Make your own DIY kiss stamped jeans

You can make your own DIY kiss jeans, did you know?  I’m all about learning how to make my own inexpensive DIY versions of awesome stuff, and these jeans are no exception.

Read on to learn how to make a pair of your own.

DIY Kiss Stamped Jeans

Most of the time February is all about hearts and flowers. But my favorite part is the hugs and kisses. For one day, it’s allowed – encouraged! – to shower the people you love with affection.

Ok, the chocolate is important too. Every holiday needs a dose of chocolate. You can show you someone you love them with a Whitmans Sampler, right?

DIY Jeans

But back to kisses. I recently saw a fun pair of kiss stamped jeans online and thought how fun they would be to make. Wearing more prints definitely takes your outfit up a notch. Sort of like wearing your heart on your sleeve … only it’s your lips on your pants. Same thing really.

And you know what’s great? Unlike hearts and flowers, you can wear these pants long after the holiday craziness has passed.

DIY Jeans with Kiss Stamps

how to stamp jeans

To make your own DIY kiss jeans, you need:

  • A pair of colored or light wash denim jeans. Dark wash jeans won’t work – the black stamps just look a bit like blobs.
  • Black fabric paint
  • A lips print stamp. I found mine at Micheal’s craft store.
  • A foam brush
Kiss Print Jeans

Start by thinking about where you want to place your stamps. I went heavier on one leg than the other. And I kept most of the stamps on the upper thigh. So you might want to play around with placement and put a little dot of the pants where you want the stamps.

Then brush paint on the stamp with your foam brush. You want even but light coverage. If you just dunk the stamp into the paint it will pick up too much paint. Then your stamp will lose all its kiss definition. No one wants sloppy kisses!

DIY Denim

Then firmly place the stamp on the jeans. Reapply paint with the foam brush for each stamp.

Notice this stamp is on the back pocket. That one is my favorite!

DIY Jeans with Kiss Stamps

Apply as many stamps as you want and that’s it! I am definitely wearing kiss jeans with sequin hearts on Valentine’s Day – and beyond!

What will you be wearing?

DIY Kiss Stamped Jeans

Make a pair of these DIY jeans with kiss stamps and you’ll be ready to rock.

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Stephanie Gerber

Stephanie Gerber is a mother of 3 who writes for pretty mommies on a budget. She shares stylish and crafty adventures on her blog Henry Happened.


  1. Kimberly Pinkson :

    What a cute idea! And how perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts.

  2. kate :

    i am so going to do this!!!

  3. Stephanie :

    Great idea!! This blog is too cute!

  4. Just Jaime :

    Love the kiss mark on the butt! If I were to ever get a tattoo, it’d be a kiss mark on my butt so these are perfect for me =)

  5. Lou :

    Can you do it without that Cute stamp? Can you just like Kiss your pants? Lol