How to make simple outfits more amazing

How to make simple outfits more amazing is so much easier than you think.

Sometimes all you have time to do, mentally and physically, is throw on a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans. And guess what? That’s okay. We’re all busy and sometimes creating the perfect, pulled together outfit is just not high on our priority list. But there are some quick things you can learn how to do to make your everyday on-the-run outfit look more stylish. The simple key is to add one (or all) of these…

simple outfits


Loading up on amazing accessories is the best thing you can do for your closet. They’re the easiest solution how to amp up the simplest of outfits. Whether it be a colorful scarf, a statement necklace, or bold earrings, accessories are your friends. For this outfit, I started off with a simple gray sweater on top. The necklace was the perfect way to not only add interest to the look, but to also bring the attention up around my face.

how to make simple outfits amazing


Oh the wonders color can do. It just makes an outfit pop. This outfit started off as just a sweater and blue jeans, but I opted to bring in some color with a pair of oxblood corduroys. If colored pants aren’t your thing, no problem. Try a bright cardigan, or use color in your accessories, such as a colorful pair of shoes. Learning how to incorporate color into your everyday routine will not only make you look more lively and put together, but you’ll feel more awake as well.

how to make simple outfits more amazingPrints:

An easy white t-shirt and blue jeans can become a chic look just by adding a cool print to the mix. This can be in your striped coat, your floral scarf, or even your leopard print shoes. All of a sudden, the outfit comes to life. Rather than blending into the background, your look will stand out and feel effortlessly chic.

simple outfits

So next time you’re short on time or just lacking the energy to pick out an outfit you feel good in, just remember to incorporate at least one of these: accessories, color, and prints. Learning how to prioritize these outfit add-ons will become simple second nature, and soon that simple t-shirt and blue jeans will be deep in the back of your closet!  How will you make your outfits more amazing?

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