I should have been a cow girl.


The rodeo came to town last weekend and all I could do aside from squealing from joy, was twitter about the various foods available at the concession stands.  There were nachos.  And cotton candy.  I’m weak in the face of nachos and candy.

cowboy hat

Anyway when the rodeo comes to town, as it does every year because that’s the kind of small town I live in, we always get tickets.  And every time we go I sit there wishing my grandfather hadn’t left the sheep herding business so I could be a real cowgirl.  Sheepgirl, whatever, it’s all semantics.  What I really wish is that my grandfather had kept his share of sheep like all his brothers,  instead of leaving for the fickle banking world.

roping a bull horses

I could have grown up in pink Wranglers.  Think about that for a minute.

cowboy boot

It’s neither here nor there, but there is a part of me, a big part, that wishes I had learned how to barrel ride on the rodeo circuit as a teenager.  All those bull riders would have been trouble though for a teenage girl, can you even imagine?


rodeo queens

Apparently the barrel riders are trouble too, because that’s all Charming could talk about all night long:

*Those rodeo cowgirls sure have pretty hair mommy*

*Mommy, I love the colored jeans those pretty cowgirls wear*

*I love how the cowgirls’ pretty curly hair flies in the wind when they ride so fast on their strong horses*

*Do you see what a good job those pretty girls do with their horses?  They’re so strong*

We’re in for it, we have more than a few rodeo girls in our neck of the woods.

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  1. Doll Clothes Gal Pal :

    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun at the Rodeo. :)

    • Petit Elefant :

      We LOVE the rodeo.

  2. kalanicut :

    I was stunned to learn that part of the rodeo cowgirl outfit is FAKE HAIR! Yes, they wear fake hair that will bounce and fly about as they whip around on those horses! I could NOT believe it, but I got it from a reliable source with real-life barrel riders in her family. Fake hair….

    • Allison :

      Stop it. Blasphemous. Seriously though, fake hair? I mean, I guess it makes sense, but it sort of blows my mind.

  3. Jessica @ One Shiny Star :

    I’ve never been to a rodeo, but I’m worried I would spend the entire time cringing!

    • Allison :

      I do spend the whole time cringing, looking at the whole thing through my fingers, but I love it.

  4. QuatroMama :

    Singing the song now…

    Beautiful photos. Stunning, really.

    • Allison :

      Should have learned to rope and ride…. you get the gist.

      Thank you, really, about the photos!