hosiery woes-ery

Motherhood and Pantyhose just don’t seem to go together very well. Some say nylons or pantyhose should always be worn with a dress or skirt, some disagree. My personal feeling is that in the summer, hosiery is a bit silly. In the winter time, however, the reverse seems silly. I don’t know the actual consensus on the matter, but I for one hate to have cold legs and unfortunately, I also hate (despise, abhor, dislike) traditional nylons and pantyhose. The slip, they slide, they itch, they run…you know what I’m saying. Add a toddler clinging to your legs, and a wiggly infant on your lap and it’s a most-embarrassing-moment just waiting to happen.
Thank goodness for textured and patterned tights! Even fishnets. Yes, ladies, they are suitable for church, so long as they don’t have trashy seams up the leg. I promise. I’ve been wearing them for a few years now and can attest that they fit better, are longer lasting and more comfortable than regular hose. And very on-trend. Not to mention they withstand the toils of wrestling small children when I’m dressed up.
DKNY Nude Fishnet tights
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  1. likeschocolate :

    Thanks for the good tip! I agree summer is for bare legs and winter is for tights.

  2. KJ :

    oh my, the white nylons/black shoes phenomenon…I shudder…

  3. Kacy :

    Here, here, nude fishnets! They function just like white nylons functioned 20 years ago.

  4. Petit Elefant :

    I love a good pair of GAP tights. I wore them all through my prep school years and they lasted and lasted and lasted. Also, fishnets can be sexy without being skanky, good onya KJ!

  5. Tauni :

    My mom always wanted me to wear "stockings" with my skirts. She only recently tried going with out and she loves it :)
    I love the super-fabulous and inexpensive fishnets at Target – they come in nude, pink, black and sometimes they even have them in grey.

  6. Donna :

    I was looking for cable knit cotton tights just the day before! How convenient

  7. wilkinson_fam :

    AMEN on the classic nature of fishnets. I wore them all through pregnancy #4 and felt like – paired with fab shoes and jewelry – it got me through the "I-don't-recognise-myself-or-my-body" phase. A touch of Audrey when you're feelin' a bit Dumbo-ish.

    I'll have to stock up for winter. Thanks!

  8. Anonymous :

    I think im willing to try the whole tight craze now. as a stay at home mom, its the first thing u can grab in order to keep up w/toddlers!!