diaper rash cream that works

I have two babies with sensitive skin, and I’ve gone through plenty of skin care products and diaper creams trying to find those that are effective yet mild, and that treat as well as prevent problems. Bonus points for natural, organic, and pleasant-smelling. Because babies just shouldn’t smell like medicine. Thus, I was delighted to discover Mayron’s Good Baby.

Developed by mommy and Emmy-winning actress Melanie Mayron (of the hit TV shows “Lipstick Jungle,” and“thirtysomething.” ) and her father, a chemist, Good Baby products are loaded with good-for-you ingredients. Things like vitamin B5, vitamin E, shea butter and essential oils among other things. But just as important is what isn’t in it: parabens, synthetic fragrances; and it’s not tested on animals.
It’s gentle and effective enough to use every day on baby’s bum to prevent diaper rash, but it also has countless other uses for kids and grownups alike. I do love a multitasking product. And, in this case, a product I don’t have to scrub off my hands after applying. If it’s good enough for Rosie’s baby, it’s good enough for mine!  It’s gentle, smells wonderfully natural, and it works. Way to go Melanie.
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  1. Momfluential :

    I met Melanie at a trade show and tried this stuff and thought it was awesome. I also thought she was awesome. I was standing there like a total (old) geek saying stuff like “OMG!!! Melissa was like my FAVORITE character!!!”. And then we talked for ages about rashes and chafing. Just another day in my crazy momblogger life.