Levi giveaway.

levi jeans

It’s Tuesday!

I’m celebrating the fact that I live in a democratic country which is holding general elections today by wearing my pajamas while I work at home, and by hosting a giveaway.


The outfit I showed you a little while ago, my “Rock Concert Outfit” featured some jeggings.  Do you know what those are?  Jean leggings.  They’re stretchy, jean leggings.  And contrary to everything I would have expected, I love them.

So I’m giving away two pair of Levi’s jeans.  Choose jean leggings, skinny jeans, boot cut, whatever your little heart desires.

I have two to give away.

Giveaway Details:

1. Leave a comment telling me about the best pair of jeans you’ve ever owned, past, present, or elementary school.

2. Giveaway ends next Tuesday November 9th, midnight Mountain Standard Time.

3. If you want to Like Petit Elefant on Facebook, you’ll have the inside track on giveaways like this one.  If you don’t want to Like it, that’s cool too.

4. Good luck!

The jeans are coming to you from Langston’s Western Wear.  Thanks Langston’s.

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  1. Courtney M :

    Levis with a button fly & zippers at the bottom back in the 80s. I’d still rock them…if they fit. Best jeans ever, hands down!

  2. Missy Harding :

    I had this miraculous pair of skinny jeans a few years back. They looked good with everything and made me feel great all the time! They even fit through my whole pregnancy (with a little help from a hair elastic toward the end). Then one day I washed them…and cried. I couldn’t get them over my hips anymore. I still get sad thinking about it. I haven’t had a pair of jeans I liked so much since.

  3. katrina :

    I had a pair of pleated stone wash jeans in Jr. High. They conveniently got a hole ripped on the knee around the same time I got those hot pink spandex pants…. my wink and nod to those wonderful 80s styles.

  4. AE Jones :

    My favorite pair of jeans was when I was in college – before skinny jeans became really popular. I’m pretty tall and usually have a hard time finding long jeans, but Gap has been a long-time friend for jeans. They were “longs,” flared, and fit perfectly everywhere. I wore them for everything. They are still in my closet, patched and falling apart. I can’t bring myself to part with them! They are so incredibly comfortable — they’ve become my Saturday jeans. I’ve moved on to skinny jeans and absolutely love them, and would love to win a new pair! Thanks! :) LOVE your blog!

  5. Jennie S. :

    My all time favorite jeans are from Banana Republic. They are so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing jeans. LOVE them!!

  6. Heather :

    I had the perfect jeans in highschool. I actually still have that pair of jeans, they were too perfect to ever donate but no way will my hips ever be that narrow again. They were levis with perfectly pegged legs. I don’t even own any jeans now.

  7. Lisa Boshell :

    I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never had a BEST PAIR OF JEANS EVER. My jeans ALWAYS fall down. I’ve tried everything: belts, buying them really tight, gaining weight (totally on purpose…), losing weight. Nothing works. I haven’t tried jeggings yet and really want to try them out!!

  8. Stacey :

    My absolute favorite pair ever were a pair of rockin’ stonewash pink in about 5th grade, peg leg of course :-)

  9. Taylor :

    I have these awesome pair of jeans from tj maxx, they’re uber dark, tight and stretchy and look good with everything. It’s impossible to have a fat day in these jeans. Love em, and I’ll wear em till they fall apart!

  10. Rachelle Simmons :

    My absolute best pair of jeans I ever owned were my Jordache jeans back in about 1983. I think I was in 6th grade, oh boy what a long time ago. My best friend and I each had baysitting jobs and bought them with our own money. Her mom actually tapered them to make them skin tight, like skinny jeans. I was probably a size 0……wow what memories! By the way, I love your blog. I have used a lot of your fashion and make up tips!

  11. AutumH :

    Right now I have one of the most wonderful pair of jeans that are really my go to pair. I got them on sale and they are actually made from recycled denim (doing my part to go green ;) ) They fit me in all the right places and are absolutely comfortable. I’m glad I got them when I did!

  12. Heidi F. :

    My favorite jeans were a pair a stole from my little brother after he got too tall for them. Too bad they no longer fit after four kids!

  13. angie :

    It was only a few years back, but I had a pair of stretchy,royal blue Levis that looked great with everything. *sigh* I still have them in my “jeans that WILL fit again” pile. unfortunately, that pile seems to be growing as the “jeans that fit now” pile shrinks….

  14. Redneck Mommy :

    Best pair of jeans I ever owned was a pair of button fly, Levi’s 501s.

    They rocked my arse cheeks like nothing else has ever since.

  15. Erica :

    My favorite was a pair of Silver jeans, worn through my 20’s and literally worn through. They were like the magical Traveling Pants, perfect for concerts, clubbing, chilling and hiking. I still have them folded in my closet, awaiting the perfect crafty rebirth.

  16. Lori :

    My favorite pair of jeans should be the perfectly worn button fly 501’s that I got from my dad. They were his in college and I wore them all through HS and College. HOWEVER.. my most memorable were some pleated front high waste beauties that had criss-cross belt loops in every color of the rainbow all of the way around. Woot!

  17. Jenna T :

    Ooo I had a great pair of Lucky Jeans that fit so well! They eventually got holes in the bum from wearing them 24/7.

  18. Kara :

    I have an old pair of GAP bootcut jeans. They have no stretch fabric to them (which means i can only wear them on skinny days) but they are loved and well worn, I am sad I cannot find the same basic cut anymore.

  19. Michelle B :

    I’d say my favorite jeans were from American Eagle. They are back from my skinny pre child pre desk job days. I still have them in a drawer just in case I would ever fit into them. It’s not looking so good….LOL.

  20. Ilene :

    I’ve never been able to find good fitting jeans, even when I was young and fit. But, my best jeans ever were the ones that helped my husband fall for me! They were GAP jeans that complimented my muscly thighs and rear. My athletic build has since turned “less athletic” and it is even more difficult to find good jeans. Thank goodness my husband likes my personality! p.s. I’m addicted to your blog.

  21. Dina :

    My all time favorite pair of jeans is a pair I stole from my husband. They are a pair of wranglers he wore in high school. They are old, well worn, and soft with rips and tears in all the right places. (they are about 25 years old). The fit me like a dream and he love love loves it when I wear them.

  22. Marisa :

    Me and jeans? Yeah, we don’t get along so well. I can’t remember ever really loving a pair of jeans. I always love them in the fitting room, but then I get them home and they shrink, or the pockets bunch, or I see a photo of myself in them and all my “hot jeans” dreams are crushed. :(

    I’ve been noticing that a lot of different women look great in Levi’s, so they’ve been on my list to try next. (Yes, I choose jeans to try based on how good other women’s behinds look in said jean brands. I’m not ashamed.)

    Trying a pair for free would be fab! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  23. Tracy Miller :

    My favorite jeans were from Express and were not too long and not too short and I could breathe when I sat down…I really really miss fitting into those jeans! I seriously could use a new pair though…mine a tad thread bare in the booty! ha ha

  24. Lacey :

    Girbaud Jeans were awesome! Sadly, my mom wouldn’t by me a pair until they became more affordable …. which essentially meant when they were out of style. I loved them anyway!

  25. Man :

    My favorites pair was a pair I owned about 20 pounds into listing 100 pounds a few years back. They were hand me downs that I only got to wear for a while, but I loved how comfy they were.

  26. Hilary :

    Probably my favorite jeans are my skinny jeans from High School. That was back when I actually WAS skinny. Ha ha! I would love some jeggings. I might feel skinny again.

  27. Suzette :

    My favorite jeans EVAH were my Gloria Vanderbilt ones I had when I was in 9th grade. It was 1980 and I lamented the fact that I was so tiny I couldn’t fit into adult clothing. Oh, to go back and tell my former self to ENJOY IT!

  28. Shari (aka: fruitloopgirl) :

    My favorite are the ones I am wearing right now. They are my Bailey’s from Dehlia’s. I mostly love them because besides being very comfy, my hubby loves the way the fit “me”.
    I love Dehlia’s because all their cuts come on 4 – 5 different lengths. Great for a shorty like me!

  29. Kristi W :

    I have a pair of trouser cut jeans that I got a JCPenny. I love them so much. They are the perfect wash, and they are easy to pair with casual and dressy tops. Love them. They are amazing!

  30. Jill K :

    Hey! Langston is my maiden name! That was weird to see the name of the sponsor. Maybe that will increase my chances of winning some new jeans:)

    The best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned were my very first pair of skinny jeans from urban outfitters. Unfortunately, they don’t fit so well anymore, but I finally felt attractive after having 2 babies when I fit into those sexy little jeans.

  31. Sarah Beck :

    My favorite jeans EVER were a pair of button fly “boyfriend” jeans from the gap. I owned them in ninth grade and you probably saw me in them, lol. They were great and they fit so well, but back then my body barely had any geography so fit may have not really been that much of an issue. I wore them until they were d.e.a.d, then I cut them off into shorts, and never wore them again. I wasn’t really a “daisy duke” sort of girl.

  32. lilian :

    my favorite pair of jeans are my citizens. i got a pair a couple years ago and they still fit just as well… they are super comfortable.. it fits and shapes in all the right places and always makes me great. :)

  33. Jennie :

    My favorite pair of jeans were from Eddie Bauer. They were stretchy, but not too stretchy. They were slimming. They looked great with tall shoes. I miss them so much.

  34. Joyce :

    I love my new natural fit slight boot cut jeans from Eddie Bauer.

  35. Tami Warner :

    I LIVE in jeans…ok and sweat like pants too. But I really love jeans. I love how they match everything. My favorite jeans are baby jeans. There’s something so dang cute about holding up a pair and imagining a baby in them. My kids are WAY past that baby stage but I still LOVE them….their diapered little bums filling out the pockets. Oh yes, those are my favorite.

  36. Shana Holmes :

    I had a great stretchy pair I loved and wore a lot. Then one day when walking by my desk the corner of the keyboard tray caught my hip and tore the leg all the way across. They were a wierd brand that I have never found since too!!!

  37. Andria :

    My favorite pair of jeans are Old Navy, sweetheart cut, dark.

  38. Andrea :

    I remember a beloved pair of pink jeans from when I was 3 or 4… insisting on sleeping in them is one my earliest memories. Oh how I loved them!

  39. Katie :

    Oh my gosh. I’m *wearing* them right now! They’re perfect because they’re long enough. I’m not particularly tall, but it’s such a struggle to find long pants.

  40. Anne :

    It was 1994. I had a pair of baggy jeans from Gap. They were worn and faded and the cuffs were frayed. The jeans were part of my daily uniform: tight t-shirt, flannel overshirt, baggy jeans, braided leather belt, Bass boots. I even wore them in modern dance class with a faded cotton leotard.
    I will never love another pair of jeans the way I loved those. (but I still LOVE jeans!)

  41. Kristen :

    I’ve honestly never owned a pair of jeans that I felt were perfect for me, but I do have a pair from DownEast that are close.

  42. Trainer Momma :

    Best pair of jeans I’ve had are my Hudsons. I paid through the nose, but they fit me like sweats.

  43. Andrea (Lil-Kid-Things) :

    Yay jeans!! The best pair I ever owned were some odd brand I found at TJMAXX never to be seen again. In fact it was so long ago I can’t even remember the name. I wore those jeans for YEARS…sadly, one day they had too much and ripped clear from pocket to knee.

    It was a very sad day indeed.

  44. Holly :

    I have a pair of Ann Taylor Loft jeans that are AWESOME! They are so comfy and fit so great! I don’t know that I’ve had a better pair since college when I wore Gap jeans!

  45. Genavee :

    The first pair of jeans I bought with my own money in college – dark wash boot cut jeans from Express. They felt like grown up jeans, bought because they looked great on me, not because they were cheap and my parents thought I needed new jeans.

  46. ASuburbanLife :

    I’ve never had a favorite pair of jeans because I’ve never had a pair of jeans that fit me just right. I’ve also never (shocked silence!) had a pair of Levis. It would be fun to win some, especially because I’ve recently lost some weight and can actually fit into jeans that are from the regular (read: not Lane Bryant) store. I love the bootcut style in the photograph top right.

  47. Christie :

    Fave pair of jeans, hands down, were a pair of stonewashed jeans with stirrups when I was in elementary school. That’s right. Stirrups. I had the neon socks stacked halfway up my legs to boot. Good times.

  48. Emily :

    My favorite pair ever? Probably the GAP Long & Lean jeans I’ve had since Long & Lean first came out. Yes, I’m that old.

  49. Kimm :

    I found this amazing pair of jeans when I was 21. They fit like a glove and had a “K” on one of the back pockets. A little bit of stretch and the perfect amount of flair. They were the jeans that fit perfect out of the dryer or 3 days later. Miracle jeans I tell you.

  50. mrs. r :

    my all-time favorite were a pair of “Sevens for All Mankind.” i wore them until they were literally thread-bare. i had the inseam reconstructed twice …and i still wept when they bit the dust. they were SO soft, the perfect amount of stretch …and one of the few pairs i actually took the time to get altered for my stubby little legs. i have yet to find another favorite pair to rival those.


  51. Sarah L :

    (No offense to Levi…and not that I wouldn’t LOVE to try a pair…) My faves are my Gap Real Straight Jeans. They’re straight enough to tuck into boots, cute enough for flats or tennies when rolled just a smidge and long enough to wear with heels. They don’t dig in anywhere, or give me muffin anything…I just LOVE them

  52. Joanna :

    My favorite jeans were from college – they were a pair of Lucky jeans. They were just the right mix of fitted/loose (I hate tight jeans). I loved them!

  53. Jamie S :

    I’ve had the best luck with Calvin Klein and Levi’s that I score at awesome prices at Costco – nothing beats a great pair of jeans for around $20.

  54. Barbara :

    levi’s 505 straight, I have 3 pair…

  55. Doni :

    I’m a jean-o-holic. I have always owned more jeans than I should and always want more. I don’t really have a favorite, but I will say my friends and family think I’m crazy because I would rather wear jeans than sweatpants.
    I don’t own any jeggings though. Maybe they’re the middle ground for me?

  56. Jennifer H :

    Levis are the best. My faves are bootcut 518. I am skeptical but I will take your word on the jeggins!

  57. Jen Carl :

    The best jeans I ever had were Levis in high school and college… I had the same pair for years until I had to retire them for a much larger pair. They still hang in my closet way in the back:)

  58. Courtney :

    True Religions! I wore them for a year or so before I got pregnant, and I am finally back in them (my daughter turned one 2 weeks ago).
    What a great feeling!

  59. Valerie H. :

    I recently got some American Eagle jeans that I really like. Amazingly they sit a little higher so my bum doesn’t show every time I bend over.

  60. Erika :

    The best pair of jeans ever was my first pair of boot cut mid-rise jeans. Not that that specific pair was especially great, it was just so great to find a style of jeans that fit me. As someone who doesn’t have much of a waist, I had thought that jeans were just never going to fit me right — either they fit in the rear and the waist was tight, or the waist fit and the butt was loose. Boot cut mid-rise is PERFECT for me, even better with a little stretch, and I have never looked back since.

  61. http://travelingbugwiththreeboys-kelleyn.blogspot.com/ :

    In high school they were Levi’s that my friend and I tapered. Now jeans come that way. Right now I have a pair of legging jeans from the Loft that feel like a they are just apart of my body. So cozy. Haven’t checked out Levi’s in a while. These styles looks super cute.

  62. Jen McDonald :

    I have a pair of Gap long and lean jeans from several years ago that I LOVE. Got them on clearance too…unfortunately their “new” long and lean jeans aren’t anything like the ones I have so I’m on a search for a new favorite. I’ve had several pairs of Levis that I loved too–they were all from costco and super cheap too.

  63. Katelyn :

    My favorite style of jeans are boot cut with a bit of stretch. The favorite jeans of all time were back in college with a pair of Silvers. The only problem with Silvers is they rotate their styles so fast that once your “favorite” is worn out and need a new pair, they are no longer available. Gotta love Levis – they never go out of style!

    P.S. I discovered your giveaway via my FB feed :)

  64. Renae H :

    Levis – actually. I’ve had them for about 3 years and I still have them. The fit is perfect and they right amount of stretch, but they are on their last threads. I’ve mended the holes and worn spots more times than I can count. I just keep on mending and I will be heartbroken when I have to give up and throw them away. I can’t seem to find any that fit quite the same.

  65. Amy Brewer :

    My favorite was a pair of Levi’s when I was in High School. I can’t remember what the number was for them but they were awesome. My first pair of bootcut jeans and I was so happy with them that I wore them even after years of wear and tear. I had to give them up when I wore them so much that the pockets on behind came off..LOL…I haven’t ever found a pair yet that compared to them..

  66. Alecia :

    My favorite pair of jeans was the ones I would buy for “back to school” oohh say about 30 years ago. Levi’s was a store, you picked out your cardboard DARK jeans and had to take them home and wash them in hot water like 10 times to get them to be nice and soft. Loved them. Funny thing…being a girl of the 80’s..skinny jeans were in then too. Love them!

  67. Lynn :

    Love Levis. Always a good fit to be found.

  68. jennifer horn :

    The best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned were Cruel Girl jeans. The more you wore and washed them the better they felt. I still have a pair that I can’t get rid of because they are so comfortable. Only problem is that I wouldn’t wear them in public because of all the holes and the placement of those holes.

  69. Jenny White :

    I love my J.Crew jeans! Straight, raggedy and comfy!

  70. Tammy T :

    As a child of the ’80s I loved my Clavin Kleins. Would not fit in them now but I would love to have them back.

  71. Cora :

    My pre-preggo jeans from Banana Republic. Unfortunately, they don’t make that style anymore and I can’t get my rear-end back in style either. Oh the pains we mothers endure.

    PS Allison you’re sexy!

  72. AshlyR :

    A pair of Levi’s that I’ve had since they started to put stretch in jeans. They fit pre-baby, when I was close to high school/college weight. They still zip post-baby (+15-20 lbs) and make me look so thin and tall. Even with the stretch, the denim is heavy enough to not sag…I love them!

  73. amy in a red state :

    The best jeans I ever owned were some Levis I had when I started dating my husband. After a few years I cut them into cutoffs and they were awesome. I am actually trying to get back into them LOL!

  74. Stephanie :

    I would say, the first pair of Diesels that I ever bought. They were curvy, sat right on my hip bones and never stretched, magically always fit. I miss them.

  75. Michele :

    I’m lucky to still own and still wear my favorite jeans of all time. They were a pair of American Eagle jeans that I got on clearance at TJ Maxx about 5 years ago. They have just the right amount of lycra and cotton combo that they fit no matter what! I wore them throughout my pregnancies (son 2, daughter 1) (and have the pictures to prove it)…..They still fit great today.

  76. Shelby :

    In 2nd grade I had these amazing flowered jeans. They were the envy of all the girls at school until I had them stolen at a sleepover. :(

  77. samantha :

    i had these Gap dark wash boot cut jeans that i worse SERIOUSLY for like 8 years. they were amazing. they stretched in alllllllllll the right places. they were my go-to jeans…until i got pregnant and too fat for them. now they have been handed down to my skinny sister who also swears by them.

  78. Tara @ The Shpopping Mom :

    My favorite jeans are a pair I bought from Cato 2 years ago. They fit me perfectly and make my bum look great!

  79. Karen :

    Best pair is Bootcut from the Gap – about 5 years ago. Hugged all the right curves and were the perfect length. Sadly, they are now my “goal” jeans 2 children later. :-)

  80. Alicia W. :

    I have a pair of Calvin Klein bootcut jeans that I bought at Costco earlier this year…I absolutely love them!

  81. BreeAnn :

    I have so many favorites. My Gap Long and Leans are amazing. But I also have some skinnies I bought at Target on Clearance for like $12 that are super adorable and flattering too. My one pair of designer jeans (7 for All Mankind) are amazeballs too. I so love jeans. Way too much.

  82. Katie M. :

    My favorite jeans of all time were a pair of stove-pipes that a friend and I embroidered. We shared the jeans back and forth until she moved away – and then they were all mine! So soft, perfect fit, and a super-low waist before they were hip :)

  83. Celeste :

    I have a pair of jeans that I’ve had 5 years – from American Eagle – and they are just so darn comfortable! I can’t part with them!

  84. Lacretia :

    My FAVORITE jeans ever are my seven boot cut jeans. I had them tailored so that they are the perfect length for flats or sneaks, and I wear them EVERYWHERE. I’ve had them for so many years, that they’ve literally molded to my tush. But despite (or maybe because of) their age, I love them. Endlessly. Not to say I couldn’t make some more room in my closet for a second favorite pair of jeans, say, by Levi’s! Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Kathleen :

    In elementary school I had these forest green colored jeans and I wore them so much. I thought I was so cool looking….

  86. Rob :

    I love jeggings! (okay, that was a joke…not for myself AT ALL! lol) But, I’m a Levi’s guy through and through. Can’t go wrong with an All-American classic.

  87. Darcy Gray :

    My favorite jeans are the ones I am wearing now: Levi 505 Straight Legs. They are my favorite because they are the same size I wore in high school. After recently losing 60 pounds, its still amazing to me that I can fit into the same size I was 25 years ago.

  88. Ginny :

    Love my 512 Levi’s the only ones that fit in all the right places!

  89. aimee :

    fave pair of jeans? elementary school: white denim with pictures of crayons all over them. A rainbow of colors! When I put them on, I felt like Queen of the Playground, Queen of Art Class! Oh how I wish they made them in adult sizes…don’t we all need a pair of jeans like that??

  90. Cassie Jowers :

    My favorite pair of jeans were from the Gap. They were long and fit wonderfully. Alas, they don’t make that style anymore. Doesn’t anyone realize that a 44 year old mom doesn’t need anything that has “sits low on waist” in the description!!!!?!!!!!

  91. Lubaska :

    My fav jeans were my first ones. no known brand, boot cut, not very dark, it was great feeling to wear them since I ve never owned any before. it was a gift from my mom and I am still grateful when I remember this.

  92. KHONDA :

    In high school my favorite jeans were arizona jeans but now my favorite is Old Navy’s Dreamer.

  93. sara :

    jThe best jeans i ever had were in middle school. they were my first pair from gap and they had these cool patches all over them. my best friend and i got the same pair and would always wear them on the same day.

  94. Heidi Eskelson :

    This is a toughie. Since I have lost all of my pregnancy weight after having twins and giving birth to three others I am definitely enjoying my current figure more than ever. But since I’m not enjoying my current budget, with the expense of five children, I would have to say my favorite jean is a pair I bought about a month ago. It’s a brand new never been worn pair of Vigoss flare’s I found at the D.I. for only, (brace yourself) 5 dollars! They fit very nicely and i’ve gotten several compliments.

  95. Cathy :

    Sadly, I can’t really say that I’ve ever had a favorite pair of jeans. Maybe if I win this, that will all change!

  96. Jessica :

    A few years ago I had a pair of stretchy denim jeans that had wide legs and zipped in the back with a little tie. They were very Marcia Brady–circa 1970s–and I miss them. (I wore them til they fell apart.)

  97. Eva G. :

    My favorite pair of jeans were from Gap and I wore the heck out of them in college. I’d love to win a pair of jeggins, i think they’d look great with my new boots!

  98. Heidi :

    I don’t think I have ever really had a great pair of jeans so I would love to win and see if I can change that

  99. Jacqueline Presley :

    Best jeans: Sevens handed down from my sister. Stretchy & flattering : )

  100. Janelle King :

    My favorite pair jeans came from Level X and GAP. I feel these jeans shows my figure perfectly.

  101. dawn hayner :

    My favorite pair of jeans have always been Lucky’s because I have a small waist but am hippier so they always fit me great but I LOVE jeans and would love to try some new ones by Levi. Count me in :)

  102. Ginny :

    My favorite pair of jeans were a pair I had all four years of college. They were a pair of Levi’s, boot cut, dark blue. They seemed to fit no matter how much weight I gained or lost in my time at school!

  103. Ronda C. :

    I had a pair of acid washed Guess jeans that I thought were the coolest back in high school. I think they went up to my belly button which makes me laugh now.

  104. Holly :

    I searched high and low to find the perfect pair of jeans to wear to my 15th high school reunion a few years back. I ended up with an incredibly flattering pair of trouser jeans from Express.
    I gave them to a friend when I gained weight & couldn’t wear them anymore…very sad.

  105. Sheila :

    The best pair of jeans I owned was from 17 years and many sizes ago – in other words, before kids. :)

    The store I purchased them from no longer sells that same style. *sigh*

  106. Carly :

    Around 2002 I had a pair of Gap Long n’ Lean Jeans that could do no wrong…I have bought many pairs since then, but none have fit the same way as THE pair did back in the day!

  107. Kayly Newcomer :

    My favorite pair of jeans was a pair of ankle zip jeans I owned in middle school. I don’t remember the brand–they may have just been generic. (We didn’t have much money then.) They were *dark* purple acid washed, so the light parts were kind of fuschia-y. I would give my left arm for those jeans today. And the skinny body that wore them. (I think they were a size 1 or 3 or something crazy like that, lol.) Sigh…

  108. Stacey :

    My go to jeans as an adult have been Gap Long and Lean jeans. I don’t know if they changed or my body changed after having my daughter, but they don’t seem as magical as they did a few years ago. I am now in search of a new pair of “perfect” jeans. (After this baby, of course.)

  109. loralee :

    Sadly, I have yet to find a pair of jeans that I like enough to call “favorite”.

    I know.

    Pity me and my pancake butt. :(

  110. Kalli :

    Favorite Jeans: Toss up between Big Stars and Joe’s Jeans


  111. angie s :

    i have a little issue with jeans and buy a lot from tj maxx, marshalls, etc because i’m cheap. i must say that Gap makes a damn good fitting jean with their long and lean. i am neither long nor lean, but they work perfectly for me. i heart them.

  112. Jan :

    I wore a lot of hand-me-downs when I was a kid. I grew up with an older sister and had many older female cousins so designer jeans weren’t something my mother would ever spring for. Imagine my delight when I was 12 years old and my lovely cousin Tania gave me a pair of Buffalo jeans that she had outgrown after a growth spurt. I was ecstatic! They were the right colour and fit (I remember them being a 27 inch waist and they were loose – can I have that waistline back please!?!?!?) and most important they were DESIGNER (these days I know how to find proper designer stuff like Prada and Burberry bottoms but my 12 year old self lived out in middle-of-no-where Nova Scotia and didn’t know any better). I loved them so much I wore them probably 4 out of 5 schooldays a week (eeeew). I would wear them a couple of days, wash them, attempt to dry them on the radiator in my room at night and went to school wearing them still damp the next day (this is a testament of my love for them since it would be REALLY cold wearing damp jeans to school in February in Canadaa – brrr!). They eventually got a hole in them and were threadbare by the time I outgrew them but I will always fondly remember my little Buffalo jeans. Thanks Tania for giving me the one cool piece of clothing I had in junior high school!

  113. Anna M :

    best jeans ever were some vintage Levi’s I bought in college. I rocked those bad boys, even snagged my husband sporting those. They were patched and repatched and now sadly wait for my return to their size. LOVE!

  114. Amy Mumaw :

    I love Banana Republic Skinny jeans! They rock

  115. Jill S. :

    Best pair of jeans ever? Any of my Luckys. They fit sooo well.

  116. Emily :

    My best pair were some Tommy’s that fit perfectly. I had them from my sophomore year in college until a few weeks ago. I’ve sadly embraced that they’re not going to fit after having my kidlet. Oh well.

  117. Kari :

    my best pair of jeans is a pair from college that are gap boot cut jeans that I still wear on occasion, several of the belt loops are torn.

  118. Kari :

    liked you on facebook : kari terrell

  119. Eugenie :

    My favorite jeans have been Gloria Vanderbilt Stretch Jeans.

  120. won :

    The best pair were the Levi’s I had forever. It was a while ago…and I’m just guessing here. I think they were probably a size six. Those two things….them being Levi’s and a size six made them the best.

    Oh….I think I remember those ‘olden days’….lol.

  121. Heather B. :

    My faves are Gap boot cut stretch. They were my mom’s leftovers years ago. I don’t care, they come up enough to cover up the mommy tummy and have a wee bit of stretch. Being that my fave pair of jeans were my mom’s, I would LOVE to win these. Cheers!

  122. Vicki S :

    The best jeans I own are stretchy, light denim, bootcut jeans that I got from Ross (yeah, I know).

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  123. Lisa Peterson :

    My favorite pair??? I have a pair of Arizona jeans in High School that were perfectly worn and so comfy. I had to wash them every couple of days so I could keep wearing theming every day – and it only made them more comfy. But alas, I gained a little weight in collage and I finally got rid of them years later. I still miss them.

  124. Barb @ getupandplay :

    I have always loved the Gap Long and Leans and Boot Cut jeans. But I’m trying to be brave and try skinny jeans one of these days.

  125. Dana :

    I got a pair of Seven jeans for $25 at a thrift store-they fit like they were custom-made and just look great.

  126. Stacia Simonsen :

    Gap jeans in high school that I got from Savers. Wore them for years. All this comments are giving me ideas of what jeans to go try on next (after the baby comes…)

  127. Kari :

    I got a pair of Gap jeans 3 or 4 years ago after my son was born and I was in that nothing fit phase. Yet… when I got smaller they still fit cute and started hanging on the hips right. I just had baby numero 3 and they fit cute still. I have worn them out, aka holes in the knees but I STILL love them and cant part with them. They are soft from washing and I love them. Perhaps it is time to make a new love affair with a new pair. Goodness me.

  128. Cindy :

    I have a pair of Calvin Klein jeans I stole from my sister 12 years ago. They still fit, between pregnancies, and they still look great!

  129. Carolyn G :

    I used to have a pair of 501 Levis and I loved them. They got ruined but I still pine for those jeans They looked good and felt great on.

  130. Carolyn G :

    Liked you on Facebook: carolyn gonzalez

  131. Audrey :

    My favorite pair of jeans that I own right now are actually Levis! They’re the 524 super-low with button-flap back pockets. The minute I slipped them on at the store I knew that I had to buy them because I looked hot in them! I would love to have another pair!

  132. Erica :

    My favorite pair of jeans were my mom’s Levi’s that I stole out of her closet in college. 8 years and 3 kids later, they are a little (a lot) tattered, but my booty still loves to lounge in them!!

  133. Terra Jones :

    best pair was pre-babies, about 5 years ago – hugged in all the right places…sigh…mama needs a new pair of jeans, please pick me! ;-)

  134. Devin :

    a black skinny jean handed down to me from my older sister.
    so comfortable. so chic.

  135. emily :

    The best pair of jeans I ever owned were from aeropostale. I am a very “I dont care about brands” person, but I needed jeans and they were on sale and aero jeans sells ‘short, regular and long’ pants which is really important to me because im 5’0″ and have a 28 inch inseam, while most womens jeans come with a 32 inch inseam. So if I get flared jeans they end up being straight leg by the time the bottom 4″ is cut off of them. So I get ‘short’ jeans and then only have to take them in 2 inches, so I have a bit of flare left. They were great because they were the perfect length after being hemmed and fit me really well in the waist, butt and thighs as well, and were insanely comfortable. They lasted me five years before they finally ripped so much I had to quit wearing them.

  136. Nathalie :

    had this dark blue jeans that hugged me in the right places, with the perfect length too. I don’ have to pull my pants all the time. i looked hot in them too. Too bad the ‘lavandera’ (lady who does our laundry) stained it. Bad times.

  137. cassandra aubut :

    I have always been a Levi’s girl- all through high school- I rocked the 512 slim jeans! (WIsh I could still fit in 5 slims!) But I wore them all the time! And yes- I still have them and almost got into them last month! So excited! My ultimate favs!

  138. Nancy :

    I’ve wearing the best pair of jeans I ever owned. They’re dark blue with a bit of stretch and very comfy!

  139. Julie L :

    My favorite brand of jeans are Lee’s…..i like the boot cut style
    Thanks for the giveaway

  140. Julie L :

    already like u on fb-Julie Scott Laws

  141. Lisa G. :

    The best pair of jeans I ever owned were the Pepe jeans that were so hot when I was in high school. I saved for them for months and they made me feel fabulous when wearing them.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  142. vickie :

    my favorite jeans were 70s hiphugger bell bottoms


  143. Ashleigh :

    My favorite pair of jeans are from American Eagle. They were my first pair of skinny jeans and I fell in love!

  144. Rebekah :

    I had my favorite pair of jeans through high school and college. They were dark wash and fit better then any other! Sadly, I don’t remember the brand.

  145. Viva :

    I love jeans, but my faves were a pair of vintage Levi’s I had about 10 yrs. ago that had some cool fabric sewn on the hem. Thanks!

  146. Firefly :

    My best jeans are always from Levi or AG. I love jeans, I feel most comfortable in them :)

  147. Amanda :

    There’s a place in Philly that sells high end jeans, and the owner just came out with his own line of jeans. And they love my body. Or my body loves those jeans. Or both.

    Anyway. Charlie’s Jeans. If you are ever in Philly, you have to check it out!

  148. Emily MG :

    I am a jeans girl. No doubt. The first outfit that I really remember were a pair of jeans with embellished pockets. I was 5 and would put them on, turn around, shove my hands in the back pockets, look over my shoulder and question, “See my pockets?” to whomever was my audience.

    Cheeky, cheeky Emily (no pun intended).

    Wore the heck out of some men’s jeans from the Gap in college. How they fit me with my hips, I’ll never understand, but I never felt fat in them.

    Now? Well … having 3 kids in 3-1/2 years change things. I feel fat in everything, quite frankly, but my two favorite pairs of jeans right now:

    A pair of white jeans from Talbot’s. Got them in between boy #1 and boy #2, about 4 years ago. I figure, sure I’m a size 16, but what the hell. I live in Dallas, it is hot, I still want to wear jeans in the summer, and these look good. Sassy. Like I don’t give a darn that I’m size 16 (on a good day).

    My second favorite pair right now? Skinny jeans — from Lands’ End. Sound familiar? It was, I think, the first post I read on Petit Elefant. My lack of tunics in my wardrobe means that I don’t pull these out often enough, but, when I do? I rock it. I am a plus-size rock star in my own head. Or, a rock star in the car singing along to the music as I drive.

    I can’t escape my body. This is my body. Yes, I’m trying to improve my fitness, but I can’t pretend or punish myself. So, bring on the skinny jeans. Bring on the white. Maybe next year, skinny white jeans?

    Well, let’s not go crazy.

  149. Rajee :

    My favorite pair of jeans have Levi’s boot cut as it curves my curve and hip. Comfortable to wear it all day long