LOST t-shirts.

Even though I’m only watching season 3 of LOST {thank you Netflix!} my love for the show is still undying. I found a bunch of LOST fan t-shirts I think I’d like in my closet. Or for my children’s closets. Either way, they’d be great to have in my life.

Are you still watching? Don’t spoil it for me, I haven’t had time to catch up!

DUDE, Hurley Shirt
{via Redbubble $23.95}
Desmond Onesie
{$13 via BABYWOOD}
LOST since 1977
{Shirtcity $19.95}

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  1. the emily :

    Oh we LOOOVE Lost over here. We even have Lost chairs (well, they're just lawn chairs, but we call them our lost chairs) so we can sit closer to the TV. I gave my husband a DVR for his birthday so we could watch the final season in HD on our big TV instead of on our computer. Husband knows more about the show than probably anybody else–producers included. :) I call him a Lostie 'cause he's sort of a nerd about it, but his blog posts about Lost are always super interesting and insightful. LOVE that show.

  2. The Warner Corner :

    Those are great shirts! We LOVE Lost. I can't wait to find out how it will all end! Enjoy season 3!

  3. Donna :

    I love the dude one the best! I'm sad there is only 9 episodes left. I've been in since season 2. LOOVE IT!

  4. Kathleen :

    I am such a Lost junkie, having watched since the first season. It's THE best show ever on TV in my opinion (though I haven't seen all the HBO stuff).

    I love the Desmond tee!

    I must say though that I'm disappointed in the current season. They seem to be dilly-dallying and not answering a lot of the crucial questions. But I'm still hopeful!

  5. Marianne & Clayton :

    We just caught up by watching seasons 2-5 over spring break. We are waiting for six to finish so we can watch it sans commercials. Luuurrve it. Love the Desmond onesie! I need to see the emily's husbands blog. Maybe he can answer some questions I have.

  6. ALC :

    I am a new addict to Lost. Sad to say I am JUST watching Season 2 right now. I am telling everyone I know NO SPOILERS but they tell me they could spill it all and it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway. My favorite t-shirt is "Dude". So much meaning in one little world.