Inspiration Board: How To.

I decided 2009 was the year for me to have an inspiration board. I’ve seen them all over the place, I love them and I’ve wanted one of my own for a long time now. I’m a fairly crafty person, so I thought I’d just throw some materials together and see what I came up with. I’m really pleased with the result.


Piece of fiberboard
Heavy-duty home decorating fabric

Quilt Batting

Staple Gun + staples

First I bought a piece of fiberboard from Home Depot for around $3.50 and had it cut to the size specifications I needed, {I measured the wall next to my desk beforehand so I knew exactly how much space I had to work with}. I believe the board was 4’ x 6’ so I have plenty leftover to do a board for my daughter’s room.

Next I went to my local fabric store and selected some beautiful fabric. I’ve seen Inspiration Boards with plain backgrounds, but I wanted mine a little sussied up so I went with a really pretty home décor fabric in a color that I love {green}. I think I got maybe ½ yard, and it was on sale so it cost me about $4. I bought some ribbon in the same fabric store so I could see how the colors looked together {great, if I may say so} and I was off.

I think the ribbon was around $2. I also picked up some batting meant for a Christmas tree skirt; {it was on clearance for something like .20 cents} but any quilt batting will do. So all in all I was out less than $10 for the whole project. And it’s custom made so I love it. Easy peasy.

1. Lay the fiberboard on a flat surface. You’re going to be doing some fabric stretching and stapling so you want it to be a sturdy flat surface.

2. Wrap a layer of batting around the board. Stretch it really tight across the board and start stapling away!

3. I wrapped two layers of batting around the board because I wanted mine to have a little dimension but you can do anything you’d like. It’s your inspiration board after all.

4. Now that the board is fully batting-ed, lay it down in the center of the fabric. Play with the positioning a little, to make sure you have enough fabric to go all the way around the board.

5. Pull the fabric around the back of the board until it’s really taut and start stapling. I stapled all over the back about every half-inch or so because I wanted the fabric to really stay put.

6. Now that you’ve got the fabric on, pull out your pretty ribbon. This is where the creative license really comes in. You’re going to want experiment a little with laying the ribbon across the board before you do any cutting. Just to see what kind of pattern you want. You can do a grid of squares, or do slanted rectangles like I did. It doesn’t really matter, just as long as you have intersections where the ribbon meets so you can tuck in all your photos & inspirations.

7. Once you have your ribbon laid out the way you want, cut it into pieces to be stapled. Make sure the pieces of ribbon are long enough to go around the back of the board at least a few inches. If you want, you can dab hot glue where the ribbon meets the back of the board before you staple. I’d still use a staple though because the
ribbon needs to be able to hold up all your little mementos and you don’t want it falling down on the job. Pull it really taut before stapling.

{Also, depending how you’re going to be hanging your board, you might want to save a length of ribbon to use as your hanger.} Make your pattern of ribbon and voila! You’re done. Unless of course you’re going to hang your board with a piece of ribbon. In which case you need to create a “hanger” out of ribbon. Just attach it the same way you did with the other ribbon, with glue and staples.

Now you’re really done.

Now hang it on the wall somewhere you can see it every day, and tuck in your happy little mementos. Enjoy!

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  1. Rachel Hagen :

    great job! i love these two, yours was very well executed. I LOVE that green fabric too.

  2. Trevlyn :

    Very cute! I’m inspired to make one, myself! ;)

  3. . :

    I need to make one of these for my vision board.

  4. Seriously, so blessed! :

    bahaha! turn your frowny upside downy…that is cute cute, not mundane, girlfriend!

  5. mamacita :

    I love the pattern of the ribbon — so original.

  6. KJ :

    Darling. Something crafty I actually have done…it was one of my very first posts on my blog I was so proud! I used the same technique for a headboard for M’s bed last week. Note to others: fiberboard is also called sound barrier or homasote. I think it comes 4×8 sheets at my local Home Depot. But they wouldn’t cut it for me, my hubby did it. I have enough left to make boards for both boys’ rooms.

  7. Kim :

    So fun. I am going to be making some of these this spring for sure!

  8. Petit Elefant :

    Ok Seriously So Blessed, I won’t feel so frowny since you love it! I love that I’m your girlfriend now. Can we be BFF’s officially?

  9. Anna Marie :

    I love any crafty project that involves fabric but not sewing. Love it!