How To Organize Your Closet Step 2

Last week I showed you my re-organized, color coded closetI love it.  I’m staying on top of the organization and it makes me feel super happy.

The next step in my closet organization was getting my shoes in order.  Shoes just seem to multiply by themselves, there’s no help for it.  And frankly, I’m at the age where my shoe size is the only thing that remains constant and I don’t want to get rid of my investments.  They’re the only thing in my closet that have been good to me.

So I organized my shoes, weeded a few pair out, and photographed all of them.


After I photographed them I had the photos printed at my local grocery store, laminated the photos at the library, and taped them to the front of a bunch of bins I purchased at Costco.  The bins are all the same size and they look lovely in my closet.  The total cost of the project was $20.

With the photographs on the front I can see what shoes I need in a hurry, and they stay totally organized.

What do you do to keep on top of the shoe situation in your closet?



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  1. JourneyBeyondSurvival :


    I shut the door.

    Then I peruse yours and feel blissful all around.

  2. Qui :

    love the red pair center top!
    my shoes are all in their original boxes, lining the top shelf in my closet.
    it’s clean and organized all right, but they’re also a bit “out of sight, out of mind,” which means i wear my few favorites all the time. and the rest only get out on special occasions… perhaps it’s time to rethink shoe organization and make them more visible somehow.

  3. Heather :

    I want to see the “after” too. Do you have a picture of the bins?

  4. Shannon :

    Your readers would really love some pictures! I was just telling my husband that I want to do this with my shoes. Did you buy the clear plastic bins for each individual pair? I was going to go to the Container Store to see what they’ve got, but I am thinking it may not be in our budget. I like the sound of 20 buckaroos!


  5. robyn :

    i have one of those pockety-pocket things for the closet door. unfortunately, it hangs on the outside of the closet because my full-length mirror resides on the inside of the door. *le sigh* at least they’re not in a pile on the floor…

  6. Aja :

    To organize my shoes, I have two 12 cubby shoe boxes from Ikea. Without them, I would be drowning in a sea of shoes littering my bedroom floor.

  7. Mandi :

    Yep — wanting a picture of the finished product please! I am moving and have a very small closet to work with and am very concerned about the shoes situation. I love me some shoes! Thanks!

  8. Katrina :

    honestly, we have our shoes in a “bookcase” in the garage! We have a few that we wear most often right inside the door.We don’t wear shoes in the house… that was one Bosnian tradition I was embracing with open arms ;)

  9. Payden :

    I put mine in clear plastic boxes. Then, I name them “red funky shoes” “brown suit shoes”. I put them on the rack about my clothes, off the floor, and viola!

  10. Andy :

    Love. Did you know you can buy your OWN laminator for under $20.o0 at Costco. You will be unstopable with the laminating possibilities!