You know how when Nie Nie was on Oprah and the other mom was talking about how Play-Doh made her want to pull her hair out? I was on the couch going:

*Noooo! I live for Play-Doh!*

If I can’t get down and dirty playing with the kids once in a while, all the toilet scrubbing and homework checking I’m doing is all for naught.

We’re a little partial to the Play-Doh Ice Cream Shoppe at our house right now. I mean, who doesn’t love an ice cream sundae made out of clay?

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  1. vanessa :

    I KNOW
    How in the world could you not LOVE playing with playdough

  2. The Breeders Digest :

    I make homemade Play-Doh and it smells so good and nostalgic as it's cooking! Playing with Play-Doh is a great stress reliever although I'm still partial to the Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop ;)

  3. Petit Elefant :


    I have no idea, I adore it!

    The Breeders Digest,

    Oh we used to have that in the 80's! I love that!

  4. Jill :

    actually, i believe her exact quote was "play-doh makes me want to kill myself"


    a bit dramatic, wouldn't you say.

    how bout a little less focus on her and more {much more, like an entire show} on nie nie {the mom who inspires me to be better}.

    there you have it. my two cents. :)

  5. Petit Elefant :


    I think Nie Nie could do an entire season frankly. She's just that amazing.

  6. Lucy :

    Really enjoy reading your blog, so I left you a little something over on my blog!

  7. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    We have that exact set! Lucy loves it. But I totally get what that mom was saying about play-dough, but you just have to go into it with the right mind, be prepared for mess!

  8. Petit Elefant :


    My house is always a mess, so we might as well add Play-Doh to the mix.

  9. Tara @ Feels like home :

    I'm with you. I love getting down on the floor and playing with my daughter. We don't have the ice cream thing, but we love our Play Doh nonetheless.

    And I agree with Jill above 100%.

  10. Jan :

    No wonder kids are prone to eating Playdoh…is it wrong to admit that the clay sundae looks really tasty? :)