery, who is 5 months. I also work 32 hours a week outside of the home, I’m nurturing my photography business, and keeping house as much as I can!

  34. toblerone :

    I could use all those things you mentioned. I have a 3-year-old and a 7-week-old, we live overseas, I’m learning the language and culture full-time, and I’m learning how to juggle the mom thing in a different culture. I could use all the help I can get!

  35. jennifer :

    I have two children (boy 2 & girl 3) 13 months apart. I work full time and have many obligations to fill with my niece age 6 and my little sister age 11.

  36. Michelle @ [ real neat ] :

    I have one three-and-a-half-year-old daughter. I have my own small business, based out of my home office. (I am a Professional Organizer.) I also volunteer on the Leadership Team as Finance Coordinator for the local MOPS group. In addition to these responsibilities, keeping track of preschool and extracurricular activities for every family member would be sooooo much easier with a great planner (like the MomAgenda) that is specifically designed with busy moms in mind!

  37. Risha :

    I have one 9m daughter. I do two jobs at home and work a couple of days outside the home.

  38. Heather :

    Why I need a personal assistant :) Lets see, I have a 5 yr with a crazy school and dance schedule, a 17 mo old, and a work-a-holic husband who also is a soccer referee!!!! I’m surprised I can remember my own name, let alone keep track of the comings and goings and making sure everyone is fed!!!! Please help me!

  39. Kim :

    1 son – 5 years old. Work part-time as a personal assistant! I am also laundress, driver, housekeeper, chef, etc.

  40. Pink Dawn :

    I am the SAHM of 2 girls (ages 5 1/2 and 3 1/2 years), both in preschool and dance classes, both with busier social lives than me. I also have a workaholic husband, and NO nanny, chef, or cleaning person! Plus, I write every day and would love something PINK to keep me organized!

  41. bedelia :

    2 kids…ummm, I haven’t figured out any other way to keep myself organized so maybe this will work.

  42. SJ :

    I need a personal assistant because I’m constantly running from one place to another and I never seem to have or remember to bring what I need! I could also use a chef and a nanny because I am a full-time working Mom and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all – although I try my best.

    I have two boys – 5 yrs. and 2 1/2. This would help me out in so many ways, I’d be forever grateful if I won!

  43. The Saunders Family :

    well, having a daughter and managing the house with all of the duties of being a pastor’s wife, I find my time needs some organizational help!

  44. Uniquely Yours :

    I teach part-time and I’m raising a 2.5 year old and a hubby. So in order for me to get everything done I need to plan…..

  45. Two Kids and a Mommy :

    oh this would be great…i have a 26 month old and a 12 month old. We are very involved in our church and have lots of play groups scheduled to get the kids out of the house this winter…as well of lots of dr. appointments scheduled as both my kids have food allergies so this would be VERY helpful!

  46. Me :

    I could really use a planner. I have 2 kids 3 and 1 and one on the way. I have been lusting over momAgenda for the past year. I would love to have one.

  47. Tonya :

    2 kids, ages 4 and 2. I am always making lists, this will help keep them in one place!

  48. Shannon :

    I have three kids, seven and under. We homeschool, I teach one day in my 4yo’s preschool, we have guitar lessons, soccer practice, Wednesday night friend activities, Brownies and more random playdates than you can imagine. I also have my own freelance graphic design business, requiring my “free” time to be dedicated to that. Thus far, I have not encountered a planner that could hold us all. Bring it on!

  49. gina :

    I may not have any children, but I do have a lovely granddaughter whom I love and keeps me so busy. Grandmommy needs help organizing too! :-)

  50. Rachie S. :

    I have two precious children. 8 month old twin girls! (they are so much fun!!)
    Anyway…I need this momAgenda to keep track of our everyday appointments, church and trying to remember all of Daddy’s meetings as well!

  51. kailani :

    I only have 2 kids but my home looks like I have 5. I need some organization in my life! Help!

    anislandlife at yahoo dot com

  52. jill :

    2 girls here!
    right now, i have things written down in 5 different places all over the house and car.
    momagenda would be my central place to plan, schedule and organize!

  53. Amy :

    We have five children. They are 9,8, twins that are 5 and a 1 year old. We need help in organization in our life because of some needs of our one year old. We adopted her in Sept from Guateamala. When we got her home we learned she was deaf. Now we are back and forth to the doctors, three hours away once a week. We also have sports programs with all the other children. So, needless to say we could use organization help.

  54. Not So Anonymous Michelle :

    We only have one child but she starts preschool in fall, plus Daddy and I both work, me full time him part time and he stays home with her part time and we both take classes at the college, online and in the classroom and I’m in the process of starting a small business…this would help immensely!

  55. Stacey Moore :

    we have 2 kids and my husband coaches so this would help in keeping up with everyones schedule all in one place!! thanks

  56. Francesca Ivy :

    ever since i was single, i have a penchant for planners and schedule-keepers. it helps me keep tabs with everything i need to remember to do and when.

    now that i have my own baby and doing part-time work (till the baby is 1 year old) and all the baby schedules i have to keep, i need a planner to keep me organized and track my important dates. :)

  57. Tarasview :

    I have a 5 year old son, a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. Technically I don’t work but I am also a pastor’s wife. I could use a personal chef, nanny and housekeeper because I just can’t keep it all together on my own! I could really us an agenda for things like keeping what days my sons go to school (they go every other day on a six day rotation…. love it… NOT).

  58. angelaandconnor at :

    I have one 9 month old son, 7 dogs, a boyfriend, a rabbit, and of course my parents who are ALWAYS HERE… and 23 school age cousins who are always having birthday parties… AND Im a full time student

    needless to say if i dont have a doctors visit, school thing, birthday party, parent thing, vet visit.. Im sleeping.. or blogging..


    I blogged you too

  59. *Tanyetta* :

    I have one son. I am always on the go. playdates, activities and more.

    I could really use a mom agenda. help :)

  60. Jo :

    I have three kids ages 17, 13, and 5 PLUS I have Adult ADD so a personal assistant would not only help organize everything they have going on but it would help me keep track of things in my life as well. Way cool!


  61. alexis :

    OK, so 4 kids in 4 different schools… not to mention that I am so unorganized by nature. I have a million “To Do” lists tucked here and there, bookmarked on my PC, written on scrap paper. I need help!

  62. Brandy :

    I have 2 kids, work at a school fulltime, have a home business, have a hubby in seminary, am a member of a Red Hat Society and have lots of church functions to keep up with. I NEED this! :)

  63. Robinc :

    I may only have one tiny son, but I seem to keep forgetting things. Trying to take care of him and work at the same time (he goes with me so I don’t get a break) just makes my mind mushy. I love the insert that you can use from year to year. My DH would love it if I were able to keep up a little better :-)

  64. JaniceJ :

    I would like this for my daughter, who is a single mother of 3, she could sure use something like this.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Ruth :

    We have one 3 year old, one child on the way (7 more weeks!), two full time jobs, three aging parents, and no family nearby to help. Boy, if I could hire a staff….

  66. bison61 :

    a chef would be so nice!! 3 boys

    tiramisu392 (at)

  67. houseofeling :

    I have 2 kids, but have a work from home part time job while I’m a full time momma…not to mention my addictions to blogging and cooking…no I’m not kidding..I love my kitchen.

    I could really use something like this to keep my sane! Please!!!!

  68. Heather :

    I need a chef because there are just times when I don’t think about what I’m putting into my body. I would be able to eat things that are good for me instead of a bowl of cereal when times get busy. I have one very active child…and a writing career on the horizon (cross fingers).

  69. koi~mama :

    1 daughter, who is 2, we just recently moved overseas and now my brain has become scattered and I seem to be forgetting everything. I could definately use something to help me get back to being organized.

  70. Taryn :

    I have one 19 mo. old but I have major mommy brain just from him and we’re trying for #2. This would help me a lot!

  71. photomama :

    I have 2 children, a boy 6 months and a girl 12 years old. I work from home and try to keep the playgroups, time with extended family, church and my daughters sports, extra curricular activities and “social-life”(hers is better then mine-ha ha), my job and my hubby’s business all under control and organized and this year we are planning 2 big birthdays, turning 1 and 13! I am trying to keep it all together, and this would be really helpful!

  72. jacqui :

    Okay…why do I need this>? 1 very active 14 year old boy and 3 year old twin boys……2 step…MANY activites tokeep track of;)