Mid Summer fun in Sweden

summer sweden

Summer vacation fun, FUN SUMMER VACATION.  If you’re dressed in a winter parka, shivering like a baby seal (I’m not sure if baby seals shiver, but it sounded cute) and keep looking at your tropical screen saver, fantasizing about summer skin and fun sandy beaches, then we have something in common.

Although the tropics are great, I am convinced to get ya’ll over to Stockholm this summer. Palm trees and beaches full of Brazilian hotties are definitely beautiful visualizations, but Sweden in the summer is better than all of those visualizations, I PROMISE. The forests, the beaches, the fashion, the music, the culture, the food, the fun, the fact that you will get to experience 19 hours of sunlight everyday! If Stockholm is your perfect vacation-destination, I would encourage you to visit at the end of June, during Swedish Midsummar, the fun festival of the summer solstice; it is completely incomparable.

The first things you will notice are the Swedish flags, proudly blowing over each wooden home.

traditional swedish midsummerIf you want to have an authentic experience, you’ve GOT to try the food. Fresh salmon and potatoes, perfected sauces, fermented herring, great beer… Okay, I may have casually tried to throw the “fermented herring” in there, but it was actually pretty good. Let your taste buds make that decision, because this summer, you’ll be trying it, right?!

mid summer swedenAfter your fabulous meal, it’s only tradition to hike through the forest to your nearest maypole so that you and your loved ones may dance around it and sing fun traditional Swedish songs.

mid summer swedenEveryone will be wearing their head wreaths and summery dresses and you should do the same, if you feel so inclined.  It’s fun, you should do it.

mid summer festivalDon’t forget to bring snacks! Fresh strawberries and elderberry-flavored water are a popular treat! Yummmmmm!

swedish mid summer treatMidsommer is all about being around the ones you love. Make sure to bring your husband, child, dog, or anything else that could be considered to be a part of your clan and ENJOY the fun.

summer sweden


// Gemma Grover threw out her textbooks after a year at university in Provo, Utah, and hopped on a plane in the pursuit of finding herself. She currently lives on an island of Stockholm, Sweden. She takes sporadic trips when her bank account allows her to do so (and sometimes when it doesn’t allow her to do so). She carries a camera and black licorice wherever she goes. //
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