How to make a Valentines centerpiece

valentine themed vase

Make a Valentine’s Day centerpiece.  Making one is surely at the top of your to-do list right this very second.  I know it’s late, you’ve procrastinated a little, you’re not really feeling it this year (I’m projecting, I do that on Valentine’s Day) but I still want you to make a Valentine craft, spruce up the old homestead for the holiday.  No?  Play with me here, it will end better for all of us.

Learning how to make a Valentines Day centerpiece will: cure cancer, make your mother-in-law love you, end childhood poverty, and make your mama proud.  No, that’s not true, none of those things will happen if you use a bunch of conversation hearts to make a pretty something-something for Valentine’s Day.  But it might make your holiday a little lovelier, and if you put it on your nightstand your kitty will be thrilled with an extra toy to knock over in the night and interrupt your slumber.


valentine heart filled vase

Supplies for a Valentine’s Day centerpiece:

  • a few bags of conversation hearts
  • vase
  • smaller vase
  • flowers
valentine's conversation hearts

This whole Valentine’s centerpiece thing is pretty simple, you just need a few sundries and about 5 minutes, max.  The most important thing is having two vases, one of which being significantly smaller than the other.  I used a drinking glass inside a huge vase for mine.

Place the smaller vase or glass inside the bigger one and layer a few bags of conversation hearts on the outside of the small one.

flower vase

Layer the candy all the way up to the edge of the inner vase/glass and you’re golden.  That’s it, for realsies.  Fill the inner vase with water and flowers, and just like magic you’ve got a sweet (no pun intended, seriously) Valentine’s centerpiece.

valentine themed vase

I bet you didn’t know you were so tricky, did you?  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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