kitchen remodel part one

This is what my kitchen looks like normally:

And this is what my kitchen looked like on Friday:

I haven’t even shown you the worst of it. The floor is ripped up, there’s half eaten food on the counter, kids dodging in and out, a father-in-law heating tea in a corner, and me hurriedly trying to paint the walls before I head out of town to Houston for Mom 2.0.

The end result will be phenomenal, but right now? I’m trying not to scream.

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  1. vanessa :

    Holy moliness so fantastic.
    Can I come over and just open and shut all the doors?
    I don't know why I have the urge to do that with new things but I do.
    Weird I know.

  2. jules @ The Diversion Project :

    Holding it in is bad for you – i say get in the car with some death metal on and scream to you turn blue.

    then get back home and be calm and caring to all those toiling away.

    v. exciting – hope it's turning out how you want it!

  3. Boston Mamas :

    Oh man I feel your pain. It will be great for you to escape from it this week!

  4. Ronique Gibson :

    I just went through a kitchen remodel. It was the hardest thing ever! The hardest thing was the 5 days we had to empty all the contents out of every cabinet. We were living out of boxes in the living room for a week! The contractors had sawdust in every inch of the kitchen, and a light haze of drywall dust was on everything in the house! uggghh.. but you'll be happy when it's done. :o)HA!

  5. KJ :

    forget about the screaming. I'd be trying not to drink.

  6. Emily :

    I'm so excited for your kitchen remodel. Yay for you! And yes, kitchen remodels are the worst. Good luck! (Do I hear "kitchen-warming party" soon?!?!)

  7. Vodka Mom :

    omg! We are getting ready for a kitchen remodel as well. However, my before picture is a CRAP KITCHEN. I can't even show it!

    And yes, i DO remember you. xxxx

  8. Life with Kaishon :

    Oh my gosh. I so feel your pain! It is the worst when it is happening, right? Just think how AMAZING it is going to look soon! I don't know if I have ever met you before. I saw your comment above mine at Angie's page tonight so I came over to say hi : ) Nice to meet you : )

  9. Erin :

    do you ever slow down or take a break? :)

    when we did our kitchen renovation a few years ago we were without a kitchen for a whole month. not fun.

  10. Naomi :

    Be happy you're leaving town for the worst part…