il cocco di mamma

Donna, the creator of il cocco di mamma, appreciates diversity in cultures as she grew up in an English and Italian bilingual/bi continental environment. Upon failing to find gifts lovely enough to match her nephew, she created a company with products suitable and smart enough for any prince. The Alphabet Blocks are a perfect example: they come in a variety of languages including Russian, {as shown below}, French, Italian and more. And who’s to say your child can’t look stylish in a pair of Italian Loafers while studying to become fluent in French?

Russian Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Baby Moccasins

And I’m loving This adorable CD of traditional Italian songs is currently buzzing in my ear. I don’t mean to say I can’t tolerate The Wiggles with the best of them, but at some point a musical change is welcome for the sake of sanity and this CD fits the bill completely. And as someone who resides in a bilingual home {Polish/English} I can appreciate the need for lingual diversity. Who among us doesn’t want their children to speak another language, let alone one as beautiful as Italian? The lyrics of the songs are all sung in Italian {with an English translation insert so you can learn along with your wee little prodigy}.

{via: il cocco di mamma}.

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  1. Stephanie :

    Love the French alphabet blocks–perfect my kids! (they speak French thanks to their Daddy-o) By the way, did you see your little shout out on Design Mom? She mentioned these too. How did your swap packages work out? I’m curious…

  2. the HeartTongues :

    really like the moccasins…what if i want a pair, too?? …i try to expose my kids to other languages, but Josh Groban gets to be too much for them…they’d probably be thrilled to hear that CD! :)