how to wax your eyebrows at home

I’ll stoop to any level of non-makeup-ed gorgeousness to help you with your beauty regimen, this video about how to wax your eyebrows at home being no exception.  Please to enjoy.

face wax

Supplies you need to wax your eyebrows at home:

  1. tub of wax
  2. clean Popsicle stick
  3. baby powder
  4. strips of torn muslin fabric, 2-3″ long, 1/2″ wide

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  1. Beth :

    Alison I love you.

    • Allison :

      Do you love how scary I look?

  2. Beth :

    so much that I didn’t even spell your name right.

    • Allison :


  3. Natalie :

    That was just pure entertainment. :) Thanks for the tip about where to get the wax.

    • Allison :

      Oh boy. Happy to help your Tuesday go a little better.

  4. luz :

    Wow, thanks. I enjoyed watching the video. :) now to go wax my eyebrows.

    • Allison :

      Thanks Luz. It’s a good reminder for me too, mine are fuzzy!

  5. Amy @ IncreasinglyDomestic :

    I love you right now! I don’t have extra money to get my eyebrows waxed and so just tweeze. I never thought of doing it myself! Thank you so much:) Now I am off to send this to every woman I know.

    • Allison :

      Amy, you can not only do it, you will save all your pocket change in the process! This wax has lasted me for YEARS.

    • Allison :

      Lady, you’re sweet. Thank you!

  6. JenB :

    I have been doing mine at home for years as well. Occasionally I indulge in a professional shaping if I gave let things go a little wild. Like right now :-). You are adorable.

    • Allison :

      Mine are out of control as we speak. It’s giving me the urge to go do it right this second.

      I too get the occasional professional splurge. Occasional being the operative word.

  7. Alix from Modern Kiddo :

    Oh you crazy lady… do I love this?? But forget those brows, can we talk about YOUR NAILS? How cute and sassy?? What color is that, may I ask??

    smooches from san francisco!

    • Allison :

      That would be O.P.I. Pink Flamenco. Love.

      I miss you!

  8. lorchick :

    I was wondering about the nail color too, ha. Yum.
    I have kindof sparse eyebrows to begin with, I have to bulk mine up with makeup, but of course as time goes on a few hairs like to wander off to live random places on my browbone. Maybe I should wax them myself. I’d be terrified of overdoing it though. I don’t want to look like a stripper D:

    • Allison :

      Me and the O.P.I. go waaaaay back. {wink}

      I’ve overdone it a few times, believe you me, but it’s so much easier than people think.

  9. Sarah :

    Wow, you make this look so easy. Is it reeeally that easy?
    With all of your fab beauty tips, it really is a wonder I am not more beautiful, huh.

    • Allison :

      It really is Sarah, I promise. So much easier than anyone believes.

  10. Aimee Giese | Greeblemonkey :

    holy moly girl. How about next time I see you, you just do it for me???

    • Allison :

      You don’t want to dare me. I’ll bring my tub of wax to EVO and I can do it in my hotel room.


  11. Kammy :

    I am very curious as to what kind of wax you mean in “a tub of wax”. Could you please let me know so that I can give this a try? Thanks!

    • Allison :

      Kammy, I’ve updated the post with a link on the “Tub of Wax” so you can see exactly what kind I buy at Sally Beauty Supply. My tub has lasted a couple of years and I’m not anywhere near being done with it.

  12. Alma :

    I’m not convinced. I love my tweezers. It takes no time to maintain my eyebrows every day (although I saw myself in the mirror last night and realized—whoops!—I have let a few days slip past!). My BIG QUESTION for waxing eyebrows and any waxing in general, is, don’t you have to let things get WAY OUT OF CONTROL before doing it so that the wax has something to pull? I just feel that with tweezing, I can get the super little guys before anyone really sees them, instead of getting all bushy before getting my shape back. Is that true?

    (AND? I laughed out loud EVERY time you yanked the strip. WONDERFUL!)

    • Allison :

      You should be. Waxing lasts forever. When I do my eyebrows I can go weeks and weeks before doing anything more than tweeze a stray hair or two. You don’t have to let them get out of control, just enough to grab a little.

      I’m happy my pain is your entertainment.

  13. Marie :

    Haha!! I love watching your rip! So funny with your wince!!

    I might have you do this one me. I don’t think I could do it myself, so let’s have a wax party!!

    • Allison :

      I’ll do it for you, and then you’ll be a total believer, I swear it.

  14. Arianne :

    You’ve totally inspired me. <3

    • Allison :

      Yay and hooray, you can totally do this Ari!

  15. Erin Oltmanns :

    I could be convince to go through the act of waxing, but should not be trusted to shape my own brows. Remember when I accidently tweezed off a 1/3 of my eyebrow before Alt last year? I do. GOOD TIMES.

    • Allison :

      I do remember actually. And I’ll be honest, I’ve had moments where I waxed off half my eyebrows. But they grow back, they do!

  16. Mandi :

    Excellent video, Allison. Really, I’m impressed!