Master bathroom remodel part II

My master bathroom is in flux.  Change.  Deep into the no-turning-back-please-kill-me-now phase.

Are you big into home renovation?  Do you love to rip out floors in a do it yourself kitchen remodel, and then lay 250 square feet of tile all in the same day?

You’re nuts.

master-bathroomI’m nuts, you’re nuts, together, collectively we are all insane.  DIY is awesome; until you have to start the actual DIY.  Or you start the DIY and run into all sorts of problems, budget increases, *COUGH, COUGH*, scope creep, and the general inundation of crap all over the house all the time.

Maybe it’s just me.  It probably is.  I’m sure you’re organized when you remodel things at your house.  I’m sure that if you were in the middle of YOUR master bathroom remodel project things would be coming along swimmingly.  But things are sketchy at my house right now.  I’ll show you photos in another post so you don’t just think I’m saying that, but just you wait until you see photographic evidence of the mess that is my life right now.  You’ll swoon on my behalf, and not in a good way.

Our master bathroom was in a sad state of disrepair masked with duct tape, and glued together behind the façade of lots of paint and pretty towels.

So we ripped the whole master bath out, down to the studs.  It was a hairy project, and the bathroom underneath the paint and duct tape was a little bit worse than I expected.  We sledgehammered walls (and anything else in sight) with glee, until we ripped up the floor and tore down the walls and saw what was underneath.

bathroom remodeling Mold.  Black mold everywhere.  On the insulation, into the studs, all over the backside of the gross vinyl, and deep into the sub-floor.  In fact, the mold was so bad the floors underneath the bathtub were completely rotted through.  I always had a terrible fantasy when I was showering in my old bathroom that I’d fall through the floor into the garage.

I wasn’t far off.

When we ripped everything up and were all working on tearing things out, my 13-year-old fell through the sub-floor and up to her waist into the garage.  AWESOME.

Don’t call child services, she was wearing protective eye-wear.

master bathroom remodel part 2We were behind schedule with this master bath project before we even started.  Mold is for serious thing, so we had to get that under control before moving on and building out the framing.  We didn’t have an architect, so it was me and our contractor friend (who’s doing a huge part of this project) and my husband standing around for a couple of days with red pencils in our hands, marking up the walls with layout plans.  Eventually we figured it out: if we tore out the built into the walk-in closet and gun closet (every good home in a cowboy town has one) we could turn the entire space into a huge steam shower AND have a jacuzzi tub.  Winning!  We had to cut our closet in half to get it done but I’m okay with that.  Utah is cold 9 months out of the year and my feet are numb 9 1/2 months out of the year.  A steam shower was sort of the whole point of this project.

So we laid out some master bathroom remodel design ideas and started building it out, and so far it looks good!  I spent hours walking around the small space once we’d torn everything out, picturing every possible scenario and sketching designs onto every available surface until we made it work.  I hope it turns out well because I made all sorts of decisions with no professional architectural knowledge of any sort.  Do you do that?  Eep!

What do you think?

The steam shower is built out, the closet is semi in place, the Jacuzzi tub is all nestled in its little corner and we’re well underway.

Have you ever done a huge remodel?  A big bathroom remodel from the studs?  If you’re part of a couple, did you stay together?  This project is trying to kill me.  Master bathrooms, AAAAAAAH.

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