how to make glitter pumpkins

Over the weekend the kids and I went crazy with glitter.  I forget how much fun it is to play with glitter until I do it, and then I’m looking for anything in the house that needs a little “sprucing up”.  Oh dear.

Anyway, we crafted like crazy, and today I’m here to show you how to make glitter pumpkins.

how to make glitter pumpkins

Fun, right?

glitter pumpkin supplies


  • Elmer’s Glue or other inexpensive school glue
  • paintbrushes + shaped sponges
  • glitter in all different shapes and colors
  • newspaper or paint tarp
how to glitter pumpkins

Step 1:

Thin out the glue with water to make it go further.  About a 50/50 mix, in a paper cup.

Step 2:

Apply glue to pumpkin.  I decided to do glitter dots with a sponge brush, but anything you do is fun.  Next time I’m going to glue and glitter the WHOLE pumpkin.

how to make glitter pumpkins

Step 3:

Sprinkle glue with glitter.  Put something underneath the pumpkin so you can catch + reuse the glitter.  That stuff is pricey!

Step 4:

Using a dry, clean paintbrush, sweep away the excess glitter.  I cleaned up the non-dot areas so the glitter circles look more pronounced.

kid craft

Step 5:

Show off your work!

Charming glittered a very adorable face with, uh, something on the head.

how to glitter pumpkins

Precocious opted for a more geometric + sophisticated design.

porch decoration

Put the pumpkins on the front porch, back porch, table, mantel, counter, or dresser.  Really, they look so fabulous you can put them anywhere you want.

BONUS: These last well into Thanksgiving decor if you keep them around.  Two holidays in one, boom.

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  1. Jenny :

    I was glittering pine cones last night with spray adhesive and glitter. Now I really want to glitter my pumpkins. I need more glitter…

    • Allison :

      Of course you were. I love that idea actually. And frankly I’m surprised you didn’t glitter your pumpkins, what is the world coming to?

  2. Jenny :

    PS- I found Martha Stewart glitter at TJ Max(x?)

    • Allison :

      Jenny, listen to these explicit instructions: the next time you find Martha glitter on the cheap, BUY ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US. I’m not kidding, I’m asking for it for Christmas.

  3. Cameron :

    I love glitter – and so do my kids – thanks for a great idea – we’ve painted and washed off our little pumpkins a bunch of times already, so this will be the next phase of the pumpkin decor!

    • Allison :

      Cameron, you’re smart. I love the idea of re-doing the pumpkins over and over to keep the kids entertained.