how to: dress like mad men.

If you need some sexy pieces of clothing to spice up your fall and winter wardrobe, look no further than ModBod clothing. I had the chance to try some outfits from the ModBod Fall Line and I’m here to tell you: run, don’t walk to find your wallet. I haven’t tried on such universally flattering, comfortable, well made clothing for women {us curvies too} in a while. Hot, hot, HOT.

I call this one the sexy secretary. It reminds me a lot of Joan from Mad Men; curvy in all the right places.

Here’s a little cheat sheet for you.

L to R ModBod Anna Ruffle Neck Top $36, Forever 21 Necklace $4.80, ModBod Pencil Skirt $44.95, Me Too Black Pumps {TJ Maxx} $12.99

This next one is a great casual outfit with a little extra something-something. Wear it to work, wear it with flats, or throw it on for a date with your significant other. It could also be paired with a button down 3/4 length sleeve in just about any color. The square buttons on the skirt make it feel like a throwback to another time. Love. Weekend casual at its best.

This outfit is almost the same as the sexy secretary but I’ve swapped out a necklace for a scarf, and changed the skirt from the Pencil to the Belle. I think I could almost ride my beach cruiser in the Belle though; maybe I could wear it to a picnic in the park {minus the heels of course}.

Cheat sheet:

L to R Anna Ruffle Top $36.50, Forever 21 Gauzy Scarf $5.50, Belle Skirt $59.00, Black Pumps $12.99.

This last outfit could be worn in a million foxy ways. The flirty Victoria skirt would be fun paired with a turtleneck for the winter, a button down for the office, or a 3/4 length scoop tee for a casual lunch with girlfriends. The flip out pleats and bow at the bottom are too cute for words.

Cheat sheet:

L to R Anna Ruffle Neck Top $32.00, Banded Cardigan $32.00, Victoria Skirt With Pleats $64.00, Unlisted Heels{$8 thrift store}

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  1. jenB :

    Ultra fantastic! Fabulous looks on gorgeous you. I want everything! I wish everyone shipped to Canada..

  2. Naomi :

    Wow, you look great!

  3. the emily :

    I am LOVING the Belle skirt. Loving. Can we see a giveaway–that only I am allowed to enter? heh heh..

  4. Jill :

    what up miss fashion plate? look at you workin it! HOTTNESS!

  5. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot! You look rockin'. That's what I need, a shirt I can wear 3 ways, helps with the budget. I barely even knew it was the same shirt. Love it!

  6. Emily :

    You are one foxy momma! Ow, ow!!! Thank you for helping us style-challenged women get some great ideas for outfits. Like Marie, I too love how the shirt can be worn three different ways. Thanks for the great finds!

  7. The Breeders Digest :

    Whoa Mama! Hotness! I love that last skirt – so flirty! BTW, if you tell me those photos were taken during your recovery from oral surgery I will have to throttle you with that gauzy scarf, LOL! Seriously, you look fantastic! You know how to rock the curves!

  8. MiaKatia :

    Foxy!! Love the outfits.

  9. vanessa :

    You must wear that pencil skirt every day of your life and own all three colors

  10. vanessa :


    Don't forget you can follow modbod here…

  11. Kristen :

    Blonde. Bombshell. Love. It.

  12. KJ :

    meeoww! wish I could look so good in those outfits.

  13. Petit Elefant :


    Oh my heavens, CUTE. That bow especially.


    Thank you for the kind words {it's all thanks to spanx really}. I forget you live in Canada. Why don't people ship north again??


    thank you! Seriously, ModBod has the ability to make anyone look fantastic, their clothes are just really well made.

    the emily,

    {rubbing hands together} we'll see what we can do about a giveaway, but I'm telling you the PENCIL skirt is where it's at. oh honey!


    working it, while the kids are in the shadows laughing at me.


    And I didn't even show how cute that shirt could be with a cardigan and some jeans! So versatile…


    You would look killer in the Belle. So so so foxy.

    Breeders Digest,

    Heavens no! I am 7 shades of green right now, swollen cheeks, and puking in between typing. No photo shoots for me right now. ;)


    Aren't they fun? ModBod has expanded to have some really fun stuff in their fall line. Love.


    Look who's talking hot mama! You too would benefit from a ModBod pencil skirt in your closet. Your husband wouldn't know what to do with you!


    Oh, the pencil. It's my new best friend. After the photo shoot I wore it for three days in a row. The checkers at the grocery store thought I was a tad overdressed but I. Don't. Care.

  14. Donna :

    cute outfits!

  15. kgbgraphics :

    My kinda girl!
    A thrifty shopper WITH taste ;)

  16. Petit Elefant :


    Thanks! You're more than welcome to my closet any time you like. ;)


    Absolutely! You have to know what you want when you're thrifting. Love good things, just not at expensive prices!


    If you do only one thing this year, it should be to buy that pencil skirt. I. LOVE. IT.

  17. Erin O. :

    Va. Va. VOOM!

  18. Jill K :

    i want that pencil skirt!

  19. Petit Elefant :

    Erin O.

    Joan ala Mad Men, yes? Sometimes curves can work in your favor.

  20. sania :

    SO CUTE. I have an important job interview coming up. Looks like I have inspiration now to start hunting for an outfit.

  21. Erin O. :

    Allison – Joan WISHES.

  22. atozmamma :

    You look fabulous! I especially like the first look on you.

  23. Petit Elefant :


    Two words for you: pencil skirt. Seriously, it's VA-VA-VOOM. And really professional looking too, let's not forget that.

    Erin 0.

    You know it. She's so jealous.


    Thank you so much! I love that first outfit the most. My husband had to tell me to stop wearing it after a few days, it was getting ridiculous.

  24. Christy :


    You look great in mod-bod styles. Very inspiring! I LOVED the 1st and 3rd photos of you. Simply amazing! You look so good in those!

  25. Rachael :

    dude. you are totally hot!