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customized cards

You can make your own customized cards for the people in your life, did you know this? At  I knew it was a thing, back in the day.  You could go to a kiosk in the mall and make your own card, throw in some MS paint graphics and print it up one beepy line at a time.  I know this because two of my friends surprised me one summer day in the early 90’s with a treat and a special customized card.  There was a random picture and the text ran somewhere along the lines of,

You need to get better.  Those peaches won’t can themselves.

customized mother's day cardsI remember thinking it was awesome because it’s not like any card company out there knew I was spending my summer(s) in a steamy kitchen working as (unpaid) slave labor for my parents, canning bottles and bottles, and bottles of peaches.

That’s pretty cool, right?  The card, not the picking, washing, and canning of peaches all the summers of my youth. That part made me resent my mother and her home-making-ness until I got old enough to appreciate the skills she taught me as a kid.

In fact, much to my chagrin, in the first few years of my marriage I found myself itching to make homemade jam and can the fruits and vegetables from my mother’s garden.  Now I know how to can salsa and make my own bread, and I make decent rolls even though they aren’t anywhere near as awesome as my mother’s croissants.  In fact, I even have my own garden and look forward to picking fruit at my parents house to make my own preserves.

I’m officially turning into my mother.  And I’m okay with that because she’s a pretty rad lady.  In fact, I’ll be lucky if I turn out to be even a little bit as wonderful as she was at teaching her kids how to make things, and work, and live a full life at the same time.  In fact I wrote an entire post on why I love my mom.

Which is all a roundabout way to say I want to get my mom a cool card for Mother’s Day this year.  My sister always finds the most amazing cards, and I wanted to throw my hat into the mix this year with a great card of my own.  So I made one on last night, completely customizing it with my signature sassy snark.  My mom will love it.

This is the front of the card:

mother's day
and the back,
mother's day
If you can’t read the writing, the front of the card says:
Mom, to the 8th degree’.
Yes, I’m one of 8 kids.  Craaay cray.
On the inside bottom it says:
Mom, having 8 kids was crazy.  I hope you remember at least one of us when you’re senile.’
Above that there’s a photo of my family at Halloween and it says.
I only have 2 kids, so it’s easy to remember their names.’
Yes, it’s snarky, just the way she likes it.  Completely customized by me, #6.

Guess what?  I’ll tell you what: is running a discount, just for you and yours.  Because they love you, and want you to have the chance to make your own sassy card for the mother in your life.  You can add your own genuine signature, photos or graphics, and how cute would it be to scan a drawing of one of your littles and put it on the card?  The cutest.

Here’s the skivvy:

  • Cardstore can print, stamp, and send your card via USPS for you!
  • Mother’s Day cards are $1.99 each (just for you – not available onsite!)
  • Cards are only $1.99 and shipping is freeeeezies until May 6, 2013
  • Coupon code is: CSF3199
  • Cards can be shipped in the US + territories, and Canada.

Go!  Make some cards.

|| This was a sponsored post.  Sassy card text came from yours truly, and I can’t wait to make another one. ||

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