How to paper flag banner

how to make paper flag bannerToday it’s how to make a paper flag banner day.

Because it’s January, because it’s literally 7 degrees (F) today, because I need some sun and cheer, because everyone needs a banner in their life, because you’re fabulous.

DIY paper bannerI didn’t intend for this paper flag banner to be a how to tutorial on Petit Elefant.  I was teaching my son how to sew over the weekend, and I decided I needed a paper banner for January because I’m telling you, January is not  my friend.  I need all the sunshine and sparkle and fun I can get in this dark month of the winter, so I whipped one of these up on Saturday.  And then I thought: everyone needs to know how to make a quick paper banner, so you get a tutorial today.  The easiest tutorial known to man, for realsies.

How to paper flag banner supplies:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • sewing machine
how to paper banner

Step 1: Make a template for whatever shape you’d like to have for your banner.  I chose a triangle because I’m conventional like that (no, not really but let’s pretend), but you could do hearts, squares, whatever your heart desires.  Cut the shape out of a plain piece of paper and then use that as your template to trace and cut pieces of paper out of pretty scrapbook paper.

Step 2: Once you have your shapes cut out it’s time to start sewing.  Sew along the short side of the shape, feeding the paper in one after the other, leaving a tiny bit of room inbetween (so the banner can hang properly).

how to paper banner

Step 3: Once all your shapes are sewn together it’s time to add a ribbon so the banner can hang without ripping out the sewing stitches.  Line the ribbon up and sew it along the top, being careful to back stitch on both the front and back ends so the stitches stay put.

how to flag banner

Step 4: Hang it up, yo.

how to paper banner

That’s the easiest thing you’ve ever learned how to do right?  Who knew making a paper flag banner was so easy?

Everyone needs a little something pretty in their life once in awhile.  Even if you live in Australia and it’s really super warm where you are.  (I hate you/I love you)  You Aussies still need the sparkle, so now that you know how, go make a pretty paper banner today!

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  1. Kayla :

    Do you have to use card stock or heavy paper for this?

    • Allison :


    • Allison :

      Not necessarily! Some of the pieces I used were regular scrapbook paper.