luxury hotel in west hollywood.

When we were in L.A. last month, we spent our last night at a gorgeous hotel in West Hollywood called Andaz.  It’s a Hyatt {I have yet to stay in a Hyatt hotel I haven’t loved}, but it’s more boutique hotel than your run of the mill Hyatt.  In fact, Andaz has a hotel in San Diego, two in New York, and one in London.  I think I’ve added 5 more hotels to my hotel bucket list.

What?  I can have a hotel bucket list.  That’s totally normal.

Hotel Andaz in West Hollywood is literally on Sunset Boulevard, in the middle of Hollywood.  If you’re into Hollywood anything, you probably want to hang here.  But even if you’re not, like us, it was an amazing place to stay.  And the proximity to fun Hollywood things can’t be beat.  Let me tell you what I loved about Andaz, and what I didn’t love {hint: Party Pete}.

hollywood hotel

1. I loved the exterior of the hotel.  It’s artistic and pretty, a little oasis in a sea of concrete.

hotel lobby

2.  This is the lobby.  Isn’t it stunning?   Wood floors and eclectic, hip, modern furniture and lighting.  It’s a little different when you head into Andaz to check in, you’re greeted at the door, seated, and they check you in at a little station in the center of the lobby while you chill and take in the surroundings.  Nice.

hotel suite

3.  I loved, LOVED our rooms.  Rooms, the kids got their own.  Look at this place, I could have stayed a week.  Check out Charming’s face, he’s clearly enamored.

master suite

4.  The master suite.  Oh, the master suite.  It was calm and quiet, and it had a closing door.  A closing door, with kids a whole room away.

king size hotel bed

5.  The beds.  I haven’t slept that well in a bed since the last time I stayed in a Hyatt.  Huge, comfortable, and clean.  The flat screen at the foot of the bed and the iPod docking station on the nightstand didn’t hurt either.

filled mini fridge

6.  Andaz believes in pampering their guests with complimentary stocked mini fridges.  Complimentary.  You can’t believe how fast we wiped them out, and we had access to two fridges and snack stashes.

rooftop pool

7.  The rooftop pool.  Holy smokes it was awesome.  I think I was probably the only woman on the roof eating anything more calorie laden than ice, but I have to keep my strength up when I sunbathe.  The kids had so much fun splashing and taking little siestas in the canopies with full sized mattresses inbetween eating the free snacks from the mini fridges.  We’re classy like that.

My favorite part of Andaz?  Check out Precocious:

beautiful hotel room

“Hmmm, look at all the delicious free snacks, I think I’ll have a bite.”

hotel bed

“Snap! Two completely made beds, parallel to each other, in my very own hotel room.  What’s a girl to do?”

We loved Andaz.  The only thing I didn’t like, the one and only, was getting verbally accosted by a very very very drunk guy who called himself Party Pete.  I have no idea who Party Pete is, but he should know better than to harass a mama at the pool with her two kids.  Next time we meet, heaven help me, we’re going to have some words.

pool at night

We loved Andaz though, and we can’t wait to go back.

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  1. Naomi :

    Love the huge clean white beds… heaven. And really why don’t more hotels flub the snack prices into the rooms? It doesn’t cost them much but it makes guests feel much more welcome if they’re not going to be charged $10 for a bottle of water. Hmmph.

    Party Pete better watch his back.

    • Petit Elefant :

      It’s a really good idea, don’t you think? Free snacks? We loved the hotel that much more for it.

      Party Pete, we’re forming a mom posse.

  2. Loukia :

    Looks amazing. Stunning! Somewhere I’d love to go with the kids.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Definitely someplace to play with the kids, we had such a great time!

  3. Camille :

    I would have treated the room in the same manner as Precocious – including wiping out all the complimentary snacks/beverages. What a HOTEL! Next time I’m in West Hollywood, I’ll have to check it out, or at least hunt down the self-proclaimed Party Pete.

    • Petit Elefant :

      I think that’s the requisite way to treat a clean hotel bed, yes? Jumping till kingdom come.

      I’ll hunt down Party Pete with you.

  4. monique :

    My heart hurts to be in CA now! Thank you for sharing this but now I am sad. ;)

    • Petit Elefant :

      My heart hurts to be in California too! I didn’t mean to make you sad, I always get a little melancholy looking at California photos too. Boo.

  5. Tyla :

    Wow! What a great looking place to stay! I would so love to visit the Pacific Coast. My fam loves taking road trips and we’ve done everything to the east, north, and south, but have made it only as far as western Kansas in that direction. One day, one day.

    Oh, and Party Pete sounds like Delton, our town drunk. :>)

    I enjoy your blog. Have a nice day!

    • Petit Elefant :


      You HAVE to visit California, it’s my favorite state. Really, it’s so beautiful!

      Thanks for the compliments!

  6. Lori :

    Looks like a pretty classy place… I bet the nightly rate is more than my mortgage payment. :) The pool looks divine and who doesn’t love free snacks? Lucky you.

    • Petit Elefant :


      You know, it actually wasn’t too bad! But yes, fancy, fabulous digs.

  7. Christy :

    Wow what a beautiful hotel and room. Too bad I dont have to stay at the hotel because I live not far from this hotel. I hope you dont mind by me asking you. Where do you live and the reason for your often trip to California since I saw many many picture you had post and stayed at many hotels are cool and beautiful! Thank you for sharing so awesome thing!

    • Allison :

      Isn’t it stunning?! We visit California so often because we can, and because I visit my rheumatologist who practices in L.A. It’s a perfect combination for a family vacation to California!